33 thoughts on “Kellyanne Conway calls Mueller probe "a political proctology exam," says it's "time to move on"

  1. She would like to God. Thinking he wouldn't know. Wow….She and Gym Jordan are still stuck on Hillary Clinton……they need to move on….come on…. Kellyanne calling some one a confirmed liar….that's comical.

  2. Is Kellyanne volunteering to be the laxative to help everyone moving on? She has done a good job of it so far.

  3. I came to see the live stream of today's Kelly Conway's briefing with the press. It's nowhere to be found. I am not a political person, but I was very, very impressed with this woman. She's brilliant, in my opinion. Trump should be very appreciative to have her in his corner. I hope that she sees my post of how I loved her positive, uplifting, building not destruction, and constructive and firm presentation of this president's accomplishments. I have been listening to CBS, CNN, and NBC too long. They're only good for revving up ratings with drama, intrigue, and hatred. Especially, the hatred is palpable. The media should be taken to court for contributing to an anxiety and hate-filled nation, not Trump, the media.

  4. Being most of them are perverts anyway the test wouldn.t bother them. the party is made up of ho.s theives liars baby killers and killers of anyone that gets in their way or has something on them. traitors terriost and dumb sh*ts like Cortez. I laugh when I hear someone say she is smart. that just means they are so dumb she sounds smart. the girl was suppose to study finance but is unable to figure costs. yeah all worthless pieces of crap

  5. Jim Acosta making DNC political comments and not asking questions. Revoke his press pass he is not practicing journalism.

  6. Most people who have a proctology exam want to "move on" because they're afraid of what the doctor will find. A rather bad analogy by Kellyanne, but wait, here comes the doctor.

  7. I rather have a proctology than hear this sellout speak again. Remind me why she still gets any importance again?

  8. What a lying witch the worst President of all time and the worst administration of all time a spy for Russia a 😢 time

  9. DONTIKGI………THE demoRATS are trying to over throw our legally appointed PRESIDENT like the banana republics and their bent bananas

  10. We already know that bad manners have taken the driver's seat in the current WH. Followed by ("surprise!) bad language and scatology. I guess all bets are truly off now.

  11. What has happened to our country? We elect Muslims who want to impeach our president, we want our children born without an identity, we allow thousands of people to cross our borders illegally, committing horrible crimes, we call a wall immoral, yet we condone ripping babies piece by piece out of their mothers womb, how much more immoral can we become? Americans need to stand up and take this country back, we WILL NOT let this happen!! Trump 2020!

  12. Why is this filth aired without the proper context? The way she frames and lies can be subtle but is really creepy. With her disgusting 'Big Lie' comments. A responsible network would put a video online this is what she says and this is what it means… Shame on you CBS

  13. Time too move on too the spying on Trump, spying crimes from the Obama administration must be above the law cause they are fully getting away with spying on Donald J. Trump, there is know justice for the American people as the Obama's team sales free like the wind too do whatever it wants, when ever it wants.

  14. You cannot really tell the true, can you? Kellyanne. Someone tells lies with a straight face only exists in the trump White House. Shame on you!

  15. "…a political proctology exam…"
    She should know, she went right up there to "Be Best" and cover up what she could. She stinks.

  16. KellyAnne speaks truth, for once! Of course Mueller conducted a proctological exam – consider his subject. Lots of polyps and lesions reported , KellyAnne. What should we do – write an alternative report that doesn't mention them?
    Jeez! This woman would spin a cancer biopsy report.

  17. Dems get your tissues ready for 20/20 …Oh what flavor popcorn to make lol ….Veterans for Trump in 20/20….M.A.G.A. 2.0

  18. 30 million dollars in this scham of an investigations that had no real origins only lies whose gonna pay for this ? The Dems should have to pay for theese investigations themselves …split the cost …

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