Keeping Roxie Calm in the Car | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

Keeping Roxie Calm in the Car | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

-So the goal is going It’s just putting the dog in the
car and then leaving the car. I just want to see how
you normally do it. So I start the car
with the Autostart. [engine starting] And then I say, “Roxie, up!” Wait. So what happened right now–
as soon as you turn it on, she went into this. She went into an excited state. Without realizing it, Arian
conditioned Roxy to get stressed when she
hears a car turn on. [engine starting] Arian has to change that
by calming Roxie down before she gets in. OK, turn on the car again. [engine starting] Not yet. We want her to relax. [shushes] So before she goes in
the car, she relaxes. OK. So then she makes
that association with that sound as relaxation. Oh, OK. So once she’s in that state– [shushes] –she has
to wait until she’s been asked to go in the car. Gotcha. CESAR MILLAN: It’s conditioning. Let’s go. Up! [shushes] Stay. Down. [shushes] Down. Down. Stay. You see that? So you can’t really tell
her to be calm in the car when you have not
teach her to be calm before she gets inside the car. OK. CESAR MILLAN: The next
step is for Arian to keep Roxie calm while he’s driving. So this is what I would
like for you to do. I would like for you to go
around the block, come back. It’s just for you to start
practicing like it’s real. Gotcha. Go for it. All right. Don’t forget to remind
her to stay or to relax. [engine starting] Stay. Nice. ARIAN: All right,
girl, let’s do this. The drive with
Cesar’s techniques was different from
all the other times that I’ve driven because,
by myself, I guess I brought a different kind of energy. Down. Good girl. I don’t think that I was, maybe,
as calm as I should have been. I kind of had a weaker energy
and not the energy of a leader. Down. Stay. Very nice. There you go. Stay. CESAR MILLAN: Yeah. This is what I wanted to see. With proper
guidance, Roxie never gets into the excited state
that leads to her anxiety. Are you happy? Yeah, I’m happy. You learn? Yes, this is great. I just have to give her
the right direction. The right direction
with the right energy. ARIAN: With the right energy. Yeah, because you were
giving the right direction but not the right energy. I guess because she– I thought she was so sensitive. I had to be calm.
-Yeah. And she is.
She is. That’s why she’s
learning so fast. So now you’re using sensitivity
as a learning experience, not as a keep her in
a victim experience. OK, gotcha. I’ve learned that I need
to be more of a leader. I need to always stay in a
leadership position for Roxie and make sure that
I’m not backtracking into the emotional side and
attaching that sad story.

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  1. Sorry, but that dog is still hyperventilating from the moment he leaves to the moment he pulls back up to the house. Obviously, there's no magic fix to this and he might could do that 100 more times and get the same result. All these videos should come with a label telling you to make sure you visit your vet if a dog starts any new behavior out of the blue.

  2. My dog is is very scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. And he is unsettled and anxious in the car? Where to buy the best quality calming CBD treats for my dog?

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