Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: How racist exclusion led to predatory inclusion for Black homeowners

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: How racist exclusion led to predatory inclusion for Black homeowners

A basic tenet of liberalism in
the period after the Second World War, really through the 1960s into the early 1970s, is
that America is basically a good society. The problems that African Americans are facing
is one that comes from exclusion, that, essentially, if Black people are included into the same
institutions that have produced this enormous white middle class after the Second World
War, then those institutions can play the same role in Black communities. So, the problem is exclusion, and all we need
is inclusion. And the problem for that outlook is that it
doesn’t actually allow us to understand the institutions that we are suggesting Black
people be integrated into. And so, from the purview of housing, the problems
with this idea of just shifting from exclusion to inclusion become very clear. And so, I describe the inclusion of African
Americans into conventional real estate practices and mortgage banking as predatory. And it’s really a way to understand how
the previous period impacts the contemporary moment, meaning that the decades of disinvestment,
of racist exclusion of African Americans from the conventional real estate market, you know,
create a tremendous amount of distress in Black communities. It is at the root of substandard housing in
Black communities. And those become the basis upon which even
when African Americans are included, for them to be treated differently, for them to be
seen as more risky. And the whole notion of risk gives the banks
and real estate industry an excuse to charge African Americans more, to subject them to
less secure banking methods, all of which end up putting African Americans in — making
them vulnerable to new predatory practices that aren’t exactly like the previous examples,
like, you know, the use of contracts in lieu of conventional mortgages. And Chicago is one example. So they’re not quite that way, but it means
that, you know, African Americans have to rely on unregulated mortgage banks as opposed
to commercial banks with better interest rates and a better situation overall. So, it’s really trying to look critically
at the institutions and practices themselves, and not just whether or not African Americans
are present and able to actively participate. We need to look at the institutions themselves
and the practices themselves to determine whether or not this is the best way to increase
social mobility for Black people.

26 thoughts on “Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: How racist exclusion led to predatory inclusion for Black homeowners

  1. Perhaps then you can account for why black banks deny black people loans at the same rate as white banks. Hmmm…. better go back to class.

  2. This all happened on the Democrats legislation , profits and Power… .Black in jail free labour's….Any race beside blacks . Gets approved loans for ..small business owners in the black community… Drug epedemic can reach its highest breaking points… A bar, beer distributor on every corner, Planned Parenthood clinics,. Many unregistered guns sales….. Congested neighborhoods, Keep supplying addicts by all means…. abandon infrastructures…over crowded student and under. Staffing Teachers.. poor multi colored immigrants.. Allows and Welcome other races of people to take control or Take over the population. And Put A strain or Drain Their resources…..Dems has really changed black culture and their Off springs DNA ( biracial)…But wasn't able to complete their mission which is ……Break their SPIRIT COMPLETELY and SEPARATE them from Their GOD!!!!….

  3. Trump has done more for blacks than obama. Democrats hold minorities down so they can show them how much they need them and get their votes. Check out Mind of Jamal on YouTube. Stop listening to this nonsense.

  4. My Fellow brother I've went to church with now for decades is a very, very successful African/American realtor and often I've listened to him explain this subject that even in the multi-million dollar real-estate property that when he sells multiple neighboring homes that he himself will try not to sell to blacks because it powers the value of the others .
    He says it's no one forcing this issue but the buyers themselves. He tells me that even wealthy black buyers normally don't pay upwards of the top value if there are other black neighbors.
    This is just one opinion and I'm no expert but he has worked in reality for prolly 40 years and deals all Around north American hemisphere.


  6. When I applied for a mortgage, the bank never saw my face until the day of the signing. The interest rate was totally based on my credit score. Maybe the professor should change the bank she does business with if she thinks she is being treated unfairly.

  7. White racist hate truth so watch them "debunk" this with a story of that one wealthy black guy or woman they sort of knew,.but didnt

  8. Forcing banks to lend to financially unqualified Hispanics (my background) and Blacks
    …was cause one of the 2008/2009 Financial Crisis.

    The CRA/Community Reinvestment Act, Affirmative Action, and all laws that legalize bigotry,
    need to be repealed in Congress, or over turned by SCOTUS

  9. The unemployment rate for Native Blacks is suppose to be the highest it's ever been, yet Native Blacks homeownership is the lowest it's ever been. I find that interesting!

  10. This victim cult is tiresome>>Systematic racism in any field of life in America, has been endlessly studied, and debunked.
    Even the impact of the most Negrocentric first name and/or last names, and whacky names, has been studied by Economists
    …and found to have no factor in hiring, promotions….or loans.

  11. Don't make dollars, you don't make sense.
    Banks love to lend money…but sorta kidna like to get paid back the money they loan….
    …credit rating + job/income + under lying asset = lendability.

  12. Why do white, and other pro-white races (you know who you are) get so butthurt when presented with truth/facts pertaining to the position of blacks within this society?

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