Kayleigh McEnany: Trump campaign wants Hillary to run in 2020

Kayleigh McEnany: Trump campaign wants Hillary to run in 2020

100 thoughts on “Kayleigh McEnany: Trump campaign wants Hillary to run in 2020

  1. Oh, HRC is mentioned, that means her Russian bots willl be here to cause discord. She is the only one with bots and troll farms out in vast numbers…

  2. Of COURSE we Trump "Deplorables" want Hillary to run — she would be a lot easier to defeat than Tulsi Gabbard! (Almost wrote "Gabbi Gifford").

  3. Pelosi stated publicly and very plainly that Joe Biden IS President Trump 2020 Political Opponent!!! Joe Biden will be the DNC Nominee

  4. Follow the money… Biden going up in the polls only means that democrats think the other candidates aren't as good as Sleepy, but the money isn't going to Sleepy, sooooo… it's all democrat smoke. The best political advantage that the President has is……. vocal democrats.

  5. This is so stupid. She is not going to run. Get over it and move forward. That’s what you people keep telling her and Dems.

  6. Well trumpTards, the Party is almost OVER…
    trump will be Impeached. Say bye bye to your Dear Leader…
    so pathetic and so sad..

  7. Warren is a capitalist, it's just your job to mislead your viewers with the word (radical socialism) for expanding the socialism, you already have right now, just one step further, that takes down a big part of the corruption you have because of your corrupt big pharma and insurance companies

  8. I’m thinking pence will technically be our next president. Currently 55% approval rate in the US for impeachment of Trump…Nixon only had just over 30% approval for impeachment

  9. We ALL want Hillary to run! And she's gonna. Like Captain Save-A-Ho… she's gonna jump in to "save us" from Trump because the donors that have the actual funds to pay for a campaign are watching this clown show and they are not gonna throw money at a GUARANTEED loser like Warren, Biden or Sanders.

  10. By calling for other candidates to run the anti Trump connected Elites are validating what we all think about their fake, skewed polls. These polls are stating that Sanders would win against Trump +8, Warren +10, Biden +12, etc. Trump even loses to Kamala Harris according to these polls. Yet, they want Oprah or Michelle to step in.

  11. Does this mean we are done talking about lynching? I thought that was the big crisis for Dems. Seems like only yesterday they were outraged.

  12. All Democrat's race 2020 are puppet's of Hillary R Clinton. They are just masks of Hillary R Clinton.

    Elizabeth warren is a capitalist? She was a teacher and talks about upper case and lower case, and that's that capitalism. She puts from billions to trillions on propaganda and calls it capitalism? That's foolish economics which takes USA into darkages of never recovering debt's and deficit. So are the rest in the race who are just projecting billions to trillions just to catch votes and attract immigrants and illegal immigrants.

    Hmmmm. Hillary bulb runs in race gives bright colors in campaign. Was that a filament bulb with electrical leads?

  13. I still think the DNC wants Biden. So since the DNC doesn't care who their voters want, see last Presidential election, Biden is who their going to give you.

  14. 12 ish candidates… and all are losers… and the DNC knows it. If HilldaBEAST steps in… they all go to %0 the first day. LOL
    AND it's HilldaBEAST Birth Right to be the First Woman President Of The United States of America !!!!!! And she attacks, Tulsi G. the only candidate on the Rat side… that is Not Deep State… that is NOT corrupt… that doesn't love, endless wars… that…HAS A BRAIN… !!! Oh, yeah… HilldaBEAST is running.! Just ask H.A. Goodman !

  15. They are eerily obsessed & consumed by this Secularist anti Israel anti Christian anti Nationalist globalist agenda!

  16. She says she is a capitalist… A-ha-ha-ha… She also says she is Native American. Like that means something. She is, probably, as much capitalist as much she is Native American, 0.0000000x%.
    Chinese government can also say that they are capitalists to some fraction of a degree

  17. I would urge everyone to be very wise and careful. Clinton's accusations and smearing of a Presidential candidate being russian agent got him elected, odds are, she is trying to pull the same trick for 2020. And Tulsi being a Hillarys puppet. Lets wait for key word. If Hillary will call Tulsi's supporters "deplorables" – then it would be very likely I am right.

  18. Hillary won't run. She is to afraid of losing again. In her mind losing twice to Trump is horrible. Plus all her horrible excuses for losing in 2016 won't work in 2020. They didn't really work for 2016 either but she can't use them again.

  19. Dems don’t want Hillary. Hillary doesn’t want to run. But here’s Fox stoking the dumbest Americans with Hillary talk.

  20. Trump administration sought billions of dollars in cuts to programs aimed at fighting corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere: The Trump administration has sought repeatedly to cut foreign aid programs tasked with combating corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere overseas, White House budget documents show, despite recent claims from President Trump and his administration that they have been singularly concerned with fighting corruption in Ukraine.

    For example, the administration sought to cut a program called International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement. Among the goals of the program, as described in White House budget documents, is “helping U.S. partners address threats to U.S. interests by building resilience and promoting reform in the justice and law enforcement sectors through support to new institutions and specialized offices, such as Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.”

    The program directs specific sums of money to individual countries. In 2019, $30 million was directed to Ukraine, after Congress rejected an administration request to cut the sum to $13 million. In its 2020 budget request, released in March, the administration again sought to cut the program’s spending on Ukraine to $13 million. Congress seems likely to once again reject the proposed cut, although lawmakers have yet to agree on any spending bills for the 2020 budget year that began Oct. 1.

    In another example, the administration sought to streamline a number of overseas democracy assistance and foreign aid accounts under one larger umbrella called the Economic Support and Development Fund. The White House believed that consolidation would cut those programs by more than $2 billion. This fund, too, is aimed at fighting corruption in countries around the world, among other goals, according to White House budget documents. Spending in Ukraine for the accounts in question was $250 million in 2018; the White House has asked for $145 million in 2020 under the new iteration of the program.

    The Trump White House has routinely pursued deep cuts to foreign aid in its budget proposals, only to be rebuffed by Congress. The proposed cuts to anti-corruption programs were a byproduct of the administration’s larger goals of cutting the budgets of the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development and were not specifically targeted, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

    The cuts to anti-corruption aid stand in contrast to recent claims from administration officials and the president himself about being focused on corruption in Ukraine, raising the question of why the White House has not sought a larger budgetary commitment to addressing the issue. Democrats have largely dismissed the White House’s insistence that Trump was focused on corruption, but White House officials continue to say it was a primary reason the military aid was held up.

  21. Elizabeth Warren says she’s a capitalist, like we’re supposed to believe she’s a Native American? Her party speaks volumes of what she really is.

  22. People are not dumb they know how much comes out if there check for healthcare it would save money to x the insurance companies out and take over corporate hospitals

  23. If Hillary runs Trump is sure to win. So we don't need a three time looser. She can't stick any job out for long, Secretary of State, Senate, She got kicked out of the WhiteHouse. Plus tried to steal everything, Why would anyone trust her again?

  24. CNN is propping up Sleepy Joe. CNN really wants him to win. CNN is fake news.Remember 2016? They told us Clinton was going to win 99% to 1%. We the people are coming out in the millions once again, 2016 was just a rehearsal , 2020 will be the mother of all elections. It will be something America has not seen for a long time.

  25. I can’t wait to see another video of Democunts melting, crying thinking the sky is falling!😭😭😭😭😆😂🤣
    Trump 2020!🇺🇸👍🏼

  26. Lol, at the rate things are falling apart for Trump, Hillary would WIN this time!!!

    Did you hear? The investigation into Hillary's emails has been closed. NO CHARGES!!! YOU GOT NOTHING!

    You people are a joke. All the slander, innuendo, and lies, but you can get nothing to stick, because unlike YOUR guy, Hillary isn't a criminal…

  27. Why does Devin Nunez desperately want to exonerate Russia of their role in our 2016 election? Does he work for Putin too?

  28. The customer is king/queen says the rich entrepreneur. The Dems say the customer (voter) is a basket of deplorables. Who would you like to lead you?

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