43 thoughts on “Kanhaiya Kumar & Student Leaders Debate On Nationalism | India Today Conclave 2016

  1. Y BJP come with narrated papers and bark meaning less and sounds sooo fun and why don’t they answer to the question 🤔🤭🤔🤭

  2. Abe gadhe naxal kyon lad rahe hain? Tere ko khud nahi maloom . Ager maloom hota to teri sarkar naxal movement kabka khatam ho jaata.

  3. Kanhaiya Kumar is a traitor.. he lies so much.. why did he even participate in the event which was in support of a Terrorist Afzal Guru?? He says that Terrorists should not be hanged.. so what Indian govt should do to such terrorists..should they be worshipped.kya sandesh Dena chahte hai hum jo Muslims radicalize kiye jate hai aur fir Terrorists ban jate hai unko… Kanhiayya Desh drohi hai
    ..aur iske inn baato se jo behek rahe hai unko sharam karni chahiye ki AAP Desh ke khilaf baat karne wale ek Insaan jo sirf limelight main aane aur politics main ghusna chahta hai aur ek aise neeech Insan Ko aao support kar rahe hai.
    Shame on u..

  4. ABVP Saurabh sounds like "du du du du du…jai bharat mata…baba shaeb….commyooonust…blah..blah..blah"

    garibi kaa baat kar raha hai. lol.

  5. He is the brilliant, confident person in the India. . I think India can be the best prime minister Kanhaiya Kumar jindabad

  6. In logo ko desh se bahar nikal dena chaiye us ladki ko bhi jo topper Aur women card khel rahi thi shame on there people

  7. There is no firing incident in border from pakistani side
    No stone throwing in kashmir
    Agr in dono baton ko samjh skte ho to samjh lena samjh daro…wrna chutia bnne m to india ka record h hi…anjrezo ne bhi bnaya tha or congress ne bhi 70 saalo tk bnaya…aur wo bhi tum samjh dar logo k hote hue

  8. Slogans may be any kind may be against India or in favour of Pakistan, they are just slogans they do not kill , murder or rape anybody , slogans are protected by freedom of expression & speech . Mob lynching and curroption & poverty should be issues not slogans .

  9. I've been going through a lot of videos daily regarding politics, debates, surveys like this, interviews of people who are questioning the government….. There is one thing common in all the comment section …. Bhakts bullying everyone who dare to ask questions…. Their basic replies consist of "Pakistani, ma bhen ki gaaliya, desh chod do, anti national, rape threats, death threats and the list goes on …" … The solution i think to this problem is not to reply them … Just ignore them and their is a report feature on youtube… Report themm… I believe that their are a lot of intelligent people over here …. Please report such comments of harrassment and bullying everywhere you see them … This will be a start … I'm doing this since morning.. and i encourage you to do that.

    I see the same on twitter …. Funny thing is I raised a question against BJP on twitter and few accounts from bjp it cell liked my post…. I just checked the whole trending hashtag and found out these accounts liked every post on that hashtag… Which proves how they are running their propoganda…
    Please report such accounts Because social media is very volatile . It can be manipulated very easily ….

    This is my experience from past one month in youtube comments section…. If you feel the same please report such people and ask your friends to do the same ….

    To be clear I'm neither against BJP…. Nor supporting it… Just a guy who loves peace and such hate in comment section can't be tolerated ..

  10. मैंने खेतों मे थाडी रानतों मे सिचाई की
    ये बात हज़म नही हुईई

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