Kamala Harris on Her 2020 Presidential Campaign and Trump’s Vanity Wall | The Daily Show

Kamala Harris on Her 2020 Presidential Campaign and Trump’s Vanity Wall | The Daily Show

Let me ask you this, as someone who’s running
to be president, one thing I’ve always enjoyed
about watching you is, you know, like, in hearings,
you’re focused, you-you know what you want
to talk about, you know what the issues are,
but, at the same time, you, you know– you have
a light side to you as well. Are you ready for how frivolous some of the campaign trail
is going to be? Like, I mean, you’ve seen
how people are asking -if people know how to eat
fried chicken properly -I know. and, um,
do people know how to eat corn. -And, like, are-are you ready
for that part? -I know. -Do you think people still like
that… -It’s already happened, -Trevor. It already happened.
-Yeah? So, I was in, um,
South Carolina recently. -Right. -And, uh,
I’m gonna tell you, you know, one of the things–
I will say this– that I love about campaigning, um, you meet the angels
walking among us. You meet people
you otherwise may never meet who are doing incredible work
in their communities, love their communities, are-are
leaders in their communities without any requirement
that people applaud them or pay attention to them.
They’re just doing great work. And I love that
about campaigning. -On the other side of it…
-(laughter) So, I’m in South Carolina. Okay, so, first of all,
let me just say, I’ve never run for president
of the United States before, -so it’s a new experience.
-Right. And-and part
of the new experience is all these people will follow -when you go somewhere
just to eat. -Yes. And, like, when I go somewhere
to eat, it’s ’cause I’m hungry and I really want
to be able to eat. And, you know,
when you have been working -for a long period of time
-Yes. -and you’re really hungry,
-Yes. you can get kind of primal. (laughing) Like, “Everybody back
the you-know-what off! I’m hungry!” And-and so I go into this place, and it’s–
Rodney Scott is his name, and he’s got–
in South Carolina. So, South Carolina has got
different kinds of regions, and, based on the region,
the barbecue sauce is different. -Oh, okay, I didn’t know that.
-Oh, vinegar-based -versus, like, tomato base
versus mustard base. -Right. Okay, so his is vinegar-based,
and his– and his restaurant is just–
the food is amazing. So, I’m standing in line, and there’s, like,
all this press over there. And I can hear this whispering
by some of the press. “What’s she gonna order?
What’s she gonna order? Did she order meat or did
she just order, like, a salad?” Right? And I’m like,
“Are you kidding me?” First of all, why would that be a debatable -or even a-a subject
of discussion, -Right, right. when we are dealing
with mass iss– like, massive issues
in our country? We’re dealing with issues
of massive inequality. We are dealing with the concern that we’ve got a president
embarrassing us in Munich. We’ve got so many things
to talk about. Yes, but did you order the–
did you order the… Pulled pork, man!
I had pulled pork! (laughter) -Are you kidding me?!
-We want to know! -It-it really… -‘Cause
that’s what I felt like eating! Right. It really is interesting.
You know– you know what’s interesting?
And this is– this is
what’s gonna be tough for you and every other
Democratic candidate is that you do realize
that you’re going to be held to different standards
than Donald Trump. Because what people consider
a scandal for him has now– it has to be
the utmost degree. I mean, he can basically
threaten someone on Twitter, and people are like, “That’s the
president being the president.” But if you order salad when you should order
pulled pork, -people are coming for you.
-This is my– this is my point. So then– okay, I’m gonna–
It goes on. So, in the same trip, then– -So, I-I care a lot
about small businesses. -Right. And, in fact,
that’s part of my agenda about what we should do
to actually give more federal, um, incentives
for-for small businesses for-for investment and growth. -(cheering and applause)
-So– Okay. For so many reasons, including that,
when you look at a path towards financial health
and success, when you look at how
small businesses run themselves in a way that it’s not just
about running the business but being a member
of the community, small business leaders
are also civic leaders, they’re community leaders,
okay, on and on. So I’m visiting small businesses
on a street called Lady Street, which, by the way,
on Lady Street, all but one of
the business owners is a woman. -Wow. -It’s–
Yeah, it’s really fantastic. So, I’m visiting this one where the woman
who runs the-the salon, um, Naida, Styled by Naida, she was formerly in foster care, she was homeless, she put herself through school. She had never worn any clothes
for her– almost her entire life
that was firsthand. -All secondhand.
-Right. So she decided
to start this vintage store where the proceeds of her sales go to helping women who have–
who have– -don’t have clothes. So,
for example, -That’s amazing. for the local college,
she gives clothes to women who are going for interviews
and job interviews and going– Just incredible work. So, I’m in the store,
and I’m hearing her story. And then, you know,
I want to buy something. And so then I look at this…
(chuckles) multicolored sequins jacket. (laughing) And I’m thinking
this would be really great -for Pride Parade, right?
-Right. Right. (laughs):
So… And I try it on. And then that’s it, and I leave. And I– and I was
in South Carolina. Then I-I fly back, and I get
home and my husband’s like, “Do you know–”
’cause he wasn’t with me– He’s like,
“So, there’s this jacket “that apparently you tried on. It’s-it’s now got its own life.” And, like, apparently,
it became the subject of all this controversy
by journalists around should she be doing
something like shopping if she’s running for president -and then all this other–
-Right. -And just ridiculous, right?
It’s ridiculous. -It’s-it’s– It really is an interesting
journey to be on when-when you have policy ideas, and people are looking into the
small… like, the frivolous. As you say, I mean, you’re
visiting a business owner, and people go like,
“Should you be shopping or not?” Like, when the… and the story
should be about the need -for small businesses in America
-Right. …to receive the support
that they deserve, understanding that that is
a path to economic growth -and opportunity for so many
community… -But the story… But the story was
about the jacket. But the story was
about my multicol… I bought it, also. (laughter,
applause and cheering) I like that you finished up
the stories. That’s good. That is good. Let me… let me…
let me ask you this. Let me… let me ask you
a few things. Um, ’cause, honestly,
I could chat to you forever. I mean, the… What I’d like to know is… You-you have this vision
for America. You-you are saying
to Americans, “I want you to elect me as
president of the United States.” You have had some strong words
to say -about the current president’s
border wall specifically. -Yeah. Now he’s pitched this
as one of the things that is going to prevent drugs
from coming into the country, and this is going
to keep Americans safe. You have said,
“No, this is a vanity project.” Why do you say that, and why
do you think it will not help? Okay, so, as we have discussed, I had a career as a prosecutor. That included prosecuting -transnational criminal
organizations. -Mm-hmm. I have gone to the border. I have personally seen
the tunnels. I have seen photographs
of tunnels -between Mexico
and the United States… -Right. that were literally as smooth
as the walls in this studio. Right. We’ve got smooth walls. -Lined with air conditioning
and lighting. -Right. And the point being
that these were built because people are making
a whole lot of money -in the trafficking of guns,
drugs and human beings. -Uh-huh. That wall ain’t gonna stop them. This is about tunnels,
it’s about ports of entry. -He has created a fiction,
and-and… -But-but… -You watch
the State of the Union. -Uh-huh. Because the narrative, right,
the yarn that he is pulling suggests that there is some link between transnational
criminal activity and these children crossing
the border with their parents, fleeing murder capitals
of the world, seeking asylum in the country -that has always proudly
held itself out to be… -Right. (applause and cheering) a place that will be a refuge… So… for people fleeing harm. So, that was…
that’s understandable. Now what we’re starting
to see is different Democratic candidates
and hopefuls coming out and saying what their opinion
or their idea -of a border enforcement,
uh, would be. -Right. -Right. -Um, Beto O’Rourke,
who I… -hasn’t formerly entered
the race… -Right. has come out and said -he would remove
the existing wall. -Yeah. I think there’s about 700 miles
of border wall. And he said,
“Oh, I think all walls are bad, and I think all existing
barriers would be moved.” Would you remove the walls
if you became president– the walls that exist now? No, I believe that we need
border security, and but we need
smart border security. We need to…
We-we can’t… We can’t have open borders.
We need to have border security. All nations do. All nations define
their borders. But our… We should not have
a policy and a perspective that is grounded
in keeping people out for the sake of-of this
nationalistic kind of thing that this president is trying
to push. We should have borders that also
allow people to come in. That is part of the strength
of our nation. We are nation that was founded
and-and has grown because we have always
welcomed immigrants. -We are a nation of immigrants.
Look. -But Trump is saying… -But Trump is saying…
-If you are not Native American, -your people are immigrants.
-Right. No, that’s true. -(applause and cheering)
-But-but Trump is saying… Well, except for those…
except for those… except for those
who were kidnapped -and brought over
on a slave ship. -Right. -(applause) -Right,
but-but Trump is arguing… He’s saying, as he always says,
he says, “I love immigrants
if they come in legally, folks. I just want them to come in
through the front door.” That’s what he says. So he’s
saying, “I don’t mind. I…” He’s like,
“I’m with you, Kamala. “I married an immigrant,
but I want… I want an immigrant to come in
through the front door.” That’s-that’s what
his argument is. But the argument
does not hold water, Trevor, because he has also not
put in place or even advocated for comprehensive
immigration reform. He has not advocated for… He has… he has shut down
the DACA system. I mean, listen, this is “Deferred Action
for Childhood Arrivals.” There was a policy in place
that said, “For those children who were
brought to the United States, -some before they could walk
or talk.” -Mm-hmm. They vetted, a-a system where
they had to clear a vet. Had they committed a crime? No. Were they in college?
Were they being productive? Yes. -If all of those criteria
were met… -Yes. they received protection,
which he ended. And it’s only
because of the courts that those kids are not now
being deported. So, he cannot stand
on principle or American values or morals in taking the position
he has taken, because it is immoral, and it is
against American values, these positions he has taken
on immigration. Yes, we need border security. We also need comprehensive
immigration reform. We also need to protect those who are fleeing violence
and harm by giving them an opportunity
to be heard around asylum. He’s shutting that down. He’s not even letting
these people walk in to have their hearing -so we can determine
the legitimacy… -Mm-hmm. of the harm
that they are fleeing. When you look at, um, the future of America then, as a presidential hopeful, you see yourself sitting
in that Oval Office, what would you like
the new message of America to be if there were
a post Trump presidency? -Which there will be. Uh-huh.
-Well, if we survive. (applause and cheering) It’s not the apocalypse. (both laugh) Yet. Um, the message has to be
that we are a nation that values truth and justice. The message has to be that we will continue to be what, by nature,
we have always been, which is a source
of our strength, -which is
an aspirational nation. -Mm-hmm. We were founded on noble ideals. The ideals that were present when we wrote the Constitution
of the United States and all of its amendments
and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration
of Independence, and said we are all equal, and should be treated that way
back in 1776. We are an aspirational nation. We have always fought
to reach those ideals. Now, let’s be clear-eyed. -We’ve never quite reached
those ideals. -Right. But part of our strength is
we fight to reach those ideals. And as president
of the United States, I would hold true
to keep fighting, understanding who we can be
unburdened who we have been. But we have to have leadership
in this country that values the integrity
of public service and the value
of leadership understanding that it is not
about self-service. It should be
about service of others. It’s about integrity,
and it’s about the public trust. We don’t have that right now. (cheering, applause) Let’s talk about your plans. I mean, one thing I hope, uh… doesn’t happen
on the campaign trail is that the Democratic race
becomes only about Trump. And that was something
that was frustrating in the previous race. And one thing I think a lot of
people are excited to hear about is your plans. -Yeah. -One of the things
you talk about in the book and you have laid out is a giant
boost for middle-class families in America,
giving them tax cuts and getting them
to where they need to be. You’ve also talked about…
doing it in a very specific way, where people would be able
to get that money, uh, smaller increments
as opposed to getting one lump sum
at the end of the year, which more families
may appreciate. What is that about,
and how did you come to that? I’m very excited about it,
and if elected, when elected… -(applause) -um, it would be one
of my first orders of business. And this is, what I am proposing
is that we change the tax code in a way that benefits
and lifts up working families and middle-class families. So, here is the facts. Almost half of American families are a $400
unexpected emergency away from really being toppled, in terms of their
financial well-being. Um, the reality in America today is that 99% of the counties
in the United States, in 99% of those counties,
if you’re a minimum-wage worker working full-time,
you cannot afford market rate on a one-bedroom apartment. These are the realities
in America today. The reality in America today
is that we are not starting out on an even playing field,
not everyone has equal access to a path to success, and
so we have to correct course. I propose we lift up those
middle-class working families. So my specific proposal is that,
for families that are making less than a hundred thousand
dollars a year, they receive a tax credit
that they can collect at $500 a month. Understanding that is the…
that is the difference between being able to make it or-or literally facing
disruption and real upheaval. Because we’re talking
about the unexpected expense around getting the car repaired. We’re looking at the fact that
one in four people in America who have diabetes
cannot afford their insulin. And so it’s the difference
between being able to pay for your
medication or not. And don’t get me started
on the pharmaceutical companies. -Oh, we will soon.
We will soon. -Yeah. Right. Um, and it is
about also understanding that we have to lift up
the middle and working classes of this country, and understand
that the rules have been written in a way that it excluded them. We… He just passed a tax bill that benefits the top one
percent and big corporations. They don’t need that money.
They don’t need that money. And-and we have got
to correct the course in a way that understands
that working families are the heart and soul
and the strength of our nation, and we have got to lift them up,
and we’ve got to support them. And my proposal is actually,
by economists, has been described
as what would be the most significant
tax benefit for middle-class families
in generations. -(applause) -It really
has been lauded by many. Mm-hmm. Let’s… let’s talk not about the
pharmaceutical companies per se, but about… your plans
for Americans in a few areas. You’ve come out and you’ve said,
“Unlike Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez,” you said,
“Yes, I’m a Democrat, but I’m not
a Democratic-Socialist.” But you-you
have come out and said that you propose
Medicare for all. -Yes. -You’ve said that you
believe that there should be, uh, debt-free student loans. You know, people should be able
to study without being in debt. -I do. -You’ve come out with
many proposals that are similar to what somebody like
Bernie Sanders would say, and then, obviously,
many of your own. What do you think
separates you from them, then? Well, I will say
what I feel very strongly. I feel very strongly that we,
um, need to have a system in this place where everybody
has equal access to success. And we can do that in a way that
is about lifting people up. We can do it in a way
that is about recognizing that all people
also want a system where there’s gonna be
a fair market and there is
gonna be competition, but let’s not be lulled
into believing right now that everyone has equal access,
that we start on the same base, -Right.
-’cause we don’t. And so that’s got
to be corrected, and it can be corrected,
but it’s gonna have to be about a number of things,
including the way that we tax people and the way that we
are distributing benefits. Let’s look at it
from another example, which is the public education
system of our country. Everybody’s not starting out
on the same base, in the same place.
And we are a society– and this is where we have
to speak truth also, Trevor– we are a society that pretends
to care about education. Well, guess what? Not so much the education
of other people’s children. Let’s be honest about that. Because if we did care about
that, we would not have allowed the public education system
in America to deteriorate
in the way it has, because we are not paying
teachers their value, -(applause)
-we are not putting resources into our schools. I have met more teachers
than I care to tell you who are working two jobs,
sometimes three, to put food on the table, and because also they’re
coming out of their own pockets to buy school supplies
for their students. We are a society
that is not paying people -the value of their labor
and of their work. -Right. And these are the things
that have to be adjusted. You don’t have to be
a socialist to believe everyone should have
equal opportunities on a path to success. Wow. It’s… -(applause) -it’s gonna be
a crazy journey for you. It’s gonna be exciting. The book, I really recommend to anyone who wants to get to
know the person behind the name. And you also have a
children’s book which is called Superheroes Are Everywhere. It’s really fun illustrations, and it’s inspirational stories
for kids out there. The Truths We Hold
and Superheroes are available everywhere now. Senator Kamala Harris,

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    Shes more white than Donald Trump is and even more fake than he is …. shit shes as fake as all jewish zionist Media

  48. We need a President who has their serious intellectual side and their humorous side just like Obama. #KamalaHarrisForThePeople2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  49. Find kamala at expensive white man's Hayes Street grill San Fran being primal. Wah I'm a public servant and I don't get privacy but I'll send your mom to jail for keeping your kids at home instead of sending kids to mkultra Milab pub schools. Wow chicken? Corn? I feel sorry for kamala who is a major tool to the mic. Too bad she is a scared cunt or I would respect her. Eww she is so dumb that's why they showed her the tunnels and trafficking cuz she wants to b a part of it really

  50. I like a few, the one that comes up with the right answers and he does is Pete BUTTIGIEG young has nothing to do with it he fought for this country he answers to questions correctly many many observe the way he listens and he does listen that's the main ingredient

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