Kamala Harris and Double Standard on Capital Punishment

Kamala Harris and Double Standard on Capital Punishment

what's up guys Mike the cop I am live on YouTube we are in the chat I've seen you guys start to show up so hello welcome appreciate you guys and yesterday what the what I'm talking about here is yesterday Senator Kamala Harris responded to the Department of Justice announcing that they are going to essentially Ria's reinstate resumed the practice of capital punishment at a federal level and the Department of Justice announced that yesterday and she Camilla Harris I'm going to give you her response straight from the proverbial horse's mouth she has a response to that and she's representative of many of the leftists perspectives okay especially those that are running for president as she is so I want to talk about this I think it's pertinent to my content because it involves obviously the criminal justice system and a punishment particularly capital punishment so it'll be really clear upfront that I fully support capital punishment as an option of viable option that we should have in a system of government that wants to promote true freedom and justice and equity for all people and but I'm not gonna get into specifically the the topic of capital punishment I just want it to be out there on Front Street that I do support the concept of capital punishment many people would be surprised because I'm a cop that I would not be hesitant to criticize the criminal justice system and I but I I am and most cops are because most cops have seen what I've seen in that I've seen guys that have beat their wives multiple time and never serve a single day in county jail but I've also seen people with a suspended drivers license serve 90 days in jail and it is sometimes literally on a judge's whim their mood there's there's a lot of things about Sentencing Guidelines that I think are way too Brod way too concerning to see as far as sentencing goes I disagree with it I think that we need consistency I think that there should be a a fair process ok fair process and if you are convicted of a crime I think there should be a punishment for that crime whether it is a monetary punishment or whether it is time and incarceration whether it is community service something there should be a consistent but there shouldn't be some type of less punishment for so-and-so and greater punishment for such assets over here if you're convicted of the crime there should be a punishment and that's what it is the sentencing guideline nonsense it should it should be disappeared with period that's my opinion but I think capital punishment should be on the table for our society now you may not think that and that's okay I'm just putting it out there on Front Street so that it's out there for you because that's kind of like what sparked this Jonah thank you for the super chat I appreciate that he says bring back public executions well again that's another debate for a different day whether it should be public or not okay now let's get to the point at hand and I want to basically explain to you why this is a complete logical inconsistency and you're gonna have to follow me here okay because yesterday when I posted this on my Facebook and Instagram and everywhere else people immediately jump to making this about capital punishment or jump to making it about abortion you'll see where I'm going with that in a second it's truly I'm truly not making it about one or the other I'm making an argument here that exposes the logical inconsistency of the leftists particularly giving the given the line of reasoning they're giving you Kamala Harris tweeted this out this morning the Department of Justice announced that they would resume capital punishment let me be clear capital punishment is immoral and deeply flawed now again some people can believe that believe it with all their heart and have reasons that are at least consistent with their beliefs and we're not gonna not gonna talk about that if you if you think capital management is something we shouldn't have you may have reasons and the way that you bring your argument together may be valid and that man and I'm not I'm not condemning you because you disagree with me about capital punishment I know I know many awesome people who would disagree with me about capital punishment and that's okay again bear with me it's not what I'm getting into here's her reasoning here's Kamala Harris's reasoning and here's where it's flawed too many innocent people have been put to death we need a national moratorium on the death penalty not a resurrection so her reasoning for saying that it's immoral and flawed is that innocent people have been or she's implying here with the words that could be put to death we can't keep the death penalty we can't keep capital punishment as an viable option for punishment because innocent people might die my response in writing was this what's flawed is your logic ma'am if you don't want the death penalty because someone might be innocent then why kill fetuses if they they might be a person might your position this is my message to Kamala Harris and my my message to anyone who agrees with her your position isn't about morality it is about political political expediency they will say whatever they can to keep elected they will say whatever they need to wherever the wind blows and they feel like that's gonna get into their political sails to keep them afloat that is their position that is how she can be forked tongue and say completely incongruent statements and it still somehow works okay and here's where it doesn't work is because she also along with everybody in there that on her side on the platform running for president for example are all pro-abortion again don't get lost here guys don't get lost here in an abortion debate you may you may have a belief about abortion and why you don't don't think it should be illegal or whatever else are you find it to be whatever don't get lost in that because watch the incongruence here Kamala Harris is saying you can't have the death penalty because innocent people might lose their lives I'm saying how do you then be pro mental justice system have value but innocent people in the womb wouldn't have value and again we don't have to go into the whether or not they are people unless you are claiming godlike knowledge of exactly when a fetus gets a soul as it were for a lack of better words becomes a person because we're all working under the assumption that people have value because they exist otherwise it wouldn't be an issue for the death penalty she's saying there's such such a thing as an innocent person who doesn't deserve to die okay let's work with that assumption based on that same assumption unless unless Kamala Harris or anybody that agrees with her knows the exact moment when a fetus which is a living thing that's indisputable knows the exact moment they become a person then you have to admit that you might be killing innocent people okay so this is the incongruence now it's not because I'm saying it okay I'm saying what I am telling you right now is indisputable that's a bold statement it's very bold I understand that it's bold to say that it's it's people but all claims the truth our exclusive claims the truth go look that up later but my point is I'm not a math genius because I say two plus two equals four I'm just I just understand how the world works you could say two plus two equals five but you're just an idiot okay that doesn't make you right having an opinion doesn't make your opinion valid opinions must be framed in a round consistency in thought okay so opinions are useful because they help us engage in dialogue in the exchange of ideas and you can't escape opinions I'm not I'm not immune from having an opinion that's rhod neither are you that's not what we're talking about we're talking about a blatant position a stated reason for why you can't have capital punishment or shouldn't have capital punishment that directly conflicts and disagrees with her reasoning for abortion it's simple it is plain and simple and listen hey type on your keyboard no hey no these are headphones no that's a keyboard no no these are headphones so you can have sometimes it's pointless to argue with someone that's calling headphones a keyboard as it were so some people are will argue this point till they're blue in the face but just because you're arguing your say you have an opinion doesn't make it valid and what I am saying is that the the logical inconsistency is blatant and it's impossible to disprove me on that not because it's me saying it but because it's way of life because now we're talking about how do we deal with people who have killed other people in society and why we're losing our mooring that's that's rooted in common sense and a shared sense of value of life and her position is completely in consistent ok so let me go back here guys if you've been doing super chats thank you Bill Stevens babies get more of a right to life than a convicted killer well you would think so I would hope so matt said my personal opinion Victor Mondragon Mondragon I'm not sure how to say your last name keep up the good work man Victor thank you very much I appreciate that kind of support and then Jonah okay so I I'm caught up alright guys so that if you if you did not see this live that concludes the entirety of my little rant and response on pro-capital punishment I'm anti-abortion those are my positions but that's not what any of this is about this is this is about the logical inconsistency that is tolerated in politics simply for the sake of political expediency in maintaining their position of authority or power over you and they they are not coming up with original thinking they are simply bending to two opinions not rooted in common sense and they'll say one thing that completely disagrees with this thing over here and as long as it keeps them moving forward in advancing them politically they continue to talk out of both sides of their mouth that is not unique to Kamala Harris it has been happy at Donald Trump has done it Trump has talked out of both side of his mouth Kamala Harris has talked out of both side of his mouth her mouth I don't care who it is I'm not a blanket oh I'm raised a flag people who just worship at the feet of Donald Trump are ignorant that is that is an ignorant thing to do and it's ignorant to Blake blindly support these politicians when they are they are moronic in their approach to thought and positions it's ridiculous all right jRD ji I agree with you about comma but do you think it's better for our prisons to actually rehab people then kill them dude come out of prison worse often they go in if you kill somebody I think if you are convicted of premeditated murder I mean be very clear I'm not talking about manslaughter negative I think you should be put to death I don't think it's better to rehab you I think there has to be a consistent punishment for a convicted crime whatever it is you know if you steal something from the store there should be a punishment and person X that does it should and is convicted should get the same punishment as person Y as person Z there should be no special treatment for so-and-so's kid or such a such situation if you are convicted of that crime then that's that that's the punishment okay now that leaves room in our society for us to show mercy and grace to one another given the circumstances that's where wisdom and common sense come in as a society then a store owner can recognize maybe I don't need to press charges here but we're talking about the strict concept of punishment here all right I got to go eastbound and down what a good show Victor remember that you will feel my lash oh my gosh eastbound and down what a funny show good stuff alright guys that is my rant wait $12.20 oh my ram bifida another regular supporter on this I have said inappropriate things in this channel if I lie in tonight it makes me just as bad as the most obnoxious troll however I did sort of maximum sentence with no trial all right I don't know what you're talking about Hyrum but I do appreciate the super chat and always will see out there good day

50 thoughts on “Kamala Harris and Double Standard on Capital Punishment

  1. If “death” is defined as the lack of heartbeat then shouldn’t “life” be defined using the presence of a heartbeat? I 100% agree with your logic. Mother Nature is a cruel and heartless teacher; she culls the abnormal from the herd without exception. But we as a “civilized” society go against Mother Nature and keep the most wretched, vile, disgusting members of our society around because we don’t have the backbone Mother Nature has taught us to have.

  2. Dude I love you and want to believe in you. But, 15 minute videos, nobody watches that stuff and I certainly don't have the time for it. Please condense

  3. I finally served on jury duty a while back. It was really interesting and MTC is giving some really great insight to judgements here. You rock Mike the Cop – keep on keepin us clued in bro!

  4. Mike, I love the way you make folks stop what they are doing and think for a change. As a retired first responder and negotiator I too have seen crap and then it goes by the wayside. Yep we have dummies on the left like you said, but then on the right we have presidents of either party offering pardons. Then, judges that make the courtroom their own dog and pony show. Replace human judges with robots? I don't know. Be safe out there and keep posting.



  6. Consistent and uniform application of justice? What a concept – I hope to see it implemented in my life somewhere.

  7. There is no double standard.
    You are mixing up categories and interpreting arguments to suit your conclusion.
    I won't bother checking her particular position and it doesn't matter here but opposition to the death penalty usually extends to more just than one thing, such as the possibility of an innocent person being put to death.
    Expressing concern over the death penalty because an innocent person might die is not questioning whether the person is or is not a person. It is questioning whether they are or are not innocent.
    This is completely different from whether or not a fetus or zygote 'might' be a person.
    And of course, the framework is so completely different as to render your comparison almost absurd.
    You have simplified things in a distorted way so as to try and add weight to your argument claiming an 'essential' syllogism.

    On one hand we have deliberations over whether or not a person, a real person with hopes and dreams and memories and all that good stuff that makes persons pesons, have that existence terminated via and in response to some action of theirs, as a punishment and as a good for society, in a criminal justice setting.
    It isn't just taking their life either but I won't pursue that here.
    On the other hand, as far as abortion goes we have a health problem and a bodily autonomy problem.
    A medical situation and the intimate concerns of an innocent women's ability to control what goes on with and within her body.
    Arguing the innocence or otherwise of a fetus or zygote really has no place in the argument. Innocence is not a concept necessarily applicable to such an entity.
    And arguing then that such an entity 'might' be a person and comparing those two 'mights' is a bait and switch.
    It is as easy to say that it might 'not' be a person too, it has none of the features we associate with personhood, which you cannot say about the death penalty subject.
    So, both the pro-choice position has extra, important supporting premises, so too does the anti-death penalty position. They need to be considered in their entirety.
    However, even so, your attempt to distill the positions down to something directly comparable and then claiming 'logical inconsistency' fails.

  8. I'm not morally approving of capital punishment. I'd be inclined to believe that the convict should be kept in a cage until his death…. we're all going to die anyways. The tedium of prison life would seem far worse that a quick death.

  9. I am against capital punishment only because our justice system is imperfect. Studies show there are 20 people that are innocent in average at any given time on death row in this country.

  10. So am I absolutely evil for wishing that the bigot named Kamala was one of the abortions she is such a fan of? After all, I think it’s been proven she is NOT innocent. What a dumb bitch.

  11. We might want to ensure that the corruptions in the justice system are solved before advocating capital punishment.
    There is too much evidence for corruption.
    Although, if there was a law that said if it was proven that someone was executed due to corruption or negligence or mistake anywhere in the process, then, if ALL the people involved were then executed as well, I might go along with it.

  12. For the people bringing up the eye for eye crap from the Bible, that's not what it means. The eye for eye statement is a Abrahamic mockery of the Pagan; A nobleman's eye is more precious. In the Abrahamic religion earthly wealth doesn't make you more important.

  13. BARR CARRIES OUT THE DEATH PENALTY PUNISHMENT. 5 down, all in 1 night. ALL 5 WERE ON DEATH ROW FOR MURDERING CHILDREN. Kamala, you don't have the stomach or BALLS to be my president.

  14. I'm opposed to capital punishment on practical grounds, not moral ones. It is impossible to sentence based on the degree of confidence in a verdict. Mistakes and malfeasance happen, and some convictions are wrong. Opps doesn't cut it when trying to reverse a death sentence.

    I don't know what Senator Harris's comments were, so I'm not addressing them.

  15. Mike. Great Analogy and $5.00 donation Bill Stephens
    Great Point below

    Babies get more of a right to life than a convicted killer….Absolutely Bill

  16. Why should the American tax payer foot the bill to keep killers alive and in the same breath talk about taking away the basic human right to self defense.

  17. What about fines being based off your yearly income?
    Instead of fines being like $150 for a something, if you make $300,000 a year and get a speeding ticket you get fined by a percentage of the yearly income.
    A $300 fine can effect someone differently, to a person making 6 figures a year a $300 fine is nothing.
    Where as someone make only $20k a year can really be hurt by that.

  18. Public executions are not worth it at all. The studies have shown the victims do not get the relief you may think and it is super expensive. Last week tonight has a good 'SUMMARY' of why it this way.
    Even if the victims pay (which is i would never ever endorse), the chemicals currently used could still caused brutal pain during dead.

  19. Welcome to my world. My entire family is made up of people that want to either censor me and/or open the borders. Good times. Truth. We are in deep shit people. The Land of Liberty is in Grave Danger. Fact.

    Best wishes to all. I speak the Truth. I'm going to simply go back to work and do what I do on Monday, but I'm speaking the Truth. Liberty is in danger. We The People are in danger. The urge to censor is rampant.

    God bless and protect you all.
    M. Sullivan, warehouse worker

  20. I would like to see more use of community service for non violent crimes and capital punishment that doesn't take 20 years to carry out the sentence .

  21. Capital punishment is 100% necessary… there simple are some human beings that DO NOT and CANNOT function or contribute to our society. Some humans are just broken and dangerous.. To say otherwise is just ignorance..

  22. If you commit a violent rape or unjustifiable homicide, I refuse to share a plane of physical existence with you, let alone a society. End of story.

  23. One could go both ways with the comparison. People who have been executed have been exonerated posthumously. Honestly the only logically consistent stance on abortion and capital punishment in this instance is the one that the Catholic clergy generally has: condone neither. (It follows logically but I don't accept all of their premises.)

  24. This video gets thumbs up just for that t-shirt…….friggin awesomeYou used the hell out of the word incongruency is that a new word you learned?

  25. I agree. However, do you also agree that any government employee who knowingly breaks the law, tampers with evidence / withhold evidence, in order to get a conviction, should get twice the MAXIMUM of the crime charged? I'm taking into consideration that a government employee, who is trusted by the people, is utilizing their knowledge and position to harm another by removing life / liberty.

  26. all those democrats on the main stage are liers, kamala pays her female employees less than her males!! lol and bernie wants 15$hr min wages but dosent pay his own employees that. what a bunch of shitballs

  27. Mike, your a cop, right? You have an extremely low IQ. Thats WHY your a cop. Why does your opinion matter? Only one with an IQ would sit and listen to your retarded shit.

  28. I’m for capital punishment.

    I’m also for public hearings and punishments. Perhaps not public executions. But certainly public punishment.
    When I was 7 I walked out of HEB with a fruit in hand. My dad lit into me like Hurricane Katrina and marched my narrow ass back into the store. The manager handed me a broom and dustpan. I had to sweep that store from corner to corner. Took me an hour and half. When I was done the manager handed me the fruit and asked if I learned my lesson. I did.

  29. Mike, I'm from California and voted TWICE to let us have Capital Punishment and it passed, but them folks in the state house keeps overturning or suspending it.

  30. Gotta let the bad guys out of prison to make room for the good guys who will be locked up under their new laws.

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