K-Pop Superstars Break the Internet! | YouTube Nation | Tuesday

K-Pop Superstars Break the Internet! | YouTube Nation | Tuesday

JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, it’s Jacob. Today we have style guru Amy
Pham right here in the house. But first, I gotta tell
you about this band. They have 600
million views and one of the biggest
videos of the day. But they’re not even a household
name in the United States– yet. K-pop sensation 2NE1
just dropped two videos and practically
broke the internet. [MUSIC – 2NE1] Last week, they released their
first album in four years, and it’s about the crack the
top 10 in the iTunes charts. 2NE1 kicked off a huge
tour last weekend, but if you’re not going to have
the chance to see them live, head over to their
channel for almost 300 more servings of
K-pop awesomessness. Hey, it’s Amy Pham. Amy, episode two of “Ask
Amy!” is online right now. AMY PHAM: Indeed it is! JACOB SOBOROFF: What
is going on with that? AMY PHAM: People
can ask questions, whether it’s a style
dilemma, fashion problem, or any other question
they want to ask me. And we feature their
questions on the show. AUDIENCE: How can I wear
a full leather jumpsuit without looking
like a dominatrix? AMY PHAM: You are
ballsy, and I love it. The key to this
outfit is to pair the super tough,
badass leather fabric with softer, casual
details to keep it less superhero
and more street wear. JACOB SOBOROFF: Do people
ask about, like, underpants? AMY PHAM: No, actually. I haven’t gotten one yet. I want them to. I would love to address
underpants situations. JACOB SOBOROFF: If you
have a fashion dilemma, or if you think I have a
fashion dilemma that Amy could help me deal with– AMY PHAM: You send
them to the platform using the hashtag #AskAmy. JACOB SOBOROFF: When you dial
9-11 in this neighborhood, the fire department may
not be the first to arrive. Rocky Robinson co-founded
the Bed-Stuy Ambulance Core when his niece died due to lack
immediate medical attention. And he realized he needed
do something about it. ROCKY ROBINSON: I
saw this group called Hatzola, a Jewish
Ambulance Core. When I was working with EMS,
and what we got on the scene, Hatzola already had their
people to the hospital. But then when we’d
respond to the ghetto, the person was dead
most of the time because the ambulance
took too long to come. JACOB SOBOROFF: The People’s
EMS is entirely funded by donations, and even the
commander’s own pension when the money gets tight. To learn more about
what is really just an incredible organization,
head over to their website and you can get involved. CARLY: I love books,
like, love, love books. Like,
the-floor-of-my-apartment-is-probably-going-to-collapse-due-to-the-weight-of-all-of-my-bookcases love books. Which is why this gorgeous
stop-m motion animation tugs at every single one of
my bookworm heart strings. I can’t believe this is made
by an animation student. And it only has a few hundred
views, so let’s fix that. If you know a book lover
or two, send this their way and brighten their day. Hey, that rhymes! JACOB SOBOROFF: CT Fletcher
has three drug-free world titles in bench press,
three curling titles, and less than a decade ago,
he flat-lined three times during open heart surgery. But that didn’t
stop the 54-year-old from coming back and winning
the drug-free world bodybuilding title. In this video, with
almost 2 million views, he introduces us to his friend,
appropriately called Da Hulk. CT FLETCHER: We
about to break bread and eat up in this [BLEEP]. Hulk crash! Hulk crash! And there’s a whole bunch of
[BLEEP] on YouTube going, What? JACOB SOBOROFF: Fair
warning– his videos have no shortage of f-bombs. But if you’re down
with that, they will get you pumped up for
anything– Job interviews, tennis matches, calling your
bank– whatever your thing is. Sometimes people here are
so passionate about getting a video on this show,
they’ll submit it outside of working hours. You know who you are. EARNEST: Hey, Jacob. It’s Earnest, of course. And I want to share with you
this thing called “Big Head,” and it’s the funniest thing
that you will see today. BIG HEAD: Has anyone
seem my gloves? Really need to know
where my gloves are. Of course I looked
in my coat pocket! That’s the first place I looked! Now I can’t go into work
early, use the bathroom like I normally do. I know they’re not in my car so
I’m not even going to go check. Yeah, they weren’t in my car. JACOB SOBOROFF: Thanks, Earnest. We want to know what
you guys are watching. Film yourself talking about
a video that you love, and then post it with the
hashtag #youtubenation. Now play us out, Liam Lynch. [MUSIC – LIAM LYNCH, “COOKIES

100 thoughts on “K-Pop Superstars Break the Internet! | YouTube Nation | Tuesday

  1. It's a fucking shame we need to fund our own emergency transportation because the regular one will not respond to people of color in a quick manner! And you wonder why people feel like America is two different worlds!

  2. i love your "Cookies for Later"song! I tried to save some cookies for later before, but it was only a minute later that i ate them….
    is the song available somewhere? 

  3. what what !!! go kpop!! eh eh !! go blackjacks ! i love 2NE1 !!! this shows how great kpop is and that we can show other people the great stuff about kpop!

  4. no one gives a shit if its not big in the US of Assholes. the world had over 7bn ppl, the US 350m. the SU can go fuck itself. Asia is the centre of the world 

  5. NO.

    SONEs Broke the Internet, & YouTube on Twitter Said They Have Fever & Girls' Generation is the Prescription.

    (WE were the FIRST, Honestly. No Insults, Just Honesty.)

    The Power of the SONEs are the Best.


  7. This video is little bit too extreme even to Koreans. It's not breaking the internet, it just…. has many fans. American MV and Korean MV shares a lot of similarity. K-pop follows American culture and other Asian countries follows K-pop. J-pop…. I have no idea. J-pop market is almost much as big as American music market but it's not popular in US, or neither from any other countries. 

  8. and again of course fan wars… come on ppl we are both in the kpop fandom, lets get along with each other 2ne1 is so awesome and so is snsd. both of them are really good and have different concepts. 

  9. +deangray70.  Obviously Korean companies do give a shit about the U.S. since they keep trying to break their artists into our market.  Why? Because the U.S. has the largest financial  impact in the music market worldwide.  Don't take my word on it, read financial impacts yourself so you can know what you are talking about before you speak.  Another good thing about the U.S. is that we have people from all countries so when you speak nasty about all of us, you are talking about your own too!

  10. hey amy i need fashion help. How do you look cute in a  plaid school uniform that  is gray. #askAmy  

  11. If I reach 100 subscribers I will do a live video chat! Im a new youtuber and I want to make my channel viewer's to be able to talk to me and be able to be a part of my channel and not just subscribing

  12.        /ヽ
          / |
     / ⌒ \ / /
     /  人 Y /
    (_/ >亠<
       /・ ・\
     ミ   Y   ミ
      (/  ̄丶)
      (    )
     (_>―<_ )
    ⓘ ⓓⓞⓝ'ⓣ ⓢⓐⓨ ⓦⓗⓨ ⓘ ⓢⓐⓨ ⓦⓐⓔ
    ⓚⓟⓞⓟ ⓕⓐⓝⓢ ⓒⓐⓝ ⓡⓔⓛⓐⓣⓔ

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