Julius Caesar – Part 1 – Early Life

Julius Caesar – Part 1 – Early Life

Hi guys Josh from the Ancient History Guy here and
today we’re gonna be looking into the early life of one of history’s great
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar forever immortalized as the man who
single-handedly challenged the old guard of Rome it later became its leader he
was immensely wealthy and powerful but this hadn’t always been the case with
Caesar Caesar was born on the 13th of July 100 BC into a noble house called
the Julia now the family did have some ancestral connections to the founders of
Rome but they had fallen on hard times and were not as wealthy as they could
have been as a result his family’s lack of funds Caesar was expected to be a
minor politician as how was his family going to fund a political Caesar would become a head of the family an 85 bc after his father died unexpectedly
further hampering Caesars rise was the fact this family had allied to a certain
Gaius Marius a very prominent politician Marius had a strong political enemy called
Sulla the rivalry between these two politicians eventually led to what’s
known as the social war which as heart was one mob conservatives and one mob of liberals all beating each other up now Marius had made Caesar the high priest
of Jupiter however this title was later stripped by
sulla in 82 BC after sulla won civil war at the Battle of the Colline Gate this
allowed Sulla to become dictator of Rome and as a result the city got
particularly dangerous for the young Caesar due to his family’s alliance with
Gaius Marius indeed at 19 Caesar was arrested by sulla but somehow managed to
wriggle his way out free so a very little choice Caesar left Rome and
joined the Army in Turkey gaining high praise for his bravery this would be the
start of a shining military career for the young Caesar in 78 BC Caesar
returned to Rome after hearing sulla had died Caesar became a lawyer gaining a
name for himself for the way attacked and defended in court in 75 BC Caesar
decided to go into Rhodes to learn about public speaking on the way Caesar was
captured by pirates and held to ransom During his captivity it said that he said
he would crucify them something the Pirates have taken as a joke Caesar
managed to survive the ordeal and after his ransom was paid he then hunted down
these Pirates and as he said crucified them after serving in the Third Mithridates War Caesar began to dabble in politics and so the new chapter in his life began
tune in next time to see how Caesar bursts into politics, and how he plotted to rule the Roman Empire. I’ve been Josh from the Ancient History guy, hope you have a good day and i’ll see you later

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  1. Brilliant animations and really well presented. Looks like a channel that's going to take off really soon. Keep you the great work 😀

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