38 thoughts on “Julia Beck speaking how lesbians get hurt by gender ideology

  1. More about Julia Beck's case: https://www.afterellen.com/general-news/568221-how-i-became-the-most-hated-lesbian-in-baltimore

  2. She makes all Genfer Identity subjects stupid. LGBT people do not need public exposure. We to,erase it, but shut up.

  3. it’s a bit like a Pandora’s box has been opened, I am a heterosexual male but do not define myself by sexuality alone, but my observation of many but not all gay/lesbians that their raison d’etre is this one aspect of their lives which increases their inner tension and in some cases isolation. I think many people are not bothered by what an individuals preferences are they just want to get on with their lives and achieve as much balance and happiness as they can.

  4. That's ridiculous how men are telling a Female Lesbian that she's not lesbian enough or as lesbian and woke as the men pretending to be women? These male tranny lesbo's are creating a whole new version women mistreatment. I am a straight man but I can hear and feel the pain in her voice and I'm with her! No man has the right to tell a real lesbian that she dosnt understand what it is to be queer, especially when your a man claiming to be a lesbian which just makes you straight, and STUPID!

  5. As a lesbian I agree with most things she said but she doesn't seem to acknowledge that gender dysphoria exists and it's real medical condition. I agree that you can't be attracted to idenity but to physical apperance. Many SJWs call lesbians who won't date trans women TERFs, but earlier they were saying that you can't change who you're attracted to.

  6. We should do our parts on an individual basis as well. Maybe all those who oppose this oppressive society should delete their social media accounts (twitter, instagram, facebook, etc). Get people noticing. It's time we take a stand together instead of just voicing our frustration and woe-is-me attitudes. Show our gratitude and support of all these inspiring, brave people by speaking out and bringing attention to these issues in our daily lives

  7. You are not the only one. I am so disgusted by this agenda that I am now embarrassed to admit I am a lesbian.

  8. Who asked this lesbian to speak for all lesbians? Seems a bit arrogant to assume other lesbians want you to speak for them, besides, her emotions were seriously fake.

  9. Why is it that the vast majority of lesbians are simply bloody awful looking ugly? Most of them have a face like the back of a bus and sport 1950's barbers haircuts shaved up the back and sides. What's that about?
    They also insist on overtly masculine looking clothes. So much for femininity?
    Basically, for me, the very sight of them makes me want to puke as they are so revoltingly offensive. Don't they realise or care how much discomfort they cause others? They're such selfish me-me-me bastards, all absolutely obsessed with themselves and their sexuality and insist on loudly making it everybody else's business. I could not care any less what they do with their miserable lives and I really wish they'd just shut the fuck up about it because we're not interested.
    Anybody who singles themselves out and makes claims about themselves in public, deserves everything that gets slung their way. At which point these moronic idiots then accuse others of making their life a misery. Mirror fucking mirror, darling!

  10. You cannot be transgender if gender does not exist! If you believe that "male" and "female" does not exist, why would you change? What would you change to? It seems as if the very premise of transgenderism is a catalyst for gender stereotypes. It feeds typical masculine and feminine behavior

  11. Woe to those homophobic parents who push their children into trans identification because they will not stand for having a gay child. I know it happens, even in this day and age, with increasing frequency, but what sort of worthless parent rejects their own child because of his or her orientation?

  12. This woman is far too honest to be tolerated by the left. She has to be driven into the outer darkness and silenced.

  13. Hat off to Julia Beck for having the courage to speak out ! For speaking the TRUTH about a situation which began as absurd, and gets absurder by the day!

  14. Sorry but the lesbian voice in that arena is far more heared than me a white straight male. I support science and these tolerance for tolerance sake organizations are only hurting the womans cause by alienating men and proven science with weak pathos and touchy feely BS. Tomgirls and feminin boy have been a reality for a long time, but they should much rather be accepted as themselves than some ideologies freakshow that needs to be another gender or sex. You cant change facts only lie to feel better.

  15. How do you think a women feels under sharia law? When a woman’s testimony is worth half of a man’s? When you can be stoned to death for having a boyfriend? When you get killed for leaving an abusive marriage? You haven’t seen anything yet.

  16. A moment homosexuality was not identify as a medical condition, all hell broke loose. Don't tell me homosexuality is normal, no it is not and there is a perfect scientific / medical explanation for it. Western civilization failed and it failed badly and it is falling apart. The world does not need these train wrecks or any kind of similar bullshit.

  17. You all deserve this nonsense. Should not have normalized all the filthy homosexual nonsense in the first place. This woman is a transphobe! She completely disrespects other people's experience! Everything is now about the "T" because it was once all about the "H." Everything she is saying was once said by a normal person when homosexuals were forcing the world to accept their weirdness.

    In the same way that she claims transgender is not an identity, normal people once claimed, accurately, that homosexuality is not an identity. There are only two sexual identities – MALE and FEMALE. That's it. There is no homosexual identity or any other. We can see this in human DNA. There are only two, and every single human who has ever lived, and who ever will live, is predicated upon the biological marriage of these two. Every human is a marriage that is heterosexual and monogamous in its essential structure. Indeed, we can see genetic MOM being forever united with genetic DAD in every single one of our DNA. There is nothing else but heterosexuality– the combination of two specific sexual identities, male and female. No one is a homosexual – not even one. Homosexuality is just a behavior that some genetic heterosexuals feel they would like to participate in.

    You all deserve the transsexual movement. You all deserve having homosexuals using government courts to effectively hold a gun to your heads to take your jobs and companies if you should decide not to bake cakes and otherwise celebrate so-called "gay marriage." We need to now normalize it all – the L, the G, the B, and especially the T, to flake out generations of children who will surely grow up and ultimately bring down the whole wacky menagerie.

  18. damn she is hot and woke. She is a voice for what most of us feel, but are too scared to express. She is so brave!!

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