23 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Refusal to come up with a compromise is putting politics over people

  1. Jeannine Pirro is woman all women should look up to. Take a good hard look ladies, this is a REAL woman here. In case you're wondering, this is what most men find attractive, and long for. For she deserves our respect, and she need not forcefully demand it. Because when it comes to someone like her, paying for dinner, and chivalry in general, Is a great pleasure to do.
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  2. Donald Trump is racist doesn't Judge Jeanine know that total corruption she should be ashamed of herself

  3. We want Judge Pirro back on Fox News, she tells it like it is. Not fake news like CNN. Ilhan Omar is a dangerous woman, and a threat to the American people and to our national security.

  4. I plan on boycotting fox until they bring back the judge ! Fox is getting more and more like CNN and MSNBC and I'm sick of it !!!!

  5. JP is a propagandist who always puts politics over people and her corporation over her country. She took the o out of country.

  6. Cancelling Judge Jeanine's show isn't helping FOX news. Bet the ratings are taking a big dive over it.

  7. I have no problem with using military pensions to pay for the wall either. Trump can't get the money from Mexico.

  8. The transexual Jeanine Pirro needs to get back on to her medication. Her manliness is showing. She's a dude with breasts. No bathroom for you dear. Only 2 genders on Fox News thanks!

  9. In calculating financing, don't forget the kickback skims…. I believe if the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for was overseen by the FBI finance office..no wall will be built. My opinion …you are entitled to yours.

  10. If Donald Trump wants to save his presidency, he should use his executive powers to seize El Chapo's $14 billion fortune and then use that money to build the wall. It is unlikely anyone will try to challenge Trump's decision, in court, to spend the drug lord's money. Unfortunately, Trump has "failed" to see this as a possibility. Using El Chapo's money also gives Trump the opportunity to claim that "Mexico built the wall."

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