Joy Villa: The left is very much the fascists they keep calling us

Joy Villa: The left is very much the fascists they keep calling us

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  1. Joy, love your spirited advocacy but how can you say there was no walk away in 2017? Diamond and Silk have been advocating for "Ditch and Switch" since at least 2016. Did you not know this?

  2. I do believe the man is doing everything he can to make this country what it was….but one party don't want him to succeed He may not be perfect but i believe that he is the new beginning and stopping what would be worse for all of use ..He got a battle on his hand and i hope he takes them all out .

  3. The left embraced fascism a long time ago. They were just playing fool but now that people are waking up and not being fooled by their lies, they are showing that openly. They want fascism: absolute control of all State institutions, censorship of all areas of human activity , and control of all public money.

  4. How will it (conservatism/walk away) resonate with young people? It will resonate when people have had enough of hearing lies, of being manipulated and bullied, of forced conformity, of threats of violence, of divisiveness, of hypocrisy, of being talked down to, and of sheer craziness. It will resonate because people will want to hear truth and common sense and because they don’t want to shackle themselves to an ideology that will only do them harm.

  5. Kudos to you Joy for taking a stand and walking away from the liberal left so you can experience " Freedom". Continue to help others escape the tyranny and Dictatorship of the radical left…and yes Trump 2020!!!


  7. It's no longer the Right versus the left it's the GOOD versus the EVIL, CAPITALISM versus COMMUNISM, PATRIOTISM versus GLOBALISM OUR GOD versus THEIR DEVIL !!!!

  8. We all have access to common sense ! Please help your selves ! Good or Bad ,,, what do you think ? Honestly ask your gut ! ,, ,,,, ?

  9. Democrats are 100% Projectionists. They are killing themselves. Fortunately, it’s too late for many to walk away ‘cause without those losers on the left, it’d be harder to see the winners. Trump 2020!

  10. If you are a JFK democrat, a blue dog democrat, the current democrat party isn't for you. You are not welcome there & they will tell you so. Trump supporters will not harass you or force you to change your views. President Trump is the most liberal Republican president America has ever had. If you are indeed a liberal, this is where you need to be in 2019.

  11. God bless the walk away movement. America's waking up. I was a die hard Democrat for over 30 years and I found out a lot about the Democratic Party. The only use you for your vote. Their race bating bullies that take away your free speech and they support MS13 along with BLM and ANTIFA. We are all Americans that love our Country and our President. If you don't like America by all means go like some where else. I'll never vote Democrat ever again.

  12. George Athanson Predicted
    The raise of Fascists in Our Country
    From the Left
    Please Watch the video
    By George IT'S Athanson !
    Thank You

  13. I was politically ignorant and did not pay much attention to politics in general until Trump got elected. I go to the gym every day and they often have CNN playing on one of the screens. I started noticing "headlines" every day that were extremely negative about Trump and whatever he was doing and that disaster was just around the corner. The funny thing is that none of them actually came true. There was no follow up on the stories when they did not pan out the way they said. Instead, it was just more new headlines about how terrible Trump is. At that point, I knew something was wrong with CNN because it was not being objective or honest. But what really pushed me squarely into the Trump camp was the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. That right there made me despise the left because I then realized what they are willing to do. The left has no soul.

  14. I didnt walk away from the democrat party.. I ran away as fast as I can after finding out that they were lying all along

  15. The democrats are a party of hypocrites , simple as that….they also want to erase how America started and erase how America is today, and change it to their agenda and make you a slave again!

  16. This is taking a lot of guts but I am very much admiring these people who have the guts to walk away from a party that not only allows facism and racism (toward the color white and Jewish). but becomes the fascist itself. The Democrat party. I have seen that kind of government in real life that the Dems are pushing on us. Socialism turning to facism. . I learned at a youmg age in real life experience (senior college student)in Eastern Europe how deeply wrong that view is for any country. And we have it alive yet failing all over the world. Still the democrats push it on to our country . Like a college student told me in 1968 in Czechoslovakia after I asked him what he wanted to do as an adult as a career… he said “It doesn’t matter. The government will tell me what I will be. “ I’ll never forget it. I am glad they became free from the Soviet Union.. But Dear God don’t let it happen here. They’re trying to bring it here. Don’t let them do it through Socialism, the gateway to hell.( communism, facism, lots of horrible ism’s conditions. . Vote Republican. I wish people could see the trail down which they are being led.

  17. The left calls everyone Nazis and white supremacists while they are the ones goose-stepping down the street attacking people who are different than they are

  18. They both are very rare here in California, I live in the Bay Area and it's seem like I'm the only Conservative in the whole city.

  19. I walked away once I opened my mind by simply questioning my beliefs, but that was before the 2016 election. Had I not walked away then I am sure that the 2016 election and the behavior by the left afterwards would have catapulted me away.

  20. Get rid of the left so we can have a logical conversation. Most conservatives are rational liberals are not.

  21. Many celebrities that push back against President Trump the hardest,are most likely deep state members/criminals.

  22. Brandon you are dumber that moron trump, funny enough trump is not fond of gays look at his record you stupid pos

  23. Alinsky tactics. Western Bolsheviks always project. Leftists are the most racist, closed-minded, unreasonable, irrational people you will ever meet. And when they are exposed and the mask comes off, they will show you they are the epitome of everything they faux rail against.
    I was a Middle of the road Social Liberal/Fiscal Conservative for years but the Left went too far Left they went off the cliff of rationality. They've now been fully absorbed by the Marxists and Radicals.

  24. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 because of what I believed he represented even argued with my husband and mother about what a trash person he was (now I wasn’t liberal either I hated both Bernie and Hillary) needless to say I stuck my foot in my mouth. He has done such a great job and he will get my vote in 2020. He may be crude and times but I can over look that for everything he’s done and is trying to do to make this a better country

  25. Many of my friends LEFT demcratics.

    I can take unsupportiveness to America president.Trump works for free,iam waiting to hear a dem say i will work without pay . bring back the country to founding farthers.lead from the foundation of God's wisdom knowledge n understanding..

  26. African American male who loves and supports Trumps. No more crap from CNN and the rest of of the Liberals trying to drag us down. Trump 2020

  27. Way to go Joy!!!!! Walk away from the snowflakes!!!! You are smarter than all of them put together. You don't need any of the hollywood SNOWFLAKES!!!!

  28. The democrats are socialists.

    Look at their programs and then look at Karl Marx and his communists followers . This is nothing new. They just stop lying about who they really were.

  29. American youths have to sacrifice something or they'll loose everything . Unchecked, rampant liberalism will undo any great country.

  30. My personal belief is we are all liberal and conservative. We go live liberally to experience certain freedom and to explore possibilities. Then liberal life normally leads to some unsustainable lifestyle, so people revert to conservative lifestyle and they bring the good liberal ways back with them while leaving the dangerous liberal ways behind.

  31. Thanks! What a wonderful presentation and intelligent insight she shows! Joy is spot-on with this and should run for office! We need beautiful , black, and insightful women to be in control! God bless you ❤️🙏🏻

  32. I just saw a movie based on the holocaust and the actions of a monster, Hiltler. More and more the Left are more aligned with his mentality.
    Rolling Stone should step back and realize that what they are doing, it’s despicable!

  33. After Trumps victory in 2020 the liberals and MSM literally are going to explode. Five more years of liberal tears!

  34. Many are walking away most are being Silent because of how anyone who likes Trump is treated the way they are being treated just because they like Trump that’s hate and should be a hate crime it’s a great reason to walk away to Joy and Brandon awesome work for America freedoms Maga 🇺🇸 I love America an Trump 2020

  35. They are Bolshevik Communists. Fascist is a word thrown around so much that the people you most label as such aren’t even Fascists.

  36. I love them soo much. Listen to joys voice. How does she is that? It's so loveable ❤️

  37. i dont totally agree with Brandon or Joy about everything…but I LOVE THEM BOTH FOR THEIR COURAGE TO SPEAK OUT AND COMMITTMENT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE…plezzz dont ever give up….AMERICA NEEDS MORE YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!
    YOUR BOTH AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Fascists – YES! Dems & Progressives… a classic case of Projection. If you want to discover what the Dems and Left are guilty of,  just listen to what they accuse everyone ELSE of doing! E.g., the black-shirt Antifa is a violent Fascist organization parallel to Hitler's Brown Shirts. Anti-Fascist? Methinks not. They are the very DEFINITION of Fascism!

  39. Liberals forget a couple of things.
    1st is " When you point your fingers at someone. You've got three fingers pointing right back at yoursrlf."
    2nd is " The loudest wheel on the cart. Gives you the most problems."

  40. I dont want them to switch the term diverse from the left to the right though. Right now, its understood diversity is more about thought than skin color and on the left its all about identity politics.

  41. "Alleged hypocrisy", as if it's not obvious at this point. I think even the left know what hypocrites they are, but they are too far gone to even care. Truth is not even an issue for those psychos. Control is.

  42. Oh my you three are so great!!! I sure have been letting family members all the things President has done through the worst beating any President has ever had to go through. I am seeing them change and ask questions. Also they said what this hearing going on now should be illegal!!! They said He ( Schiff) should not be over it!!!. That will be 7 if I keep on talking!!! Thank You Three for being on the Trump Train!!!

  43. I really wanted hear that man’s question answered as to just how many walkaway stories they are getting. Maybe I missed it. Anyway I liked the video.

  44. Leftist Constituents have NO idea that the Democratic Party, which they are following, is not who they think they are. They may never know until it's too late and the Dem Party has sold America out to Foreign Leaders and their Globalist Agenda.

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