35 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson: The fatal flaw in leftist American politics

  1. "but we don't know
    what the markers are for going too far on the left"
    Well, you can perhaps start with some of the obviously violent ones like ANTIFA and BAMN, then moving towards the chauvinistic authoritarian ultra-liberal progressivist radical ideologues who indoctrinate vulnerable youths and actively pushing them into the lines of the former.
    How about that?

    Other than that, I still think that this whole approach with "putting "boaxes" around certain types of ppl that you disagree with" is a bad thing.
    I don't care whether it's Left/Right, you should be free to express your ideas, if these ideas are bad then you should also be free to express your opinion and even criticism about those ideas too. Putting boxes around ppl ultimately have rarely, if ever ended well.

  2. I like Jordan Peterson, and I agree with the majority of opinions he holds, but I must disagree that racial supremacy is a value of the right. The fundamental values of the right are, and have always been, smaller taxes, smaller government, and less government regulation of the economy. Issues like gay rights, abortion and racism are moral, philosophical and religous issues, they have nothing to do with the political spectrum, nor are they unique to one particular side. To prove this one must only go back 150 years to the American civil war, when it was the Republicans, and their president Abraham Lincoln, who fought for the rights of African Americans and to bring an end to slavery in America, and the Democrats who fought for the continued oppression of African Americans, and the continuation of slavery in America.

  3. Jesus christ, Peterson? I thought Big Think was a serious platform for actual intellectuals, not populist assholes like him.

  4. Do you know who was an ex-marxist that is a genius because he learned from his mistakes – Thomas Sowell – so watch his videos. He admitted why Marxist was wrong…

  5. Part of the problem of the current political debate is guys like Peterson lying and engaging in gross sophistry and word-salad musings. Aka: talking stupid shit.

  6. Peterson is a rebuked charlatan dipshit. Those that fap for him are even bigger dipshits. But hey, that's to be expected from Incel, Conservative cuckbois. Peterson doesn't know shit about Marxism and just spews nonsense. He has been completely discredited and rebuked hundreds of times. Yes Peterson, you are just making this up. Also, by the usual comments is further proof that all you dipshits are beyond clueless.

  7. Freedom of speech /cultural censorship. That's where you draw the line. That's what differentiate stalin from france

  8. Intellectual debate no longer has a place in politics. Tribalism is here. We are in the midst of a cold civil war. seems like it is going to get much worse before it gets better. If you even suggest that you have a different idea, let alone an opposing argument to the left you will be stifled. They are so self-righteous…

  9. Sorry Dr Peterson but I totally disagree with the statement at 4:43 "We don't know what the markers are for going too far on the left".

    We do know. The left knows. Everyone knows. Gandhi and MLK were what people would describe as left – at least the modern left would like to associate themselves with them and their movements. But they were leftist progressives who made it very clear when and how any of their supporters had gone too far. The problem is not the left. The conservative/religious left has a pretty good record in discouraging extremist violence. The problem is today's left is a Marxist left and Marxism encourages it's followers to see themselves as being in a 'total war' scenario in the cultural war where anything they do is justified because they believe there enemies are so evil and their situation is so dire. Therefore the moderate lefties tolerate the far left knowing full well how bad they are because of the utility of it. They think they are being edgy and sophisticated and politically savvy. And this is why the right is winning, and will continue to win by even greater margins – because that kind of very mercenary acceptance of violence and extremism for utility sake is not something the modern right does. This is also why the religious left of Gandhi, MLK and Nelson Mandela won, because they wouldn't do it either.

  10. that wrist is too solid, i literally came here because i thought you found the perfect picture of what i call libwrist where it's someone who has clearly never had to lock their wrist and throw a punch trying to use the old black panther gang sign

  11. I love the fact that despite youtube being full of thosands of people desperate to get views by any means necessary and acting in all sorts of ridiculous ways and using all sorts of fancy animations and effects to get that, Dr Peterson can just make a video of himself giving the world a slightly grumpy telling off and still get a million people to watch it.

  12. I'm not sure you have a grasp on what equity actually means. It does not promise equal outcomes. It proposes an equal starting line. That's absolutely necessary after hundreds of years of different starting lines for different people. Land theft, labor theft, life theft, wealth theft, Redlining, etc. Equity absolutely is the correct focus.

  13. What makes another group of people more important when both groups have went through a catastrophe that cost many lives why with one set of dead people be more important than another set in terms of speaking tragedy

  14. You are such a smart guy I don't understand why you don't connect the dots. The source of both Progressivesm and post modernism is darwinism. As a psychologist it may be that you are invested in darwinism so you exercise selective perception and that's why you don't see it.

  15. The thing about Peterson is we all know what is happening… but most of us dont know why it is happening….listening to him is a revelation.

  16. Oh my Darwin…its like JP knows the left only from the internet…
    Its like Sargons debate with richard carrier.

    Doctor Peterson listen to me: You need to go out and meet some of the people and actually get to know em.

    Also when is the apologie video coming? You promised an apologie for misrepresenting bill c16…

  17. Communism isn't considered as bad as Nazism or fascism because it's seen as having a core based on universal humanism, though it was corrupted by monsters, whereas the other two "isms" were evil to the core.

  18. I agree completely with the stance that 'Equality of Outcome' is a dangerous doctrine. As he states, where do you draw the line? A good example where there is discrimination is age. Companies often hire younger over older as they often work for less and other reasons (possibly some valid reasons – but not easily measured). It's even happening in pro sports… younger guys trying to get in work harder and for less. BTW working harder is not commensurate with a better job. Than further break that down – gender +age + race, etc… open that can of worms and everyone will want to 'represented' – it's a vicious cycle.

  19. The Liberals are to scared of the the far left to draw any lines, they bury their collective heads, look the other way, uttering minor platitudes against these radicals

  20. Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid".
    That is the fatal flaw with the extreme left. Aristotle has a similar quote based on this idea. Certain things are just meant to be. Take ice for example. You cannot change its state or shape without either breaking or melting it.

  21. Would the NHS in the UK be considered a product of the of the ‘equality of outcome’ ?Just wondered

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