23 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson – Political Correctness and Postmodernism

  1. Nice theory but it's wrong. It doesn't explain the left's support of sustainability, radical conservation of land & wilderness and carbon tax's gone amok, and then there is world wide open border policies just a couple examples. And there is nothing wrong with pride among whites supporting the nation.

  2. Not so much resentment, but grievance – both perceived and tangible – and the need to avenge through wresting power back from the assailant society appears to be the primary driver of commodified Marxist post-modernism. This explains the growth of radical anarchism and moral relativism 'Groupthink' on the Left

  3. A basic premise of postmodernism is the rejection of overarching theories such as Marxism. Postmodernism and Marxism are not far off being mutually exclusive. Dr Peterson is intellectually dishonest and fighting paper tigers of his own creation.

  4. Remember…the intellectual elite usually gets taken out first in socialism and communism…all those professors that influence the students will be removed since they have power the state want… Stalin wasn't even powerful when the revolution began…so the thought that the people who start will be in charge is silly… someone will usurp them like always

  5. at 17:08 Peterson quotes Nietzche, who says that, in the name of equality, a cataclysmic horror of revenge will be loosed on the world. One cannot help but think about the 20th century communist legacy; and significantly some of the things we see and hear being played out in contemporary culture.

  6. History repeats itself regardless of lessons learned. Tyrannical left will always be the enemy of humanity.

  7. Queers and Gender Benders should be jailed and shot.
    Then the Christians and Jews.
    Allah Akbar, God is Great ! The Sharia will not be stopped.

  8. Nietzsche's tarantulas sound a lot like Carlyle's megatherions. And they were both predicted around the same time.

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