Jordan Peterson: A history lesson for political radicals

Jordan Peterson: A history lesson for political radicals

39 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson: A history lesson for political radicals

  1. Informers, not only East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc., in fact all the Soviet controlled or heavily influenced countries!

  2. It is bad that a lot of people need to get their history from Dr. Peterson. American public school teachers should be teaching as Dr. Peterson is. The public school system is in shambles in the United States. This is what Dr. Peterson is really lecturing on in my opinion. Not many teachers will teach the truth. Teaching is agenda driven and the proof is that people want to hear the truth and know when it is taught as does Dr. Jordan Peterson.

  3. Ideology is evil because philosophy never created the only bastion of human freedom in the known world.

  4. Interesting pointing out the pow camps in other countries…

    I’d like to hear you discuss the pow camps in the United States extant today – otherwise known as “reservations”…

  5. One thing I have noticed after watching a Jordan Peterson video, is that the majority of the comments are well written, thoughtful, thankful, and respectful. This speaks to the kind of audience Dr. Peterson is appealing to, and that says a lot about him. What a wonderful man.

  6. That was beautiful a lesson that both sides can learn from whether you’re a tree hugging libtard or a redneck gun-loving cousin-fucking conservative. Jordan Peterson is the Socrates of our time.

  7. Our own oligarchs and financiers built thousands of British-styled 'concentration camps' camps everywhere throughout Europe and especially during the 1930s and right on through the war. We did it here, too. Big States need big ideas, big plans, big wars, and big business.

  8. High Hitler….he took oxycodone, amphetamines, got injections made of animal organs after his Dear Dr. Morel took control of his life….Hitler was a junkie after 1942. See the book high Hitler.

  9. But there were wall street shareholders (like ancestor Bush) who profited hugely from slave labor in Auschwitz…they would not have liked it if their upaid workers had been given other tasks.

  10. Just filed a complaint trough the youtube system , seems that nowedays more and more vidoes get censored eg. no sound, very low soundlevels or just plain deplatformed

  11. Anybody, Peterson, Prager, Trump, the pope if you are a fucking person that believes that egalitarianism or even communism in economical sense of equality is a bigger threat than the corporate fascist state that created massive corruption and poverty needs to devote his brain to science to see where things went fucked.

  12. I like Jordan Peterson but the one area you ALL, like all including him showed what a delusional fucktards fell to is spending too much effort demonizing and countering a dead enemy(communism) if it even fucking existed to its purity. Meanwhile, real shit like imperialist and corporate poverty, massive abortion, global oppression, oh who cares about that! That is part of freedom of market lol what a fucking joke.

  13. How can one explain to the well-meaning mainstreamers that they are not fighting the evil, but siding with ist? Isn't it obvious that where the power is, the oppression cannot come from the opposition?

  14. Kids today need to hear this, it was all but common knowledge growing up in the 70s and 80s and we have forgotten. There are reasons for it and it is because there are those who wish to return to that hell

  15. JP needs a history lesson from David Irving. The BS of death camps is nothing more than fiction fed to us by the same clique who brought us 'Russian collusion'.

  16. Watch from here for context; 6:54 "…you're just a shell that has demons in it." That's why the bible says "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual powers of wickedness in the heavenly places." ~ Ephesians 6: 12

  17. a little rat poison took care of Stalin or was it cyanide no matter it saved us from ww3 temporarily

  18. I am a second generation excommunist and what he is talking about is so true. A Civil War is brewing and is coming. It will be brought to you by the radical left because they want you to think just like them. You can't have an idea of your own. I shouldn't worry because I won't live to see it but I do.

  19. Fascinating stuff! Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a hero in the West that wallows in delusion and ignorance, once informed China's leaders that he favoured their system. So under the system he favoured, 100 million were sacrificed for Mao Tse Ding Dong's cultural revolution.

  20. Sad thing is, I not enough people know what his whole point is. His total, overarching point. Ideological possession. And the evil that comes from it. From being so enveloped in a belief, that you would murder to fulfill its desires. Hes teaching people about it so they wont do it. To stay in the middle. Dont succumb to any one belief. Instead just focus on being a good person. Focus on being a better you, and the rest will take care of itself

  21. "Evil is the force that believes its knowledge is complete." This is most true of dogmatic religion. Think of the Great Flood. It first shows up in Gilgamesh, but is not God portrayed as the greatest mass murderer of all? How much murder has been done in the name of God? Peterson is not just railing against political ideologies, but ALL of them. This is what Nietzsche was pointing toward; beyond the mythical struggle between good and evil, fear and slavery, is a place where we find freedom, but the cost is responsibility, as it should be.

  22. I can tell Peterson is deeply affected speaking for long time about the communist horrors. As a person who lived the first 18 years of life in communist Romania – where the situation, in concentration camps terms, was as bad as in USSR in the terror days of 1949-1964, but in the last days of 1989 was not – I can fully understand the inhuman, treacherous, horrific and destructive thing it was.
    Yet there are idiots, and in the Western world no less, glorifying and embracing the socialism, communism, and other isms. And companies ready to jump in bed with China because it is a large market, and with Russia because it has gas. I simply don't get this.

  23. When you believe that you cannot be fooled into murderous ideologies because of how smart and righteous you are, then have already been.

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