43 thoughts on “Jonathan Haidt: How common threats can make common (political) ground

  1. I wish the republicans would acknowledge climate change! I hate the idea of the government addressing this issue. The free market could do a much better job if it was given the proper incentive. That is the realm of republicans. Stop the government spending on fossil fuel projects and give tax breaks to the companies promoting green energy. That will reduce government spending, encourage growth in new sectors that don't have to compete with countries like Saudi Arabia, and help the environment.

    On the other hand, healthcare should be handled by both the government and private sectors. The best model I have seen is Hong Kong. There are government funded public hospitals and also privately funded hospitals. If you can't afford healthcare then you can go to the public hospital free of charge. If you can afford healthcare and want the best of the best, you have the option of private hospitals. Hong Kong spends about 3% of it's GDP on public healthcare and another 3% on the private hospitals, the US currently spends about 18% on it's "free market" solution.

  2. If anything the Citizens United ruling decreased polarization because Democrats and Republicans are incentivized to appeal to the same wealthy donors and interest groups. If we had campaign finance reform that empowered the individual, we'd have even more polarization because the majority of small donors are middle income hyper-partisans. We'd have a bunch of Ted Cruz's and Bernie Sanders's in congress.

  3. great talk but, Dude — seriously — don't ever cite Bono glad-handing the powerful as an example of progress.

  4. It's the men's fault? That's complete bullshit. Corrupt family courts and welfare to single moms keep men from seeing their children.

  5. Is there anybody out there who thinks that we should have mix market capitalism with a popular tax scheme? Then just socialize the markets that are inefficient economically but provide basic human necessities (healthcare, contrition workers, military, etc). I just think the essence of of western democracy are what's important.

    First, group selection is not substantiated. He's being untruthful and irresponsible.

    Second, he's making strong normative claims on morality, economics, and politics.

  6. The red state/blue state concept is oversimplified. If you look at voting by county (see: http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/2012-election-county-by-county/), you will see a very strong trend of rural = red & urban = blue – a much more telling pattern. For example, there are many "red" states where the two or three largest cities are hosted by blue counties.

  7. Intelligent man. Help, help, help. Or as Alex suggested – quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack ……  That's what the mother duck did when her chicks fell down the drain …. and it worked. Someone came and rescued them for her. Quack, quack, quack everyone.

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  9. Old people who can afford to keep working so they can buy their own health insurance, because Medicare pays for only the most minimal care. In fact, Medicare is essentially disposing of old people in a socially acceptable manner who can't afford anything better. So STFU.

  10. There's an even more "equitable" system that has already evolved. Young girls get pregnant as a career choice, go on welfare and use the government aid for their children to pay their rent, their food bill, and to otherwise support their lifestyle. Men fertilize the women, otherwise avoid holding down legal jobs (where their income can be garnished for child support) and instead supplement their personal funds through drug trafficking, robbery and other crimes. That's where we are now.

  11. Abortions cost over $400 each. When RU-486 came out, it threatened this lucrative cash cow – now a woman could just go to the pharmacy and buy a cheap abortion pill. Planned Parenthood fought against it, and only stopped when a law was passed demanding a doctor oversee the use of the pill (for a $400 fee).

    Abortion is profitable. If you're in the business of selling abortions, you want to promote the use of abortion as much as possible. Maybe fight to have them federally funded and on-demand.

  12. What is he asking? Is he wondering why the taxpayers fighting the asteroids ought to band together with the Leftists who keep creating the asteroids? How do you "cooperate" with a faction that wants everyone else to just shut up and pay them to run everything for their own benefit?

  13. I don''t think it's based on a concern for either men or women. Planned Parenthood gets over $400 per abortion that a woman agrees to. The ABA makes a great deal of money off the present system of divorce, and the US welfare system profits handsomely from the present methods of promoting single motherhood. Having lots of families without fathers makes training children in the public schools to be good Leftist voters that much easier. The people behind all this have been made filthy rich for it.

  14. If as male one would become pregnant it would be more obviosu that sex and ready for pregnancy isnt the same. It is so easy to push it all on the women.

  15. I like Haidt, but he's clearly not a climatologist. The whole global warming scare is complete propaganda. Nobody is denying the Earth's temperature has increased ever so slightly. But the projections for the next 20-30 years are completely invalid.

  16. ok, so to be ultra clear on this.
    with the exception of rape,etc. you oppose abortion. so no reproductive rights for anyone?

  17. i dont want to put words in your mouth, so please clarify for me.
    you believe women should have reproductive rights but men shouldnt?

    "Don't want babies, don't have unprotected sex."
    does that apply only to men, or to women as well?

  18. so the man has absolutely no say while the baby is a fetus but immediately owes 33% of his gross income when the baby is born?
    sounds like reproductive rights for some, not all…

  19. He doesn't blame non-married couples for rising inequality, he merely points out that an instable home environment is a major contributing factor.

    He certainly did not say that "only" married couples kids will make good money.

    He is a liberal atheist.

  20. alright got it to the point until he blames non married couples for rising inequality
    i mean just wtf??
    stating that only married couples kids will make good money is totally wrong and probably heavily influenced by some weird religious education

  21. According Dr. Haidt’s data, fiscal conservatives concerned with paying the federal debt and Social Security Insurance policy holders, will vote Democratic. Federal debt increased under Reagan and Bush I, declined under Clinton, then turned upward during Bush II (also see Ungar – Forbes 5/24/12; Ackerman – Forbes 7/20/04). Data show a similar trend for income inequality. Why do Republicans believe otherwise? Who benefits by working with people whose delusions only serve the 1%?

  22. Medicare is cheaper and more affordable than not having it. Unless you want to get rid of old people then stfu

  23. I think if we really want to reduce polarization in congress, then (in addition to John's other suggestions) we get rid of our first past the post voting system and replace it with something that would promote independent parties by removing the spoiler effect. People tend to vote strategically, rather than based on their views and conscience, and that naturally devolves towards a dichotomy wherein it's more economical to simply mudsling and debase your opponent than it is develop real solutions

  24. So great to watch Jon Haidt highlight "Climate Change" and "Boomer Medicare" as two massively dangerous asteroids. Michael Dowd does the same in a 2-minute video clip of his 2013 sermon delivered in Colorado. Find it on YouTube under this title: "Michael Dowd challenges baby boomers to leave a great legacy re climate change & death"

  25. great talk, lets get it together people, bringing politicians together is more important than any of these other "asteroids" because it's the only solution that includes all other solutions!

  26. You make some great points. I will concede that Britain is just as greedy as the US. But France, for example, was a very vocal in expressing their opposition of the Iraq war. Almost all western countries did not support the US invasion of Vietnam. What exactly is France doing in West Africa? Algeria was granted independence from France 50 years ago. In any case, international companies often exploit foreign labor, but not without the permission of those countries' governments.

  27. What is going to happen is a LOT of us are going to die. The world of tomorrow is the Uganda and DRC of today… If we are here at all.

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