Jon Meacham: Robert Mueller Report Will Shape Years Of American Politics | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Jon Meacham: Robert Mueller Report Will Shape Years Of American Politics | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

36 thoughts on “Jon Meacham: Robert Mueller Report Will Shape Years Of American Politics | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Thanks, Lyin' Brian! Your tradition continues! Trump should see all of the vermin behind this nonsense in prison!

  2. #911bushsaudiOILinc elite republicanism crashes, twin towers & fake war wins, ++,
    gingrich knows #REPUBLICANISMdies, party fades, RED'S ARE STATISTICALLY DEAD, …, so, red's will scream, attack, attack, little red weasels — we, the people, are giant.

  3. How much crow will NBC eat for this? Lets remind the American people that the MEDIA pushed this baseless conspiracy theory for over two years!!!!

  4. 87% of Americans want the entire Mueller report released. The brief summary AG Barr released is an insult to the American people and will not stand. This is the true obstacle to success for Republican's in 2020. Total transparency! WE THE PEOPLE will not be ignored… Just sayin'

  5. The deep state coup has been crushed. Your pipe dreams destroyed. Trump wins again. Now it's our turn…

  6. Didn't this guy lie about some attacks 😭 and now he reads the news ♨️♨️♨️🚍🛑🛑🛑🎪🎪🎪

  7. I'm a Democrat..I'm angry, I'm confused. For 2yrs we were told lies.we were made to believe collusion. Now, there Is no collusion, no crime. I am walking away from the Democratic party !

    (Sponsored by)
    Bathhouse Barry👤and his

  9. It'll be remembered as the week before the Media had a shred of respect, and the week after when they had none.


    The week before when people still had some faith in the truth fullness of the media, and the week after, when they had none.

    Time to scrub those videos and articles Media.

  10. So breaking news just out: Mueller concludes no collusion even though the guy had looming deals with Russia, they infiltrated the elections, they’ve indicted Russians, and he has private meetings with Putin with no witnesses. I’m starting to the Mueller was never on the side of the American people.

  11. Thank MSNBC and CNN for lying 24×7 to American and the world at large for several years now. Liberal media cult followers have been so brainwashed, the facts will not likely change their opinions. they will continue to believe Trump is a Russian agent and that Russians are at every corner out to get them. I expect cnn and msnbc will now triple their divisive identity politics to try and destroy the country. cnn and msnbc are un-American and should be avoided.

  12. The American people must come to terms, know we deal with psycho nuts, and must be let go, before further damage can be done and to stop all the chaos.

  13. Here's what I want to know. When did America become the kind of country where half of the people are supporters of a man like Trump? How can half of America be that stupid. How can such a country be the most powerful nation on earth?

  14. trump still facing 'a dozen' legal threats from federal and state prosecutors
    despite reports Mueller will not be indicting anyone else

  15. In his speech in Ohio, Trump took credit for John McCain's signature bill. He could've have been wishing his son a happy thirteenth birthday, but instead he was pandering to his base and being self-absorbed.

  16. To think, Cohen was with Congress for 3 days straight, giving them details of all the schemes Trump has done with documentation as proof.

  17. There is no result of the Mueller Report that could possibly justify another case of rich man's justice for the other crimes that have been revealed. The Trump Organization is a criminal enterprise that must be RICOd, Trump is a money launderer and tax cheat and bank fraudster who must stand trial, Acosta is an ally of pedophiles inside the Justice Department appointed by a man who admits walking in on naked teenagers and that has to be investigated, Trump's children are implicated in crimes that Mueller prosecuted and that alone tells us that the Mueller Report was not taken to its logical conclusion since they were not indicted. We should not be talking about Trump running for president in 2020. We should be talking about sealed indictments opening at noon January 20 2021, at which exact moment Trump will not be president until completing the Oath of Office and therefore definitely can face federal indictment even if has been re-elected, we should be talking about Trump probably leaving office to focus on defending his fortune and children from being seized by the State of New York, and we should be talking about the courts preventing any more of Trump's constant disregard for due process by forbidding federal employees from following illegal orders under penalty of imprisonment.

  18. Don’t forget guys that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from HRC. Mueller must be scared of agent orange or on the take

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