Join, Or Die

Join, Or Die

[Music] recently there was a football match in London between an English team Arsenal and a German team cologne that caused a lot of consternation in the media 20000 cologne fans travelled all the way from Germany for the game and there was a lot of chaos and disorder on the streets and some fighting inside the stadium as I watched these thousands of young white German men screaming for their team I couldn’t help but notice where they were from cologne cologne is the city that will be forever etched into my mind as the place where on New Year’s Eve 2015 around 1200 defenseless white German women were sexually assaulted by Muslim immigrant gangs so as I saw this army of young German men defiantly marching through London like a conquering army I couldn’t help but wonder where they had been on that fateful night while their women were being savaged in their own City [Music] the modern phenomenon of watching sports has bothered me for a while it bothers me because most days of the week you can see huge crowds of young white men their faces contorted with rage over a poor refereeing decision or a wayward shot on goal but where is their rage at how their countries are being destroyed by their politicians where is their rage at the invading hordes of third world immigrants living off their tax money where is their rage at the sexual violation of their wives girlfriends daughters and mothers I guess these men save up all their rage from match day it was the Roman poet Juvenal who first coined the phrase bread and circuses to describe the frivolous preoccupations of a previously heroic but now lost populace of the people of Rome juveniles said and I quote already long ago from when we sold our vote to no man the people have abdicated our duties for the people who once upon a time handed out military command high civil office legions everything now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things bread and circuses unquote the bread and circuses were the free wheat and public entertainment the politicians used to gain the favor of the masses I see today’s popular culture of football TV and drinking as much the same thing ie ways of diverting attention from the real issues and maintaining the power of those overseeing the decline as in Rome the men of modern Europe have become infantilized by a system that glorifies trivialities these men have become so feeble-minded that all they can think about all they can muster any passion for is watching a bunch of foreign millionaires kicking a ball around while their heritage traditions and very way of life are stripped away from them they are like infants that have been put into a playpen they are out of harm’s way there these man babies can do no harm to the globalist social order while their masculine energy is being channeled into the black hole of mindless entertainment they are impotent against their demographic destruction it’s time white men shook off this false conception of masculinity and took back control of their Nations but this football match also made me think about how easy it is to make white people fight with each other over these meaningless things such as which football team you support it’s time to grow up and recognize that modern culture is playing us for fools identities that derive from sports culture and even nation are leading us towards extinction the world wars of the 20th century were the greatest imaginable tragedies for the white race and look at the state of Europe now despite all that bloodshed it’s my considered opinion that white people of all nations lost the Second World War national identities are perfectly valid things but when they are held above the much stronger and significant identity of race they can result in the most awful consequences as we have seen I recently received two very different comments from viewers of my channel the contrast between them intrigued me and I think there’s a lesson here for us as a movement the first comment was in response to my video ironically about the prospect of civil war in the United States and it went thus hold up is this guy American he sounds Britain he speaks for us wTF is going on around here little girls are being raped all over the UK maybe he should kick that subjects around we can handle this ourselves unquote now I was surprised and saddened to read this comment of course it’s possible that this was just a troll but even if it was a troll he was pushing the same sort of divisive nough stew which I have seen our movement full prey many times he couldn’t seem to grasp that I as a Brit could possibly share a concern for the well-being of my white brothers and sisters in the u.s. that I could possibly even have a personal stake in the stability and success of the US which is the linchpin of the Western world what a small and sad understanding of Western civilization and the common bond of the nations that created it ironically in my videos I have frequently mentioned events occurring in various parts of the West including the Muslim paedophile gangs of the UK but he offered no real critique of my work just my nationality I am a Western man I live in the West by experience daily the indignities that we white Europeans are subjected to in our own lands I see the International nature of the globalist push to destroy Western civilization through mass third world immigration we nationalists must also adopt an internationalist approach in our response we are all going through this we need each other the second comment I want to mention was from a man also from the US who had been watching my work for a while and who had become confused and desperate his comment read I watch your videos and I am so disgusted and scared for my children I come from a long line of combat vets whom have served this country including me who served during the invasion of Iraq in a scout platoon these liberal people make me sick almost makes me glad my grandfather isn’t here to see commies running free beating up good Americans how do I get involved my first reaction is violence but I know that there is a better way maybe please give me guidance because I’m pissed off and I can’t believe this is even a threat I have to deal with considering the other major threats that face our country from abroad unquote first I want to say that it’s an honor that this man should have sought my counsel and that his message was used in this video with his permission I don’t consider myself an expert but I do what I can to be knowledgeable and aware and to spread this information as best I can for the good of our people wherever they may live this man unlike the first wasn’t interested in my nationality all he was interested in was the cause the identity that we share in response I suggested to him that his love of country was not shared by many of those that had sent him into Iraq I told him that I knew that he already understood that violence is not the way forward that our way must be to elevate our peoples consciousness to win their hearts and minds I advised him to constantly improve his learning and to always be a rational witness for our people and the truth to seek the company of like-minded people for strength and happiness to write to me again if he ever needed anything that I considered him a friend and brother even though we had had only this brief exchange the various nations of the West represent important and valid cultural identities but they do not come close to the much greater imperative of saving our race and Western Way of life culturally I may be English but my racial loyalty makes me also a Scotsman Welshman Frenchman German Spaniard Swede Italian pol Russian and American wherever white people are that’s where I’m from an international movement of nationalists is what we are a coalition of Nations but one people these lessons are part of our maturation as a movement and there will be many more such lessons white identitarian ism must be an international movement because we share not only blood but the struggle for our very survival unite or die my friends until next time be well [Music]

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  1. Words of wisdom! Thank You
    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. Everywhere they exist!!

  2. WOTW, we always hear that the modern world brings all people together (inevitable) and closer, to resist is futile but I think the opposite is true, when Europeans had little exposure to foerign people, they overly focused on the differences between Euro ethnicities. Now we are aware of many other races n cultures (up close) and so, this experience may well cause a unity across the EURO-Sphere, that before was not possible or at least for much of it. Differences are measured by a scale, mass immigration has expanded the scale dramatically. THe irritant from a German or Brit is now dwarfed but Muhamadins and Sudanese.

  3. Whatever happens, keep uploading your videos, even on bitchute or vidme. Spreading the message is all that matters at this point.
    "Wherever white people are, that's where I am from" a very great and thoughtful quote.

  4. I like the idea that we should be a positive and supportive movement.
    One that helps fellow white people.
    The path forward should always have prosperity as a goal.
    Godspeed to all the westerners in here.

  5. Nice to see you’re back. I was only subscribed for two weeks before you got bumped. Needless to say – I was a bit cranky over that

  6. If the racial identity is stronger than the national identity then why do I have a stronger connection to the black American in my community than the white German? I can't ever get behind that statement because I always feel a stronger connection with someone from my nation than just from my race. Race is a strong identity, that's simply a proven fact. Yet I can't see how it's a stronger identity than nationality, religion, or political affiliation. I have a far stronger connection with a black American atheist than a white Syrian Islamist (I'm referencing the Europeans who go there and become Islamists).

  7. You forgot the whites down in Australia and New Zealand! We are also being replaced, and it is a tragedy. The mindlessness of my own brothers and sisters here also appals me. Thanks for your content, it’s very thoughtful and resonates deeply.

  8. 80% of Argentines is white, the same goes to Uruguay, South of Brasil and the South of Chile. Do you say we must do a unity between does countries?

  9. Did you notice the Thumbnail o the video shows snake being chopped up… The Snake. The Strategy of The Protocols

  10. "Wherever white people are, that's where I'm from." ~ WotW. Now at less than 8-percent of the world's population and diminishing as we blink, there will never be a more significant, meaningful, or powerful cry for help. Nicely said Way of the World, nicely said by a man who is very, very proud of his life — and all his fathers' lives. Very nicely said indeed.

  11. Yes, WWI / WWII (one in the same, really) were terrible for the white races and unnecessary.

    "This war really is the greatest lunacy ever committed by the white races" – Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, 1915

    Quote taken from: "Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World " by Patrick J. Buchanan.

    From Wikipedia: "Buchanan argues that both world wars were unnecessary and that the British Empire's decision to fight in them was disastrous for the world. One of Buchanan's express purposes is to undermine what he describes as a "Churchill cult" in America's élite[1] and so he focuses particularly on how Winston Churchill helped Britain get into wars with Germany in 1914 and again in 1939."

    Please read the book, everyone.

  12. Everything is controlled by God. He use a people or civilization to punish another,then he punish the punisher.

    It may offend you but it's too late, the west will fall it's inevitable, then it will be the turn of the east who is rightnow the punisher.

    People want to deny the nature of things so God show them that this lead to death. That's why he changed water in blood and blood in water both are good but in the wrong place it leads to death.

  13. FINALLY!!!! About time these idiot football fanatics are called out. They are SHAMEFUL!!!! Thank you for this video…may it go viral. EVERYONE SHARE!!!!

  14. Thank you from America. Glad you are back.

    I have shared your Civil War coming to America video with many people.

    While it might look at the beginning to be a Race War – it will be the Far Left vs. everyone else. Of course the media is the propaganda arm of the Far Left.

  15. … As a 50% Italian, 25% German and 25% Irish third-generation American … I agree with you 100%.

  16. I was raised that it's not the color of the skin, it's the content of character that matters. However, as a white male in the U.S. there is a Target on my back and I feel it's getting bigger and bigger. The lines have been drawn and if I have to choose a side, I'm going to choose the side that doesn't want to kill me and everyone who looks like me. That's self preservation. Not racism.

  17. It's not the white race who will save the world. No race on its own can do it! Only if we have one world united can we stop what is coming down on planet Earth now in the form of total degradation and I'm not a lefty to tell you this. It's not only Europe under attack. The whole damn world is! If you concentrate on saving only one group of people all the others will jump on you to crush you!

    Unless you offer ALL people and I mean all of them as ONE solution to the current problems you are destined to fail.
    Please, consider me not as an enemy talking down on your efforts but as a rational person who is searching for a way out of this mess, I just can't how only some of the people can save themselves without coming under attack from everyone else. EU alone can't win, America alone can't win, Russia alone can't win, Asia alone can't win either-only international and interracial cooperation on a scale never seen before can have any chance at stopping what is coming for us all. I'm telling you this not to demote your ideas but as a realist looking at the world as it is, not as I want it to be.

  18. Spot on my friend, where were these Germans really, when their women were being raped? The sports are an outlet and actually the only outlet where they can express their masculinity !! It’s meant to diffuse and to make men into boys….

  19. An excellent video- we as White people have been in need of such a discussion for a long time. Solidarity is absolutely critical, and while state/ethnic nationalism is a healthy thing in moderation, racial conciousness must take precedence over petty national chauvinism. It pains me whenever I witness a fellow American behaving in a boorish manner toward his brothers. A folk divided against itself cannot stand. Best wishes from the States.

  20. The leftist PC culture has destroyed South Africa and handed a First World country to Marxist s who have turned this country into a shit hole where sewage runs in the streets and into the drinking water!

  21. I, an American, born in England, as an American citizen, am with you brother. Your words inspire, your words motivate, your words focus me. To our great cause, to our great people, to the western world, I pledge myself. 🇺🇲🇬🇧🇦🇺🇦🇹🇵🇱🇷🇺🇨🇦🇸🇪🇳🇴🇫🇮🇸🇰🇮🇹

  22. Good video, however, we don’t have proof about the raping in Germany, by Syrians. As far as I’m aware, it’s the hired Isis by America that is doing all this.

  23. Nice work developing a cult of personality using the idiocy of the far-right and by scapegoating fuckwit migrants. I can see right through you.

  24. It's a terrible shame that white Europeans fought each other almost to destruction twice in the 20th century whilst our enemies sat on the sidelines and waited their chance to infiltrate our battered nations. Unlike us our enemies have been patient, played the long game and now we can see the results of their strategy. The momentum is very much against us.

  25. Its inevitable to fix liberalism and globalism. It will prevail. Just wait for the second coming of christ, it will come soon.


    I feel just like you brother….I feel for all my stupid, white brothers, that are lost, around the world!

    I'm an Italian-American, that lives in the U.S. and I feel your videos very deeply!

    Keep strong!
    Keep going!

  27. Can you share with me any books, websites, information out there that I can delve down into? I want to be able to know what I am speaking about when trying to really explain the issues to fellow Europeans.

    Its very difficult to do so and I would like a good reference so I can have a well off starting point.

    I would just refer people to your videos but no one will give it the time of day if I don't have the knowledge myself.

    Also, do you know of any online groups or programs where like minded individuals can speak on these problems? Seems like most people I encounter on the alt right really don't care for their blood and culture or I encounter white supremacists who ironically have a blood hierarchy.

    Thanks brother, I hope I get a response in the coming days. I just want to present the message to people calmly. Let them know the truths and shine light on the lies, to let people know I dont hate anyone and to be able to hold a conversation and truly share facts.

    And side note, I always knew I was of Welsh descent by my Surname and just recently I was able to trace my family back to Wales. My ancestor arrived in America in 1684. Ive always been proud of my heritage and I am so glad to find others who share a love for the European peoples.

  28. About your internationalist coallition of nationalists, that just makes no sense, nationalists want their country to have their people in it, keep the original culture and feel proud of the nation they are a part of. An international union of nationalists makes no sense because internationalism is ditectly linked to communism and nationalism is the exact opposite of communism, with this said, the countries you mentioned shouldnt form some kind of conservative alliance between each other where they limit the amount of people who are not from those countries, the nationalists of every country need to work by themselves to change the government from what it is to what it once was.

  29. Poignant, so very poingnant. Consider me a friend and brother too!! I'm happy to be part of a movement. I started watching your channel this week. This vid, has done so much for me. Thank-you for introducing yourself.

  30. Sorry about the comment from my country men in the USA it sounds like he got offended somehow i see myself as a American but a European American as well given the fact that i have British and Irish Heritage i have a interest in where Europe is going all Europeans are friends,brothers and sisters.

  31. Way of the World: You speak of being united by race. But what if a black man identifies with your ideology, doesn't he also belong?

  32. I never understood the love of sports. I loved playing baseball when I was 10. But absolutely hated going to a pro baseball game..I can’t stand football especially today with millionaires black crybabies that get paid Millions to throw a ball around. Yet complain that they are oppressed! As a European I think we should celebrate the most intelligent like scientists or people that invent. But no we give that honor of celebration to those that play a game or play pretend on TV or in movies. Sad just sad the History of European people should be celebrated because we as a people have contributed just about everything to modern life. But the media continues to push that White Europeans are the embodiment of evil. But continue to enjoy all the modern toys, inventions, discoveries and insight that ONLY Europeans are capable of!

  33. Re-visiting this video because it's so poignant. I live in Australia. A sport-mad nation. But I brought my son up to understand that whilst sport is something he can participate in, enjoy & bond with his friends over. It is only a game. And that he must reserve his mental, emotional, physical & even financial resources for what really matters. His nation. His people. And himself. I wish I could say I did that on my own. I cannot. It was thanks in great part to my father. Who, along with my mother & myself, fled Hungary in the middle of the night in 1969. He knew from the USSR's occupation of Hungary. And his 10 years in the army. That important things are at stake here in Australia. He's said it for the last two decades now. And so with his guidance, his mentoring & his support. My son was brought up to understand the difference between games & reality. What his responsibilities are & why they are important. And as I watch him mature into a productive, stable, proud & confident man of 33. Who doesn't drink nor do drugs. With a good job, a loving fiance & a home of his own. I know that my son is safe no matter what happens to us now. For he understands his duty to not only his nation. But also to his brothers & sisters across the west & Europe. That above all else. He needs to associate with people who share his vision of commitment, loyalty & respect for the greatest civilisations known to man. That he is the next generation to carry the baton when first my father, then I, lay our heads down for the last time. And it will be rest. For we know we have prepared him for the world no matter what comes along. And that he'll face it with courage, strength, determination & dignity. That he'll be fighting a good fight. No matter if, when or how it happens. I just wish more parents would have done the same with their children. Of both genders. So my son wouldn't be in the minority now.

  34. The west must unite, we must stand together, our countries are being invaded, the EU must be pulled down and destroyed before it completely destroys Europe..

  35. + Way Of The World: Your splendid assessment of these brainwashed "Man Babies" and their mindless adherence to sport above all else … Is totally spot on.
    This is probably why Sport and other such trivia is so heavily promoted by the MSM. (financial gain aside)
    Mind control of the mindless masses is the way to subjugate them and prevent them from knowing what is really going on. (thus preventing any potential mass civil disobedience)

  36. sorry I disagree, violence is one half the solution and answer and an absolute MUST, jews need to be deported and focused on FIRST, then their non-white weapons

  37. I agree with most of what you are saying, however I think I need more explanation on the "white man of all countries" thing. I am from Poland and whenever someone next to me sees a non-white person in Poland, usually considers that person to be non-Polish. I always try to explain if I can that it's not the skin colour that makes you a Pole, or even your place of birth. Even if you were born in Saudi Arabia, but you came to Poland, felt in love with the land, the people, the culture, and you feel at home, and you just need to be here and fit in because that's what every cell in your body tells you – that's when I consider you a Pole. So what I would like to know – are you using the term "white man" to describe something bigger, like western civilization men? Or do you actually believe that skin pigmentation has anything to do with values you hold? Promise I'm not a leftie troll or whatever you may think, I just want to start a conversation.

  38. Your completely right about football fans, I have been saying for ages we( as football fans) have more in common than most I've never understood why we hate each other because they like wearing a different colour cloth.
    Why do we attach ourselfs to a club that are totally disenfranchised from us while our country and our race goes extinct

  39. All the adverts in the UK are a black man and a white woman caused through George Soros and he's open borders and he's 27 billion fortune he will donate 25 billion into the media pushing the Genocide of white race he wants a future European race that resembles ancient Egyptians.

  40. Yes. Well said WotW.

    Check out: 'Prof Antony Sutton', Anglo American Academic based at the Hoover Institute… 30+ years of painstaking research demonstrated the financial link between international bankers (US/UK) and multinational corporations funding the development and economic growth of authoritarian regimes (left and right) for most of the C20th… with politicians of all parties colluding or turning a blind eye whilst sending their citizens to war and the same entities backed both sides of conflicts.

  41. Yes we should ALL unite.
    I as a White Australian feel massive sympathy and allegiance towards my European brothers and sisters.
    Am VERY concerned by what I see happening today….

  42. I genuinely wonder how the tribally-minded football fans would've responded if someone began offering Roman Salutes / Hitlergruß Salutes to them. Would they be caught up in their fervor and share the energy of the football match with Nationalist sentiment? Or would there be a sudden masochistic rejection of the tribalism they had up to that point been expressing? Perhaps they would even see the Salute as being of a different tribe and attack the person offering it, which would be highly illustrative of how far the West has fallen and truly, sadly ironic.

  43. Perfect, WotW; precisely, to the letter, what I have maintained ever since decadence began!
    Only WE, in unison, can seriously guard OUR Renaissance Civilization.

  44. Damn, so true… our minds have been weakened. This video needs to be passed around all over the white west.
    Where have all the white men been as women are raped, culture erased, traditions cancelled, nations devoured & laws devolving.

  45. In the hour of our darkness, let us never e'er forget,
    The charlatans and traitors who will be with vengeance met,
    Yeah we've taken blows and beatings, but they've never beat us yet,
    Our future’s in our hands,
    Our past was all just pictures ‘cause they stole our present tense,
    With people with no will or way, while our leaders sat on the fence,
    Yet they call our sons their own when all their dirty wars commence,
    But we ain't fighting for the merchants no more.
    [Chorus] Sovereignty and Blood Forever(x3) our future’s in our hands.

    Yeah, they aim for those that lead us, muzzle mouths that speak what's true,
    They drove poor Venard??? to his grave, they shot Finucane too,
    You're waiting now for answers, but the question is, "will you
    Take your future in your hands?”
    Born into seas of strip malls, bare ground and run down towns,
    The perversity of diversity made a hell of our hometown,
    Now the gander wants the goose to just give away what good he found,
    But where does that leave you and me.
    [Chorus] Sovereignty and Blood Forever (x3) our future’s in our hands

    Though we may despair when strife gets thick, we’ll never hang our heads,
    And when we march within our hearts, remember all they said,
    Our resistance, our existence, who can say we ever fled,
    Our future’s in our hands,
    Take comfort in your comrades, those loyal, those you trust,
    Mindless squabbling, and in-fighting won't win the day for us,
    Come Christian, Pagan, without faith, yeah brother you're still one of us,
    Let's drive ‘em all back to hell where they belong.
    [Chorus] Sovereignty and Blood Forever x3, our future’s in our hands

    Well, we’ll stand in open order when the minute, it will strike,
    And march in song, our people strong, born knowing wrong from right,
    Yeah, the rats have got their numbers, but by blood and by birthright,
    Our future’s in our hands,
    Now to our youth wrought with despair, know that beasts do not repent,
    You'll be screaming in this space, if you don't stand up and defend,
    All that you're worth, your blood and earth, and your people heaven sent,
    Do your bit and let the change in the winds push forth your will.
    [Chorus] Sovereignty and Blood Forever x3, our future’s in our hands!
    YouTube – Paddy Tarleton – Sovereignty and Blood Forever.

  46. when you were insulted you didn't trade shots you spoke your genuine concern for your people. as a white brother in America I'm glad we are a part of the same tribe.

  47. God bless you brother! You are absolutely correct about this subject, we the European people of all Western nations need to stand together and stay strong, were all facing this globalist threat together, and as it says in the Bible a house divided cannot stand. We must fight for our people! Stay strong and keep up the good work!

  48. Sanctioned rage say no more.
    Caged in the chests of shamed emasculated idiots
    pumping with trivial fervor
    thinking they have done their ancestral duty
    to their countries, waving flags and colors
    while being burned under a silent foreign boot
    that kicks the heads of their brethren while
    playing a jolly game of keeps.

  49. God this gave me goosebumps brother , I have currently helped set up a nationalist student movement chapter in my home province ( from Flanders btw). We have been active for 1 month now and are already the biggest student movement in the whole province. I have taken on myself a vital role in the movement, I am responsible for the knowledge and guidance given to the members. I have found myself a band of brothers and sisters and I makes me very happy and much more confident to help our cause to save our people.
    Kind regards
    A European brother

  50. simulated battles – that was what sport turned into – and that seemed innocuous enough – but then it got silly – and real life went south – because none of the battles that should have been fought were – and as it all caved in, the need for simulated battles became even more … but only amongst the masses; the masters were fully engaged in real battles and winning.

  51. Outstanding points made in this video. People are distracting themselves with things that dont matter, while Western culture is being destroyed right in front of them.

  52. The Cologne Cucks. They have pride in a sports team but let their wife get raped by muslims and Africans who are destroying the country their forefathers built…

  53. I thought Identarianism was only about culture, not blood, like an extended variant of civic nationalism.

  54. Men are being feminized no matter what the color. White men need to take a stand and stop being pushed around by Muslim’s. As a white women I am embarrassed for most of the poor, fat, lazy, pussy men walking around this world. Don’t get me wrong either… I’m not so feminist I can’t think straight, I just want to know what happened to all the real manly men you know the cowboys and Vikings type a real mans man/gentleman. Grow some… and protect your f-ing future for gods sake…!

  55. living in America nowadays is very bad if your white, male, and straight they treat us like we are the embodyment of satan and say we dont have a say in anything because we are too privedged to say or do ant thing. not to mention we are called racist or white supremecists for trying to have something for ourselves.

  56. in the end we will have to choose a side, I know where I stand. In the end, whatever that looks like, the most extreme voices on this side will probably win, but at what cost? Ok no muslims, no more immigrants, that's great, what about everyone else? The thought of a white ethnostate and it's probable implications gives me Orwellian chills. Namely a world war, I honestly think it could trigger that.

  57. Not just white nationalists, but also all the nationalists who don't like watching their nations being torn apart by multiculturalism are by our cause.

  58. In my country, we are literally taught in schools that multiculturalism is objectively good, and if you aren't politically leftist or neutral you are screwed.

  59. I dont se no eastern europeans having trouble maintaining their white culture:) What an irony, right westerners? Considering the fact of being so arrogant towards easterners during history. Anyways, i wish u good luck, although i doubt u going to make it.

  60. Hey I agree with everything you say but the globe is concerning me, you are halfway to the truth but research flat earth, the earth is indisputably not a spinning globe.

  61. Brother.
    I am your sister.
    Proud of your work and effort for our people.
    Thank you. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

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