John Stossel – Populism and Socialism

John Stossel – Populism and Socialism

I universal healthcare very bad boy what's up with America's young people weirdly Bernie Sanders big crowds are not made up of people his age maybe they've gotten smarter it's mostly young people somehow socialism a system that's led to misery all over the world appeals to young people didn't they notice that just south of our border socialist policies have been trying to get it again and they all lead to more poverty a slight ray of good news is that after experiencing experiencing socialist misery some young people in Latin America have figured out that socialism is not a good thing primero parlamento iver americano son bastante grandes Elop exactly what this young woman is saying I don't speak Spanish but I do know that she has a following the speech was watched more than 7 million times the speaker's Gloria Alvarez and she joins us now so you're talking to people in Latin America about markets yes the importance of markets and individual rights life liberty and private property which are the most violated rights in in all of our continent and people want to hear this yeah yeah because they are getting sick of what they have seen especially Venezuela Argentina Brazil Bolivia Ecuador the countries that have actually implemented socialism of the 21st second aimed a few but I was looking at a list it's just about all of them have tried it at some point in Latin America yes and the most recent socialist failure is Venezuela and this guide is predecessor said socialism would lift up the poor see ya instead socialists took Venezuela from relative poverty to extreme poverty and riot more street protests which were already left 42 people dead in Venezuela despite having the world's largest oil reserves Venezuelans face a near-impossible daily task of finding milk chicken or toilet paper in stores you took some of your own pictures showing empty stores yeah I went undercover in a supermarket the lines are infinite and when you get in there's nothing to buy even if you have the card the president of Venezuela says the cause of the shortages in the stores his greedy capitalist hoarding food so here he tells people in the grocery store he has the solution he'll force all stores to install high-tech fingerprint scanners and limit the amount any one person can buy yeah this is already being implemented actually there's military forces outside the supermarket checking that you don't take more of what you are allowed to take so this is socialism the government creates a problem shortages hmm and then they're going to fix it by spending huge amounts on fingerprint scanners it's starting Latin America we still don't understand how economic works and we have seen Cuba fail and it should be enough to see Cuba failing but then you have people who said yeah but in Cuba you don't have freedom but you have kids that go to school for free no one is dying of hunger so it's a good system even though you have prostitutes that go to bed with someone for a toothpaste or something like that that doesn't matter or the fact that they cannot get out and since we don't know history because Latin Americans are oblivious to what happened in the Soviet Union in China in all this lower North Americans I I think so yeah with Bernie Sanders it's like if you guys select that guy is gonna be a chalice for you so how did you learn this well I learned this because in my family I have acumen human history my grandparents and my dad told me about communism I started in a libertarian University munir CFS there's one in Latin America ufm it's called yes you FM I need her davon mrs. library the Hayek auditory on the Milton Friedman unusual okay very unusual and of course the first thing they teach you is marks and socialism one of the first books I read was George Orwell animal farm one thing is what your parents tell you but another thing is you contrasting those ideas with reality you told me you read this thing I did because I I worked on radio I worked on journalism and in your book I found like I don't know inspiration to continue with this idea to get a lot of hostile pushback every country I go to all this troll that the government has start insulting you in the internet in facebook on Twitter and before this video came out I was not known in all Latin America because the proposal of that speech was let's dismantle populism using technology let's use Facebook Twitter what's up to say the reality about what's going on let's film how the supermarkets are how people are dying you equate populism and socialism yes because populism is a way of manipulation it's a psychological manipulation especially of people who have not a good education and who have immediate needs and what you do is you satisfy those needs by giving food or given medicines as long as there's money but then when you start nationalizing and expropriating then you finish with the sources of productivity in your country and then the money is running out

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  1. Why aren't there more women like her? The world needs more like her, not feminism. I wish her the very best for the future and hope she can open more eyes and minds to the truth.

  2. I believe that the government can spend my money better than I can. [HEAVY CYNICISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  3. Young people aren't choosing Socialism because it works.  It is marketed to them as the form of government embraced by those who are more compassionate and more enlightened.  The feeling of superiority frees them from the need to study history, exercise reason or even investigate the logical conclusions of their own thoughts.  And yes, she it hot!

  4. It's remarkable how young people are often persuaded by the false lure of socialism.  Socialism requires young people to be the first to sacrifice and last to receive the unsustainable diminishing benefits of socialism.

  5. replying to sonictech (something's wrong with my browser) : +sonictech1000 well it's related; take a country like the Congo where a very small percentage of the population hold the vast majority of power and wealth. The corruption, policy and maintaining the status quo directly reduces the disposable income of the working/middle classes and hence reduces their standard of living. Similar situation in North Korea, yes it's an extreme example but all the wealth is held by a handful of people whilst the majority are living in poverty and some even die of hunger.
    So yes, the US doesn't function in the same way but the principle is the same: when the top 0.1% owns 50% of the wealth and they have the ability to buy politicians and influence policy, then it has a detrimental knock on effect on the rest of society.
    One obvious example is the bank bailouts, the people that catalysed the crash in 07/08 were bailed out by tax payers and they still kept their bonuses and pensions, sounds like socialism for the rich. In contrast, what happens when a small business goes bankrupt? does the government swoop in and save the day?

  6. You do realize the difference between Socialism and a Democratic socialists don't you? Didn't think so John!

  7. Socialism is a nice placid pond, on the surface so seductive in the calm reassurance it offers. But beneath the surface, piranhas and anacondas.

  8. she's stunning. I love her line at 3:39, "Bernie Sanders, if you elect that guy it's going to be Chavez for you".

  9. that was one of the most dishonest reports regarding socialism I've seen since the eighties.Castro's Cuba is NOT socialist, its communist. Social democracy is not communism you freaks

  10. Bernie is advocating Socialism-lite, which America already has. Free education and healthcare isn't tantamount to full blown socialism and America won't become Venezuela. It's more likely to become more like Germany, Denmark or Norway, who have better standards of living compared to the US, particularly for the middle and working class. Just look at current HDI indexes, particularly when adjusted by income inequality, the US drops outside the top 10 and western European socialist countries fill out the top spots

  11. They are being brainwashed in college campuses that are being ran by radical leftists and mentally ill progressives

  12. Young people tend to support socialism because they are frustrated. They has lost their talent by public education tier public education. And everything that they learned is envy and equality. So last choice that they can choose is equality. It helps their growth of Will to Nothingness.

  13. refreshing to see a young person who was actually taught and learned in school. thank you. i learned from you guys.

  14. These people who support Bernie haven't ever picked up any history books obviously, or they'd know what happens to countries who implement overboard socialist policies.

  15. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." – Winston Churchill
    "The endgoal of socialism is communism" – Lenin

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