42 thoughts on “John Rubino – Next Recession Could Blow Up Financial Markets

  1. Democrats give so much praise on Obama’s making the economy rise but they don’t realize what they actually did. They printed more money than ever and created more renters than homebuyers.

  2. There’s more single baby mommas today on ebt than ever. If you go to Los Angeles it looks more like Tijuana and some parts look like 3rd world country.

  3. The only difference of opinion I have with John is he seems to think if they do the right thing they can keep this monetary system based on debt based fiat money running forever. They can't. It will blow up regardless of what they do, that is inevitable. Trump may be trying to jettison the system we currently have so a reset can occur. The best days of the U.S. was when we had gold and silver money. Perhaps he want to return to that.

  4. WOW donator here. I lost your email Greg. I'm the guy you sent you the big check. If you get this message look at this. You can email me and let me know you got it. Just look at your response wow

  5. All you Trumpophiles including you M rHunter.  

    What say you now after President Trump has basically wiped his hands clean of Julian Assange and Wikileaks? If that doesn't prove that Trump is in neck deep with the Dark State I don't know what does. They were good enough for him when he was running for POTUS, but now throws them under a bus. That's all anyone needs to know.


  6. The two party system of Republicans and Democrats is dead. The real world choice is "PATRIOT" and "GLOBALIST".

  7. Maybe Trump knows exactly the danger of the economy crashing and he wants to delay it until after the 2020 election. If this is the case, I can most definitely see his logic. If the economy crashes before Trump is re elected, our country could really be in trouble.

  8. Except travel to the Far East – they are actually building out real infrastructure and engaging in wealth creating trade, with population growth. It's USA and EU that is spiralling the drain and importing the Third World as a last desperate measure.

  9. He's getting gold backed money. Wants to get rid of the fed. They cheat, make money out of thin air!!!

  10. This is why a whole minimum wage hike is complete BS. If you want to know what the value of a US Dollar SHOULD be, all you need to do, is look at the front of the Silver Eagle. And that coin is worth about 15 Fiat bills. And that is how badly we are getting the shaft. And right now, silver is at rock bottom prices, because gold should have anywhere from a 50 to 1 ratio to a 10 to 1 ratio. And as of now, they are not even close.

  11. The reason why they are freaking out and want the cuts and QE is because the average American is spending their whole entire paycheck I'm just paying the bills they can't afford to buy new shoes they can't afford to buy new tires they can't afford to buy anything besides just the bare minimum that's going to be a problem in a year big problem and has more stores close Less jobs it's going to become very apparent something is very wrong to the average person

  12. 5:44 Rubino conflates the real job of the fed with what he WANTS it to be. It's job is NOT to maintain the value of the currency. It's job is to bail out the BIG banks when they fail. Look at their track record for 100 years and that is what they have done.

  13. John Rubino says that John Williams of "shadow stats" inflation figure is "aggressive". (8m 20sec) Williams calculates inflation based on how the government (BLS) used to work it out, in 1980 and in 1990. The only question is, does Williams work these figures out accurately? Well if he does, then that’s not called "aggressive", that’s called the "truth". Just because Rubino may not like the figure. And "yes" many assets, today, don’t make sense. You are losing money (in real terms) and paying tax on it. Great scam. But most people can't handle the truth, they would rather pretend they are making a profit.

  14. When Greg says he rather repay a loan at 8% on 250k rather than 4% on 500k, the repayments are the same on either of these loans. (10m 50sec).

  15. At 1:00: WOW have you also seen Trump's RFID chip = Real ID by 2020 video? all will have Real ID? Well think of this……RFID chips for all PLUS recent bump stock – Red Flag Law 2nd Amendment erosion PLUS a Wall PLUS Closed borders and martial law for imaginary sealed indictments = ARE YOU GETTING THE BIG PICTURE? Trump is doing what an Obama – Hillary orgy couldn't do in a Nancy Pelosi wet dream!

  16. Hey John if you believe the 3% unemployment rate you're a complete dumbass and I shouldn't listen to you anyway

  17. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-08/american-rents-climb-record-highs-despite-slump-home-sales

  18. First sign of a Depression Mnuchin is gone. He'll be like Andrew Melon and spend the Depression in europe buying art.

  19. To keep the fear and anxiety down , for yourself… .. commence immediately, form a plan work the plan with a timeline figuring you have time to do it. Forget the voices saying that the reset, SHTF, THE TRIBULATION, is imminent. For the last two years I've wondered from month to month if the next one was the collapse. It wasn't it hasn't. Next month isn't either. Just slog along with faith as you are doing it, doubt not , … but be diligent in you effort.

  20. Scenario #2 — EQUITIES GO UP – Is far more likely. Think about it. Gold will be manipulated down, wealth will be protected in US equity and USD … Metals plunge.

    This 20 year running gold to moon dollar crash scenario is not going to happen. Just like 1920s … After the huge hockey stick run up in USD and equity, then it all comes crashing down, and we get the apocalypse.

  21. There going to base on paper gold . maybe .1$ = 1oz silver . Same as Mexico then inflating again .😁

  22. Great video Greg and John. Very well said. Can you please have some guests talk about precious metals mining companies expanding in value when precious metals gain in value. Thank you again.Great job as always, God Bless!!

  23. The fed has a 2 percent inflation mandate I get a kick out of economic arm chair quarterbacks on you tube

  24. Herman Cain — Correction was the founder of his own Pizza franchised, created from scratch called Godfather Pizza — he sold out of that business years later ….

  25. They need to raise the rate .50% this year to get the banks off of the low rate methadone til 4to6% is normal in future….

  26. I get a little discouraged about when things will go down when I see Rubino bc when I first started watching him, his hair was not grey!! I feel like I will be dead before this system is destroyed and a new one takes it place! And I am in my 40s!

  27. These cries are because of the yield curve inversion. The FED is unbalanced yet they say MMT works. Debt has been expanding exponentially since we left the Gold standard. Luckily no other country is as desirable as the US dollar in any circumstance. If a bomb went off in New York, the whole world would flood to safety and that would be the USA.

    So long as our FED protects the US dollar, the world will be saved. Meanwhile the next revolution will take hold and create a new world with Distributed Energy with Storage, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Electric cars and a host of other things. The new world will be wholly different and some strategies will not survive. I think we can already tell which strategies are having trouble with this new paradigm and at first glace countries like Venezuela and China come to mind.

    China was saved by us 40 years ago, but their culture has remained stuck in a 40s communistic model that restricts its expansion. Remove that and they will surge. Meanwhile, we will continue to develop the new world with QE funds and hopefully, if we are lucky emerge from the other side with a utopian future for our grandchildren.

  28. Politically, inflation can be survived. It is massive deflation that destroys political systems and countries. The problem is that deflation will follow the inflation. Classic example is Germany in the 20's and 30's. I have a feeling Trump understands this.

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