29 thoughts on “John Kerry: Trump's "unpredictability" harming U.S. foreign policy

  1. Thanks to Kerry,Iran kept building NUKES under your wrinkled old nose. By the way John, you lied
    to us about chemical weapons in Syria. You cannot negotiate a good deal on a used Honda Civic
    let alone anything policy wise to benefit America.

  2. Remove his Top Secret Clearances. Charge him with sedition. Start treating these people like public servants and not royalty.

  3. Remove his Top Secret. Collected on: 08/04/2015 In 2009, Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, married an Iranian-American physician named Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed. The best man at that wedding? The son of Mohammad Javad Zarif, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Rouhani administration and Kerry’s chief counterpart in the nuclear deal negotiations ??????????????? ??????? ??????? ?????

  4. John Kerry ,you are a disgrace.You do not have a dog in the fight anymore.Just shut up you are sticking your nose where it does not belong and will hurt Trump in what he is trying to do.I can still see the Iraians laughing at you and the US when you made this deal.

  5. Lol Go Run Jaba Jaw Spend that Iran Money you Lawless corrupt Idiot you never win Again dont he get it

  6. It's fine not to like Republicans. But If you do not vote Republican, you vote for the Termination of the American Dream. The Progressives do not understand we face existential threats. Or, maybe they do and are trying to accelerate the demise.

  7. Great Job President Trump! You have deep state shaking from self sustaning and enrichment deals made to cripple US

  8. LOL!!!!! Kerry is so over his head in foreign policy. Guess that's why he sent a plane full of cash to bribe the Iranians…hundreds of millions!!

  9. Drumpf, instead of listening to experienced and thoughtful leadership, has surrounded himself with inept, incompetent"yes" men. Only the best, right Donald? He screws up everything he touches, then blames everyone else.

  10. Cause of trump I am losing everything they took my disability and ssi 80% of my body was burned skin rips and tears have mental health problems..lung problems and early dementia cause of brain trauma some days I'm good and others not so good and fixing to lose my home have no insurance can't see my doctor. Have a blood clot in my leg for 3 weeks at this point I have nothing left and at the point I fill I should just take my own life cause I'm so done!

  11. John Kerry, how much bribe did you get from the Iranian mullahs to support them in those years. And you still defend that embarrassing deal which gave the Iranian regime a chance to revive and to continue with its destabilizing role in the middle east region . You and Obama are kind of responsible for and guilty of mass killing in Syria which is committed by the Iranian militia and Assad's soldiers. Does your Iranian son-in-law playing as a mediator between you and Mullahs?.

  12. Unfortunately, US will have to celebrate its MAGA alone! The world turns its back on US more and more! US has lost its credibility!

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