12 thoughts on “John B. Judis, "The Populist Explosion"

  1. One particularly egregious lie he says, is that somehow immigrants caused the pressure leading to declining wages. There is no data to support that at all. Wages first declined after the energy crisis, and have remained stagnant, for several decades now in the USA, and it's because unions have been completely shredded and labour laws utterly exposed to neoliberal market ideology (i.e., F the workers, and give welfare to the corporations). That's where all the money has gone which should have been for wages. There is no way you can blame immigration for that. Net positive immigration is almost always beneficial to an economy (more people spending money on goods that are produced), unless there is a supply shortage (such as in refugee crises situations flooding into poor countries), but for all these long decades the USA has never had a goods supply shortage.

  2. The "why" is a lot simpler than he makes out. People are sick of neoliberal politics and neoclassical economics, they know intuitively those systems are bogus but cannot quite name them. Since neoliberalism is a system of control and an ideological collective of the privileged elite of both the centre right and centre left, most reactions from either the right or left against neoliberalism are populalist (i.e., not from the elite who are a ruling oligarchic minority).

  3. Who has been bombing middle eastern countries to hell for the past 17 years and CREATING refugees? (Squandering US taxpayer money to maintain the fantastically profitable war machine.)

  4. I wonder if this guy has reconsidered his position on Medicare for All not being a winner. Especially with polls showing Democrats supporting it at 85% and even a majority of Republicans at 52%. I'm not sure he fully understands the American electorate and how much the 99% wants the government do something for them instead of contstantly serving the 1%.

  5. Its cheaper, more comprehensive, covers everybody and is better quality. Medicare for All. please!!!

  6. We have to make things to sell- serving the rich does demand great skill – just a grovelling attitude !!!!

  7. Don't forget Russia has stop western colonization and help the world survives.the USA agretion of gun hoo attacks on menu countries Russia is powrfull enaghth to to keep them in checks

  8. I could never ever vote for any party that would give AMNESTY to 10's of millions of illegal aliens since we already tried Amnesty before in 1986 and it only encouraged millions more illegal aliens to come here illegally.
    I have no idea when the democrats became the party of illegal alien workers… It's sad really

  9. Hilary lost personality competition with Sanders and Trump. Her team did not know how to work US electoral system and they forgot that what counts in US is electoral college and not popular vote. Also Wiener's crotch photos that led to re-opening by FBI investigation of Hilary emails did not help.

  10. Correct, Liberal Party in Australia is like GOP circa '90s, a coalition of business and farmers, and Anglicans. They are not liberal i.e. libertine as Americans think. They did pass same-sex marriage but only after several teeth were pulled out.

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