11 thoughts on “Joe Salerno on Mises and Nationalism

  1. We don't need to create states that fully encompass the ideas of a cultural subgroup, we only need to recognise the natural right of self determination , that is to allow every sub group the right to self determination, if they so chooses; because there are advantages of being a member of a larger state, but if the state knows that every group have the right to secede, than it have to cater to their needs to such a degree that they wouldn't want to.

  2. The support of nationalism really shows the deference to the mystical collective, not unlike statism. Nationalism ruins the philosophy of libertarianism for one simple reason: Advocacy of public borders legitimizes the idea of public ownership, and hence makes you a rentee and the government a renter. Say goodbye to the non-aggression principle, as you clearly view violence, with which the state acquired its land, as legitimate form of property acquirement. Say goodbye to the argument of taxation being theft when your actions clearly demonstrate that you view the state as legitimate enough to control its borders. Libertarianism and nationalism are like oil and water.

  3. The term "self determinism", (as it pertains to one individual "self" and means nothing else), is out of context when applied to a group of people. No 2 people in any group think exactly the same, but every human individual has a "self". Who is to determine what that "self" is? A group, or the individual who owns it? "Self determinism" can only be applied to a individual who lives in a society where individual liberty and its free market are protected by law. The word "self" is defined by the individual, not any group, and can only exist in a society that protects individual liberty.

  4. Anglo Nationalism created bills of rights. Mises falls short considering Bills of Rights are from tradition instead of the rightful place which is Christianity. Same is true of property rights. The NT never ever calls for immigration let alone mass immigration and multicultural countries. In this regard, Bastiat is the champion of European dominance with liberty by way of Christian culture in economics, and Descartes is a close 2nd who consider the Matrix as a source of truth and Mises echoed this when he said "Everything matters in economics." The other nations fall short of liberty, James 1:25, and during colonialism, they are not part of the metaphysics of the Christian west, instead, they are materialistic and really just want security of food, housing and medical aid which the anglo looks down with disdain, for not being part of dangerous liberty, and still are. The Justice systems of the west are steeped in gods, God and spirituality the very metaphysics are self-evident of this cause. Before Colonialism very little regard was given for justice, rights, and economics, the same is true of the democrat party today as they were for the entire duration post Civil War. I'm very confused why Mises was a Democrat, it seems hypocritical given they are the interventionist in the market and are central planners down to the gnats ass. It must be a migrant thing to still be caught in materialism and to colonize the west with absurd ideas of utopianism behind it, which can never produce peace and prosperity. The post modernist s are not true libertarians, and perhaps Mises wasn't either, they missed the mark that anthropology fills in that Divinity colleges don't ignore.

  5. Mises was not an ethnocentrist: https://mises.org/library/mises-protectionism-and-immigration

    Ethnos have a misconception of immigration:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w1DeNrZYLE

  6. The people that hate Trump are enraged because they are impeded in their effort to impose their shitty rotten evil wicked communism and their perverted degeneracy on normal people. They do not believe they are "disenfranchised." They know the truth, that they are "disempowered," which is completely different. The Trump haters are without exception psychotic megalomaniacs.

  7. I'm happy to hear libertarians supporting nationalism, there is hope. However, the part on the Cherokee misses some key info. Before Jackson violated the constitution and force them off their land, the Cherokee essentially considered themselves as part of the USA. They took Georgia to court, it went all the way to the USSC, and they won. It was only because Jackson violated the constitution that they are now where they are.

    Also, the purpose of "open borders" is to destroy western culture, a socialist goal. Examine those who support open boders, especially in the EU.

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