Joe Biden speaks on Foreign Policy in Cincinnati, OH

Joe Biden speaks on Foreign Policy in Cincinnati, OH

I'd like all the veterans in the audience here to stand up with all the veterans please stand thank you for your service thank you ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen I'm not engaging in political hyperbole when I say every one of the trips I've made and I think I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan as much of more than anybody in the Congress of the administration and ladies and gentlemen let me tell you something let me tell you something it is incredible is incredible what we asked them to do our military our military has not failed us it's our political leadership that has failed us not our military last week later this week Barack Obama and John McCain II will come together to debate to debate what is going to be the most important responsibility of a president United States of America and that is how to keep America safe and secure it will be their first presidential debate but in many ways it's the debate we've been having and in my view that debate has already been decided ladies and gentlemen now just as Americans believe we have lost our way here at home the vast majority of Americans have also coming to conclusion after 9/11 America had a credible opportunity it an opportunity to join America in the rest of the world and common cause and instead instead by starting a war choice in Iraq before winning a war and assessed me Afghanistan the president United States by imposing policies of torture detention he's dropping that defy our values and endanger our very security that President of the United States by showing disdain for our allies and the empty bluster to our enemies President Bush the divided America divided the world instead of instead of uniting us ladies and gentlemen as a result our country is less secure and more isolated than has been any time in two generations any time in our recent history this administration has dug American to a very very deep hole and at the very time our leadership is most needed in the world and to meet the challenges in the 21st century the central question in my view the central question this election is which candidate is more likely to keep digging and which one is more likely to lift us out of that hole and ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen it's absolutely clear it's absolutely clear to me that we need a candidate with judgment and vision a candidate who will renew the promise of America not only here at home but around the world it wasn't us it won't surprise you to hear me say I know I don't guess I know who that that candidate is Barack Obama ladies and gentlemen it's equally clear who that candidate is not it is not John McCain a man who served our country served our country the extraordinary heroism and courage I know John I've known him for a long time and I know he profoundly wants to do the right thing by America but ladies and gentlemen I'm just as convinced that the policies that John would pursue as president would be wrong for America I'm just as convinced that nowhere nowhere more so than our national security and our standing in the world with John McCain dig us in a deeper hole ladies and gentlemen this week John McCain talked about the judgment the judgment required to be commander-in-chief he's right nothing nothing is more important than the judgment of the next commander-in-chief but time and again on the most critical national security issues of our time John McCain's judgment has simply been wrong right after the terrorist attack on 9/11 John responded by urging that we consider not only attacking Afghanistan excuse me not only attacking Afghanistan but he included for consideration we should attack Iraq Iran or Syria he said the only really difficult question is which country to pick to attack that's what he said ladies and gentlemen in the run-up to the war in Iraq while Barack and I were saying that this is going to be a disaster if we did not do things fundamentally different than was doing John McCain insisted that like Dick Cheney that we'd be greeted as liberators that we didn't need a lot of troops that victory was imminent then then he said he wasn't worried about Afghanistan that quote and his Capote we would muddle he then declared Afghanistan quote a remarkable success ladies and gentlemen in John's judgement there is nothing to talk about with Tehran with Iran he says there's nothing to talk about it and he's and he one says he has this idea that the way to deal with Russia is to try to isolate Russia kick it out of the group of eight the Industrials the the leading industrial nations in the world and when it comes to homeland security protecting us right here in our communities and our ports and our buildings in our size skyscrapers in our schools and our offices john has voted time and again against implementing the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission he voted against funding the cops and firefighters are first responded against interoperable communications gear for our first responders be able to talk with one another the moment of disaster or the moment of national security problem of he and again and again is voted against more screening of cargo from going into planes and ships against better security for our tunnels our trains our ports our chemical plans in John's judgment that's six years into the war in Iraq we should continue to spend ten billion dollars a month while the Iraqis have a seventy nine billion dollar surplus and John McCain continues to insist against all the evidence and all the facts that Iraq is the central war on terrorism ladies and gentlemen he doesn't understand that that central war in terrorism is the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan were al Qaeda resides where bin Laden lives we're the people who actually attacked the United States of America are plotting more attacks on this John McCain is more than wrong he is dangerously wrong ladies and gentlemen it's about judgement and on a question so basic so fundamental so critical to our national security we cannot afford a commander-in-chief who is divorced from the reality and from America's most basic national interest ladies and gentlemen at this moment in our history when we need more than a great soldier we need a wise leader and that leader is Barack Obama time and again time and again Barack Obama has demonstrated the judgment that we need in our next president the vision to see over the horizon seven years ago seven years ago Barack Obama opposed one of the most disastrous decisions in recent American foreign policy history the diversion of our military might our resources and our focus from Afghanistan to a war of choice in Iraq he was profoundly right now now he's right again Barack Obama will end this war in Iraq and he'll end it in a responsible way we will end this war ladies and gentlemen as Baracus said he will be as careful and prudent getting out as we were irresponsible in getting in ladies and gentlemen he knows Barack Obama knows that we should not keep spending 10 billion dollars a month while the Iraqis have a 79 billion dollar surplus we should be shifting responsibility to the Iraqis bring our combat brigades home over a period of the next 16 months lead a diplomatic surge with the world's great powers and Iraq's neighbors to press for a responsible political solution and keep a residual force in Iraq to destroy the remaining terrorists trained Iraqis and protect our personnel that are there now now even the Bush administration is moving forward on barracks plan Barack's plan is now being implemented by george w bush he is negotiated literally literally the bush administration is negotiating with Maliki the leader of the Iraqis on a timeline to draw down our combat brigades and a mission to leave a residual force almost the same exact thing Barack is proposing behind John McCain keeps talking about the surge wellthanks the remarkable bravery of Tony and his comrades the sacrifices made by our armed forces it has helped reduce the violence a fact that all Americans applaud but the surge is over and the political reconciliation that was supposed to produce has not materialized now what now what do we do John McCain doesn't have an answer except to say stay indefinitely Barack knows that the longer we stay in Iraq in these numbers the longer we put off Iraqis taking responsibility for their own future and the more we postponed the day when we fully joined the fight against al-qaeda the real threat and finally defeat those who actually attacked us seven years ago the longer that takes the worse off we are only john mccain says no now john mccain is the only odd man out with Barack's plan the only one folks I think Barack understands what what John does not the next president of the United States must be more than the commander-in-chief of Iraq he must be the commander-in-chief of America's interest around the entire world ladies and gentlemen more than a year ago Barack called for sending at least two more combat brigades to Afghanistan now the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the United States military and our commanding generals on the ground echo Barack's call for more troops in Afghanistan they acknowledge they acknowledge they cannot succeed without them and they acknowledge they cannot get them as long as they are tied down in Iraq Barack Obama has long recognized unlike John what the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has recently said this is not my quote the quote from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs he said we are not winning in Iraq not not Barack Obama that's a quote from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff well ladies and gentlemen Osama bin Laden is still on the loose the Taliban is still on the march opium production is through the roof funding these terrorist organizations and according to the National Intelligence Estimate that's that's the outfit we're get all our intelligence communities together and they come up with a consensus position they say al Qaeda is back having quote regenerated key elements of its homeland attack capacity including safe havens where's that safe haven it is not Baghdad it's in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan where my helicopter was recently forced down ladies and gentlemen we know where al Qaeda is we know where Ben Laden is we should focus on killing him not being gain stand dealing not beating games and allowing their records to avoid responsibility the intelligent he's gone to point out that it is established al-qaeda has established franchises my word not theirs in 60 additional countries ladies and gentlemen thankfully there has been no attack on the homeland since 9/11 but we should not take false comfort from that fact the enemy is patient in just the past week al Qaeda affiliates have struck the US Embassy in Yemen a.m. and in the same time blew up the married hotel in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan every major terrorist attack in the last eight years every one can be traced back to the Afghani Pakistani border including the attacks in Madrid and in London in 2006 the British and the pakistani police prevented a major new attack on our own planes and our own people emanating from the same territory so much for the bush McCain claim that were fighting them in Iraq so they won't attack us over here we should be fighting them where they reside folks mark my words if God forbid there is another attack on the United States of America it will not come from Iraq it will almost certainly come from the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan the ladies and gentlemen the Bush McCain approach let down our guard and let our enemies off the hook in that very region you know I think we'll be asking ourselves again if God forbid it happens how did this happen how did we take our eyes off the ball how did we take our eyes off the real threat folks we can and must defeat the terrorists in Afghanistan but we will not succeed until we provide those additional combat brigades and leverage more help from our NATO allies the very allies John loves to disparage Barack and I Barack and I will invest more in the training of Afghan security forces we will conduct more joint operations with NATO and with the Afghan army and we'll make sure that there's a unified international military command and a coordinated fully funded plan fully funded plan for additional police in Afghanistan they're in trouble we also need a long term investment in the Afghani people so they can choose hope over joining terrorists let me put let me put this in perspective the bush McCain policy causes us to spend more money in one month on combat operations in Iraq then we have spent in the last seven years in Afghanistan let me say that again we spend more money in one month on combat operations in Iraq than we do on the reconstruction of Afghanistan where everybody knows the really really really bad guys named bin Laden and al-qaeda live ladies and gentlemen I call that very poor judgment so folks together together with our allies we will deliver what George Bush promised a Marshall Plan for ordinary Afghans to open schools build roads generate electricity establish an actual scheme of governance will support alternative livelihoods for the Afghan farmers who are growing poppy now in funding the terrorists the very people who fund the Taliban and al-qaeda folks but we can't succeed in Afghanistan until we get it straight what our policy in Pakistan needs to be George Bush and John McCain have pursued for the last seven years a musharraf policy not a Pakistani policy in Vice pursuing that policy they have alienated the Pakistani people it's time it's time we get them to work with us and ladies and gentlemen that's why Barack Obama and I together with a leading Republican senator in the United States Senate for the last 30 years Richard Lugar of Indiana my counterpart in the Foreign Relations Committee that's why we all joined together with a majority of our colleagues in the Foreign Relations Committee in a bipartisan way to triple non-military aid to the Pakistani people turning them away from extremity and moving them in the direction of choosing hope and democracy over the alternative is being offered to them ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen we will ensure that the military assistance that we do provide that we do provide to Afghanistan I mean to Pakistan is actually used actually used to fight the Taliban and al-qaeda and unlike John McCain who called for taking out do you remember this context remember when when the guy who supposedly is not ready to be commander-in-chief Barack Obama said if we have actionable intelligence in Pakistan I will take out bin Laden and I will take out al-qaeda and John McCain characterized that as being irresponsible and said we'd be bombing our ally well ladies and gentlemen we will not tolerate an al Qaeda terrorist sanctuary in Pakistan if we have actionable intelligence if Pakistan will not or cannot cannot act we will take out high-level terrorist targets like bin Laden even if we have them over the objection of others if we have them in our sights ladies and gentlemen Barack Obama has been absolutely clear about one other item Iran poses a genuine challenge to the security of the United States and Israel and our allies under the policies of George Bush has pursued though and John McCain has supported would continue in Iran it's not freedom that's been in the March in the Middle East it's been a ran that's been on the march in the Middle East ladies and gentlemen think about where this policy is taking us so far the influence of Iran has increased greatly they are closer to a bomb they are expanding their influence in Iraq they are expanding their influence over their proxies Hezbollah in Lebanon and its ally Hamas now controls the Gaza Strip and is bombing Israel from the Gaza Strip these are not the results of successful Iranian policy these are results of a misplaced policy beyond bluster what would John McCain actually do to meet with these dangers well if you ask he doesn't say what'd he do other than bluster Barack Obama has laid out exactly what he will do he has called for a hard-headed diplomatic initiative with our allies to confront Iran backed up by the toughest economic sanctions and a united front with our allies he rejects the phony notion that dealing directly with our adversaries is a reward when in fact when in fact it's a tool of America's strength John asked a very telling question he said what would we want to talk to a rant about well the same thing Bush administration talked to Libya and Qadhafi about same thing they talked to North Korea as Kim about about our national security that's what we talk about ladies and gentlemen we will talk to Iran to make it very clear to Iran what the regime risks in terms of global isolation if it continues to pursue the policy of acquiring nuclear weapons if it continues to support terrorism but we'll also make it clear to the Iranian people who hate their government who stand to gain a great deal if in fact the policy changes what they stand to gain Barack Obama understands the reality in Iran their significant cracks within the ruling elite in Iran between Iran's rulers and it's people who are struggling economically and who are stifled politically Barak Obama has had the good fortune of being able to lead the effort lead the effort for smart sanctions in the United States Senate but just last week the bipartisan law that Barack Obama wrote which would encourage Americans not to invest financially in Iran one that John McCain did not approve was on the verge of passing in the United States Senate then John McCain's Republican allies blocked it presumably to deny to deny Barack Obama a victory on a fundamental important policy point ladies and gentlemen that's not putting country first that's pulling politics first and it's wrong it's wrong for America's security interest folks Barack got it right but don't take my word for it five former secretaries of state including Henry Kissinger and : POW have said just like Barack that direct talks with Tehran are in our national interest John McCain is the only one who doesn't get it so much for judgment and after seven years in which our senior diplomatic personnel were not allowed to make a single contact with the Iranians the Bush administration the Bush administration realized the absurdity of its own policy and sent our leading diplomat to Tehran the Secretary of State when they the Secretary of State excuse me the Assistant Secretary of State as he went to Tehran sat down at the instruction of the president United States Barack Obama understood that success rests upon keeping our allies in the game and our partners United if we're going to be able to bring the pressure on Iran that is needed ladies and gentlemen our allies need to know that the United States will go the extra diplomatic mile and if we do if we do and Iran does not respond our allies are much more likely to stand with us if diplomacy fails and move toward more robust sanctions and possibly even other alternatives we need our allies with us ladies and gentlemen John McCain's saber-rattling is the most self-defeating policy I can imagine ladies and gentlemen what does it do when the saber is rather low it forces the Iranian people already hate their government to unite behind their government it takes away the voices of the moderate forces in Iran and what else does it do it generates a sense of instability in the Middle East and what happens oil prices spike and we put billions upon billions of more dollars out of the wallets of Americans into the pocket of Ahmadinejad and the very people we say the very people we say are our greatest problem ladies and gentlemen the worst nightmare for this divided Iranian leadership the worst nightmare for this regime that thrives on isolation and on tension is an America ready willing and able to engage them ladies and gentlemen since when has talking to an enemy taken no out of our vocabulary ladies and gentlemen it's amazing it's amazing how little faith john mccain has in himself and his foreign policy team that they're afraid to sit down we can still say no we can still say no folks when it comes to Russia Barack Obama understands that talking tough is one thing acting smart is another and folks he knows looking into a leaders eyes does not necessarily tell you much about his soul folks to deal effectively with Russia the United States of America and Europe must speak with one voice John McCain sometimes treats our allies is that they're our adversaries look when when France and Germany disagreed with our policy to go into Iraq John McCain called them quote vacuous and posturing irrelevant and Cheney said they lacked the political courage and put their commercial interest first well last week John McCain said he would he would not meet with the leader of Spain now folks he would not leave with the leader of a NATO ally on a NATO ally who has Spanish forces in Afghanistan fighting side-by-side in the United States John McCain said he will not meet with that leader ladies and gentlemen what kind of judgment is that what kind of bluster is that ladies and gentlemen John McCain's notion John McCain's notion of how to deal with our allies as well as our adversaries is rooted in something I just simply do not understand how in God's name will we succeed ultimately with Russia and meet its aggressive new tendencies without a United NATO ladies and gentlemen John McCain John McCain has gotten it wrong on so many fundamental issues imagine imagine if we had listened to John McCain when he tried to remove Russia from the g8 that's the industrial nations last year such a move would not have done anything to stop Russia's inextricable and unfair and overwhelming invasion of an independent country of Georgia but I tell you what it would have done it would have triggered another crisis within our alliance since no one else in Europe thought that action should be taken an alliance we now need we now need to help us in dealing with Russian aggression together the United States and Europe must help Russia's neighbors like the Ukraine strengthen their democratic economies and we have to help them decrease their dependence on Russian energy we also have to have a new strategy that prevents conflicts from escalating into crisis rather than simply respond to them after they in fact occur with nothing but bluster months ago with John McCain and George Bush administration focused on Iraq to the exclusion of everything else and called for Barack Obama at that period call for a high-level a high-level International mediator and peacekeepers to help resolve the disputes in Georgia over South Ossetia and Abkhazia before they exploded Barack Obama Barack Obama anticipated with Russia was likely to do he called for an international negotiation in negotiating team to put Russia in a corner two boxes ladies and gentlemen when Russia invaded when Russia invaded Georgia and then the country I got a call call from Misha Saakashvili the president and said Joe will you come over will you come I sat down and talked at length with Barak I went to see him in tube Liese I sat with him while Russian tanks were still on the outskirts of his city and we laid out a specific proposal we made it crystal clear Barack and I what we would do what we would do to preserve the territorial integrity of Russia excuse me of Georgia and ladies and gentlemen that gorge itself we argued should be integrated into the transatlantic alliances like NATO that that is citizens must have the right to return to South Ossetia and Abkhazia we led the way in securing support for a billion dollars to help Georgia rebuild its economy to prevent Russia from toppling a democratic regime by crushing their economy ladies and gentlemen Barack Obama called for this and we've been very clear Barack has been very clear that Russia must pay a real price for what they have done thus far and they clearly already have had the civil nuclear agreement that was before my committee we pulled down and as then the president agreed and as I warned at the outset of the crisis Russia's economy is taking a significant hit with its stock market losing three quarters of a trillion dollars in its value but even even as we hold Russia accountable for its actions we can and we should deal directly with Moscow on other security issues like securing nuclear weapons and materials to fight al Qaeda we need to understand need to understand that a fuller integration into the international community depends on their conduct and their conduct is critical ladies and gentlemen this is what Barack Obama talked about he did not bluster about what occurred he offered concrete alternatives that actually have been adopted not only by our President President Bush but adopted by most of Europe and John continues to talk ladies and gentlemen so ask yourself based on the judgments they have already made the policies they have already proposed which candidate is more likely as president United States to end the war in Iraq responsibly to focus America's full might on dealing with the very people who attacked us al-qaeda and bin Laden want to unite our allies in dealing effectively with the threats posed by Iran and a resurgent Russia to renew the promise of America to the world which candidate is most likely to do those things and I think by any objective standard any objective standard not looking to the Future looking to the past what each of the candidates have said to me it is absolutely unequivocally clear that Barack Obama is more prepared to be commander in chief of the United States of America and John McCain ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen I think this the choices are absolutely clear in this next election the next press in the United States has an awesome awesome responsibility we'll also have the greatest opportunity since Franklin Delano Roosevelt to change not only the direction of our country but change the direction of the world Barack Obama Barack Obama knows that the president the United States is obviously going to have to contend with the very challenges I've just discussed but unlike in my view John McCain he understands how rapidly the world is changing changing before our eyes and he is also focused on the future he is not stuck in the past ladies and gentlemen the emergence of China a resurgent Russia India a unifying Europe backsliding on historic progress of freedom in free markets in Latin America the spread of dangerous weapons and lethal disease the shortage of secure sources of energy secure sources of water secure sources of food the impact of climate change the growing gap between the rich and the poor the technical logical revolution that sends people and ideas and money hurtling around the world that ever faster speeds ethnic and sectarian violence including the ongoing genocide in Darfur the struggle the very struggle between modernity and extremism ladies and gentlemen that's just a short list of the forces that will be shaping the 21st century no one country can control all these forces but more than any other country in the world we have the ability to affect them if we use the totality of our strength that means maintaining the finest fighting force in the world not not pushing it to a breaking point that means rebuilding our alliances partnerships and international institutions not disparaging them as John does that means strengthening our diplomacy not disdaining it that means using our economic might not putting that very might in jeopardy ladies and gentlemen Barack Obama understands that strength and wisdom go hand in hand Barack Obama understands that America well not on a lead but must lead by the power of our example and not just by the example of our power and ladies and gentlemen that is the only leadership when others join us in the struggle for freedom people talk the president talks about leadership John talks about leadership Barack's responses it's only leadership when other countries join us when other countries join us in the fight for freedom the fight for justice the fracture prosperity the fight for progress Barack Obama will keep American citizens safe he will keep our country secure and he will answer the yearning at home and around the world for an American foreign policy that is once again as good and as strong as the American people because we are ladies and gentlemen Barack Obama is ready to be commander-in-chief of the United States of America thank you all very very much

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    Great Job 😉

    Canada Votes Obama-Biden "What the world needs"

  6. More people need to see this.

    I am a Reagan Republican. I never voted for Bill Clinton, ever. I became an independent when George Bush took office. His judgment was questionable and he had no real foreign policy knowledge.

    Since the Bush regime, America is not regarded as it was during the Reagan era. This time we may not meet a Russia that is afraid of war. I am not willing to bet my family's future on John McBush.

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    Obama/Biden 08 Let's Change our Fate!!!

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