Joe Biden Speaks About ‘Malarkey’ Throughout His Career | Kasie DC | MSNBC

Joe Biden Speaks About ‘Malarkey’ Throughout His Career | Kasie DC | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Speaks About ‘Malarkey’ Throughout His Career | Kasie DC | MSNBC

  1. JOE BIDEN Is Obviously A Pathetic Do Nothing Man Who Enjoys Being Full Of Malarkey!
    There Is Absolutely Nothing JOE BIDEN Has Actually Ever Successfully Achieved In Government Other Than Serving HIMSELF A Successful Political Career For HIMSELF.

  2. MSNBC "Malarkey, Spewing Network Bankrolled-by Corporations." …yup, that's MSNBC for ya. Go watch TYT if you want to watch the REAL news! 😉

  3. How can you media hacks not see this from a mile away? Biden will lose! You’d think 2016 taught them nothing. Trump is going to destroy Biden on the debate stage. Worse people will just stay home on Election Day because the senile old man offers no palpable change. #FakeNews

  4. As someone who desperately wants the Republicans to be crushed in 2020, I find it hard to believe that Joe Biden is a "front-runner". His debate performances have sucked. His belief that Republicans will simply snap out of their white nationalist, extremist agenda, is a fantasy. And from a pure branding perspective, this "No makarkey!" tagline is absolute crap. One, any decent tagline is affirmative of something (e.g, Yes we can!), not a negative or a neutral (e.g., I'm with her). We know Joe against malarkey (whatever that word means). What is Joe actually for? This campaign is embarrassing (and will not result in high voter turnout).

  5. His entire career is malarkey. Riddle me this Batman, how did Biden become a multimillionaire when he’s only ever been a “public servant”?

  6. Biden loves when children sit on his lap. Biden loves when children rub on his hairy legs in swimming pools. And that's no malarkey.

  7. "You're not getting the malarkey unless you fire the malarkey. Well son of a malarkey, he got fired."~Joe China aka Handsy Grabby

  8. "Malarkey", as in every thing to dribble out of creepy Joe's gullet, including his wife's denture chewed fingers, is utter Malarkey

  9. Bidens son is desperately trying to keep his financials under wraps because hes a crackhead that got some Arkansas trash pregnant.

    Of course he denied it until a judge ordered it and he is the father.

    Now he's gotta pay child support…..theyll need financials of course……he's probably worth a 100 million from his father selling his office and the american people.

  10. I feel bad for Vice President Joe Biden. He has had tremendous loss in his life. And now he seems to be losing his mind. Pray for him and his family. Trump/Pence 2020.

  11. The Malarkey tour Bob Malarkey ,great musician love his stuff did'nt he pass away?Joe figured you more of Sinatra, Rose Mary Clooney maybe type

  12. Why Is Medicare for All Popular? Study Finds 34 Million in US Know Someone Who Died Because Healthcare Too Expensive

  13. "MALARKEY" is an old 18 century cockney dialect spoken by British East End Londoners would say: "This man is a malarkey." Means "he is a humbug, talks nonsense." Trump would say to Biden, "he is a bullshitter." Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now we know, Biden still plays with his old gramophone His Master Voice, he calls all to play your Record Player. Ha ha ha. No wonder Obama hired him as his side kick. Malarkey Joe Biden tells he won't accept Obama's sponsorship is like a woman who says she won't get married. They are both just waiting to be asked. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  14. Who ever did brain surgery on creepy uncle Joe they screwed up he obviously has neurological problems serious dain bramage

  15. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Biden‘s hairy legs?

    I thought so. It’s not a story the Corporate Media will tell you. It’s a progressive legend.

  16. Remember blazing saddles the governor sitting at his desk just signing what ever is put in front of him that's what creepy uncle Joe's presidency would be.

  17. It's really sad, but Joe Biden's dementia is accelerating at a noticeable rate. If his friends and family cared about him at all, they would convince him to drop out and go home.

  18. So democrats after four years of Trump are thinking of running with the slogan 'No Malarkey'? How bad is Trump really if this is all the establishment can offer?

  19. I notice that MSNBC isn't covering Biden's comment on how he loves kids bouncing up and down on his lap and petting his leg hair in the pool.
    The fact that he even tells these stories in public without any shame tells you this is a long time PEDOPHILE.

  20. This man should give up now. Biden’s run is a joke. And, seeing how high and mighty Obama has become, I do not trust either. They are for the 1%. They don’t represent the people.

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