Joe Biden Slams Republicans For Their “Phony Nationalism” That’s Destroying America

Joe Biden Slams Republicans For Their “Phony Nationalism” That’s Destroying America

Earlier this week, at an event sponsored by
Axios, former vice president Joe Biden ripped into the Republican party by attacking what
he called their phony nationalism by saying it’s destroying the social fabric of the United
States. Here’s the thing, Joe Biden is 100% right. If you actually think that the Republican
party cares about the United States as either a country, as a people or a slab of earth,
you are absolutely kidding yourselves. Everything the Republican party does is anti-American. Think of it this way. First, let’s look as if the United States
is nothing more than a slab of land, a piece of earth, water, rivers, air and dirt and
soil. Their anti-environmental policies prove that
they don’t care about that. So if America is in fact just a piece of ground,
they’ve proven that they do not like it so their phony nationalism rings hollow. Let’s assume that America refers only to the
people who live here. Okay. Well, they’re trying to screw us by taking
away social security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education. They’re letting our infrastructure crumble. They’re trying to raise taxes on low income
Americans. They want to cut social safety net programs. Again, they’re poisoning us with air and water
pollution. They’re trying to let corporations get away
with not paying us fair wages. So in terms of America as a people, once again,
they’re screwing us over so their phony nationalism once again rings hollow. So what’s left? What do Republicans actually care about in
terms of America? The answer is nothing. They care about a few people and those are
the people with billions upon billions of dollars who fund their campaigns. They do not care about the earth. They do not care about the people. They do not care about the country. We’ve seen that Paul Ryan, a story came out
this week, Paul Ryan has made this the most closed off congress in history by shutting
down debates. So he’s literally changing the function of
our government. Is that loving America? No, it’s not. It’s destroying the very institutions that
have helped make this country great. Joe Biden, again, 100% right here. The Republican party is filled with phony
nationalism. They love to wrap themselves in the flag while
they screw over the average American person. The people who go out there who fight our
wars. They’re not funding care for veterans. Hell, during the Bush administration, they
wouldn’t even fund proper body armor so they don’t care about the troops either. Don’t fall for that lie. The bottom line is that Republicans don’t
care about anything but themselves and Joe Biden is absolutely right that not only is
it happening but he is completely right to call them out on it and hopefully the American
public is going to wake up and understand that the Republican party does not give a
damn about you or this country.

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden Slams Republicans For Their “Phony Nationalism” That’s Destroying America

  1. Joe Biden is another corporate pro war hack. He's just as bad, maybe worse because he's "likable".
    Look at his part in US takeover of Ukraine. Getting his son on the oil commission there. This follows the US coup and instigation of a civil war there. The coup allows Monsanto/Bayer, Cargil, etc to dig their clause into Ukraine's rich soil and the breadbasket of europe

  2. And Biden is 100% right about that! Biggest, phoniest fucking hypocrites one can find on this planet. This is what the Republicans are. They're the political version of some very aggressive cancer!

  3. Spot on Farron. Do we really have to march on Washington to drive the point home that we're fed up with their policies?

  4. The Republicans, that love to call themselves Patriots, are really deep down racist cult members.

  5. Biden should destroy HIMSELF for his phony liberalism. The “anti Bernie candidate” is already pushing the TPP. That’s right, he managed to slam Trump for the ONLY GOOD THING HE’S DONE.

  6. Republican value for America goes as far as how much money they can squeeze out of it. If they could make unpaid slavery legal they would and use the bible to justify it

  7. They all proved that their moral high ground stance is just total b.s. when they elected a pussy grabbing, con man to the highest office. Repugs have outed themselves for the hypocritical liars they are.

  8. They care only about the Corporations,Wall St. and the oligarchs that fund their campaigns. The rest of us can drop the fuck dead. In fact if A Cockjerk Orange could line us up and shoot us or gas us that would be very expedient!

  9. It is vitally important to remember the supporters of the republi cons ARE THE MINORITY. Focus on the majority who are disgusted by trump and the rest of the cons.

  10. He's absolutely right, the GOP has a President who worked and plotted with a Russian dictator to screw up the 2016 Presidential election in order to damage American democracy, this is not patriotism but Treason, the Repubican party 'uses' patriotism as a political ploy to fool voters, their actions show the opposite of what they claim. The Republican party is one phony party.

  11. The republicans abandoned republicanism as well. States rights mean nothing to them. What they care about is corporate control at the federal level and evangelical control at the state level. Corporations and churches make it impossible to have the true republic they name themselves for.

  12. Joe biden is very funny…always loved his humor…watch his 2012 vice president debate with paul Ryan…school boy ryan got schooled hahaha

  13. I love Joe Biden, I would love to see him run for prez I don't care if he's 97. He's got all his wits about him and he knows WHAT'S GOING ON.

  14. Both the far right AND the far left are to blame. A lot of dems are still going haywire after the lose of 2016, and the 'avid' white nationalist are only stoking the flames. Both sides are yelling at each other like children. We, on the left, are starting to forsaken the example Bernie set for us in 2016 Primaries, and now we're divided by toxic identity politics even worse than before the election.
    The establishment hacks have succeeded in destroying what the movement created it seems. They needed to, because it was their worst enemy! Not every Trump supporter is a white nationalist.

  15. To be fair, Joe is too closely associated with the corporatist democrats, secular talk channel caught him saying something earlier this month or recently. He is right on this one of course.

  16. The true force behind the Republican party is corporations with their own agenda. They convince people that they are constitutional when in fact they are anything but.Gerrymandering and corruption are the norm. Let us not forget ole Mittens telliNg us corporations were people to. When you look at places like Flint Michigan or Standing Com So. Dakota both under control of the Republican party ,these are just the places that got press coverage. Look at Florida and the poison that has seeped into the land and water for some of the areas there and how they want to store waste in a area that is a threat to Miami's water supply. It's a sick system where he who has the most wins. PEACE

  17. They all fell for it, some of it sounded good to me. It was all smoke and mirrors like when they run EVERY TIME the mirrors just just change but make no mistake they are all mirrors. They cover behind the abortion – guns- fear……and then they drop the trickle down on you . After Trump and the republicans are done with the average person again what is going to be their next sell on them next election cycle?

  18. With all the garbage that has gone on in the united states I honestly believe that I've lost faith in government and religion as a whole. I was agnostic at first but now I don't even know anymore. I guess i'm more of a nihilist now.

  19. Funny that you didn't mention that Biden also prised TPP. Your standards really get that low? You lowered so much only because Biden say something against Trump? Policy really doesn't matter to you?

  20. I love Joe Biden! I can't wait to meet him at the end of the month, he is coming to my town! so excited, I'm going to do everything I can to get a hug from him.

  21. Even if you defend the Republican party I can't see how you'd defend shutting down debates about laws that are going to be enacted. That's the foundation of the United States. And further more if you argue that the Democrats aren't really debating but posturing that shouldn't matter since the Republicans control things. If they were really confident about their policies then they shouldn't have so much trouble passing them or even getting a majority of the American public on their side. But then again I'm not stating this for those who are unabashed at defending any one party, but those who want to know the good and bad points of the their political affiliation. If you want to defend something you need to understand where is falters as well, which hardcore Republicans refuse to look at.

  22. What they care about and this is a fact this is why Donald Trump has not been removed from office are impeached. With the Republican voters like about the Republican party is there racist homophobic anti-semitic Neo Nazi white supremacy that is what they care about and that's why they vote for these people. That is why the Republican party is afraid of speaking out against Donald Trump because the core of Donald Trump's voters are these people.

  23. America, the land of the rich and greedy… run on the backs of the downtrodden citizens. Sounds like a revolutionary round up is in the works this century if the republican politicians can't act beyond lining their pockets at the expense of their constituents. From a Canadian point of view.

  24. The Trumpsters will not realize what is happening with the Republican and Trumps future policies until it is to late and they are bit on the ass. When thier heads pop out of Trumps ass it all over but the crying for them, poor me. Why am I paying all the taxes? Why can't I have any tax deductions or loop holes? Why are teachers hurting because they can't dip into thier own pocket to provide for thier class room any more. REPUBLICANS YOU SUCK

  25. I going to say this that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama pretty much unintentionally make Republican Party move to far-right if these economic policies won't work for them and this voting system (First-Past-The-Post) also the reason why Republicans sadly refused to collapse.

  26. I actually said the same thing. The Republicans are a bunch of selfish, greedy, narcissistic, gold-digging fools. They only thinking about themselves. The Democrats are the only representatives of the U.S. not them. It'll be awesome if we can have 16 years with the Dems. Unfortunately, we have a bunch of idiots that keeps voting in these scoundrels. Fox News like he said is also the reason they got voted in as well.

  27. 😇🆚😈Time for another civil war. 1-0. Anti-Americans are dirty fighters like Brianna Brochu (white racist Connecticut College student vs Black Barbie) who cowards behinds the government pretending to want world peace and justice for all. So much hypocrisy, deception murders and lies.

  28. Joe Biden's otherwise spot-on point is sort of undercut by the fact that he also expressed support for the TPP in this same speech. You're 100% correct about these cretins Joe, but you're ass isn't a whole hell of a lot better.

  29. Scorched earth play book of Steve Bannon frump is simple the puppet, he is an admitted anarchist, wake up people, Bannon is the bigger threat to Americans sovereignty!

  30. It’s the same here in the UK. Trying to get people to understand that the Tories (conservatives) do not care about the country and only care about themselves and what they can gain is like banging your head against a brick wall. 🙄

  31. They Care about Make The Rich Great Again trickle down economics. Give the rich more money and they will give you the crumb snatchers jobs

  32. I'm still trying to figure out if the Fundy/Evangelical Republicans are actually religious, or if they just USE religion as a tool to achieve their own ends.

  33. Sorry to say, but This is a pretty biased channel… i could easily be biased against the democrats.

    Im a democrat! We believe that every penny from rich people should be given to lazy people on welfare! We also think killing babies is ok.We also think that we are some how infuncing earth's natural climate.we need to stop giving so much money to the Army and use it to build some solar panels and more welfare for lazy people. There are 30 diffrent genders. Girls should be allowed into boy scouts.Heterosexuality is bad. Obama is the best president in existince! Lets suck his d**k!

    And now for the Repubs.

    Im a Republican! Everyone should have guns and can kill anyone. FUCK black people. All muslims are terroists! Women are just items and should be treated as such. We need a Giant millitary so we can kill anyone we want.lets tear up the earth for coal and oil.
    GLOBAL WARMING IS BS! We also hate anyone who is diffrent. GAYS Are satanic people, like the bitch hillary. The goverment gives WAY too much to lazy people. Its time to cut off all healthcare and welfare.Go TRUMP 2020! YEAHAAHHH LETS KILL US SOME GAYS!

    So, as you can see, anyone can be biased. So please stop being so biased. Ok? 🙂

  34. The GOP should never again be allowed to run candidates, they're done, and we really need to push, protest and do what ever it takes to make sure they don't.

  35. They don't even pat taxes to fund the troops that are sent abroad to die for their corporate interests. Iraq was just so W would get elected in 2004. 5000 lives spent for a campaign tactic is less than Nixon's 35,000 Viet vets he killed to win in '68 or the 23,500 Viet vets LBJ killed (Tonkin to Nixon) for political posturing.

  36. Trump cultists will never wake up, as long as they can keep having delusions of somehow slamming the democrats and the left they'll keep going.

  37. Biden also jerked off while extolling the virtues of the TPP in the same damn speech. Fuck Joe Biden. Just say "NO" to JOE 2020.

  38. For those who were disappointed in Hillary's ability to "connect with the people", Biden is their Front Runner, still. They thought about REPLACING HILLARY with Biden, as the Voice of the 1% tells us here, just before the California Primary and FEAR that Hillary wouldn't win it big.

    Remember, BIDEN is NOT a PROGRESSIVE. He's working for the 1%, which is why he was the VP all the while. Yes, Republicans are screwing us, along with their Corporate/Deep State Democratic ALLIES who run the Party for their Investors.

  39. Gotta say, you and Biden are right about the repubs, but you could just as well be talking about the DNC 'democrats….

  40. Sorry Farron but it's the worthless do-nothing liberal regressive that counts other people's money that is destroying America.

  41. like I said my mom's family is dead wrong about the gop party they think rich take care of the poor the gop party don't care about poor they stay poor not are problem that's why my mom's family side are idiots the demcrotes care about the poor not the gop

  42. Former Vice President. DON"T you dare call me a Republican "phony Nationalism"….You in my book hate America. Or you would not try to widen the waters between All Citizens. Your wrong. And Democrats…care way less than Republicans. Everyone has a voice. No he is not right…and you reporter go to hell.

  43. All elite politicians are scumbags! All of them. If they do not stand for the Constitution, the bill of Rights then they Suck!

  44. Hey smuck that is all the Anti-American Democrats! Stop spewing the fake news,you are the most ignorant strawhead that exist! Get the hell out of here moron!

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