Joe Biden Faces Backlash for His “Hands-On” Approach to Politics | The Daily Show

Joe Biden Faces Backlash for His “Hands-On” Approach to Politics | The Daily Show

37 thoughts on “Joe Biden Faces Backlash for His “Hands-On” Approach to Politics | The Daily Show

  1. Funny to see dems trying to rationalize the creepy actions of Biden dispite him touching and smelling little girls on camera. It's obvious to anyone that he's invading their space and getting too close. If trump did this they'd riot.

  2. I have learned to HATE Trevor Noah. He’s a punk from South Africa who took over from the intelligent Jon Stewart. The “nose” is the “penis of the face??”

    As a woman I understand the difference between “inappropriate touching” and sex perverts such as doctors running their hands up my scrub dress and fondle my genitalia while I’m doing CPR on an ICU patient. Creepy is going into a linen closet and having a resident corner me and roughly handle me.

    Who are these women who couldn’t tell VP Biden to his face: “Too close VP Biden! I feel uncomfortable!” But Oh No, they have to get on TV and weep like a 16th century maiden in the palace.

    Trevor Noah now OWNS a $10 million condo in the richest area of Manhattan…and in EVERY one of his standups he bashes us Boomers. I’m 70, was a Captain in the US Army Nurse Corps. Have worked (volunteered) with Doctors Without Borders in West Africa where ebola has killed >1,000 citizens again. Instead a $10 mill condo, Trevor, why don’t you volunteer your time wearing heat suffocating scrubs and heavy rubber gloves and boots wound with duct tape and help bury the bodies of your fellow countrymen? You give a sob story about apartheid but you weren’t covered in a tower of rubber tires, then set on fire.

    You make millions making fun of other people! Meanwhile everyday people are working for $8/hr and trying to care for 3 kids.

    You’re a PUTZ Trevor!

  3. Biden makes me feel uncomfortable too. Watching him grope, kiss, and sniff random women, girls, and boys is disgusting.

  4. If he did it he is wrong. But Joe Biden has been vice president for Obama for how long? And you are just now wanting to say something? "Coincidentally" when he announces this just like Herman Cain or every other politician. These "opportunity me too feminists"!!🖕🏾

  5. Seriously??!!
    This is old news.
    Biden has been creeping over little girls for years while he was VP.
    He even had one father say, "Dads going to stay real close" while biden asked for a special photo of just him and a 12 yo girl.

  6. There are also videos of Biden touching children inappropriately and whispering stuff into their ears.That dude is weird. I hope that he is not a paedophile but it wouldn't shock me if he was one.

  7. Joe Biden is just a Democrat. He has been excused by his loving supporters for years. That is why we dont like Democrats.

  8. I am an African male and I agree with everything that Trevor said except the part about it being creepy to smell a woman's hair. If a man and a woman are in a relationship,its actually sexy for the man to smell her hair. Many chicks dig it and the men like it too (unless its not her natural hair in which case it could smell weird)

  9. Seems like the Democrats are doing their best to lose the next presidential election. I guess dumb is dumb. Let the Orange dummy get an advantage. Unbelievable! Understandable if it was the Republicans pulling stuff. But the Democrats take the cake.

  10. Really America? This is how dumb we have come? Programmed to attack anyone who dare to think differently? Are we going to pretend that 20 years ago we were as sensitive as today?

  11. If it's not sexual then it's not lawless or inappropriate, it's just odd and different than other people, and looking at Beto, he's strange too- not sure if people can see that?

  12. **Tell me this isn't the bigger issue:**
    Pay particular attention @ 7:06, and 12:59

  13. If only he had grabbed them by the pussy. You can't grab shoulders and expect to win with that weak ass shit

  14. Why didn't you talk about the many creepy situations he had with kids. Molestation cought on tape but it's ok cuz it's a liberal.

  15. clear 40 year old record from serving in congress and running for POTUS 2x and NOW people have something to say? I think Bernie Sanders​ is sabotaging him since he's had his own scandals. Biden has a huge heart , He worked on 'IT on us" with lady gaga in 2015. He knows !!! Run BIDEN RUN!!! APRIL ? 2019

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