37 thoughts on “Jocko Willink on Navy Seals and Political Viewpoints (Pt. 1)

  1. Leadership is not the answer, having attentive, intelligent people who are willing to listen and work together is paramount.

  2. Competitive paradigm in externality has an effect upon ones life.To always compete is to find opposition in all moments. Opposed to all others. Putting self first. It is not our natural state. It is a distorted state. Mutual support is not like competition.

  3. I appreciate Jocko's perspective because he's authentic. I'm glad he's home because his message is really important. Especially with an ineffectual government which refuses to work for the betterment of the lives of the American people.

  4. Speaking of something for free you should do an episode detailing the history of American Corporations receiving tax money to subsidize their failing business and how much tax money is wasted on endless pointless war.

  5. 16:50 thats the problem. everyone needs this kind of forced discipline, but to make it mandatory defeats the purpose. crazy.

  6. I like Jocko, Extreme Ownership is the way. And I havent once heard him take extreme ownership and admitting that he was part of a criminal war against Iraq and it was fucked up. American military were the bad guys that were responsible for 1,000,000+ Iraqi deaths. Just fucking admit that it was fucked up war. And admit that you were trained to use COIN war tactics where you fund counter insurgence while pretending to "protect" the population from insurgents. Deception!!! and lies. And dont act like you didnt know shit, you're a NAVY seal and you know what you guys were doing there!. Read wiki leaks, its despicable, its so fucking two faced. Extreme ownership my ass. Its Denial

  7. Does anyone notice how inwardly uncomfortable the statement "We're just normal people, we've got wives we've got kids" seems to make Rubin?…oh wait, it was inward…..I'm willing to bet he was hired half the time because people didn't want him to snap and go all military on their ass….I kid

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