JKLive | Women in politics [Part 1]

JKLive | Women in politics [Part 1]

and welcome back to Jeff Kananga live you can see we are chatting throughout the commercial that's because of God was an issue women rep Gladys the boss Shola in the middle of God never becomes you Assembly Speaker Beatrice elachi and right here next to me is nominated Member of Parliament Jennifer Shamala aka Diana Ross story for another day you know you guys are incredible video just you're so full of energy huh and you bring out the energy in me so let's start let's continue our conversation we finished that part before the break let me ask you this as nominees a member of parliament people say you have the easiest job you don't have funerals you don't have the front raises no no hair on base you have no real role but you sit nicely in Nairobi enjoying your life you know as I was coming I saw a tweet you know Twitter's full of all Saudi haters and people were negativity I knew hide behind a persona where you can't see them and I said what she's not a politician she's riding on the name of her father oh that's what he said no well first of all I thank you our Elohim the one I pray to that I do I honor I am honored to carry that name of Japheth kaligati Shamala and nominate don't belittle small beginnings of nominated MPs I have run I have lost I get involved in issues but like I said the biggest issues of the issues to do with legislation and making sure that we oversight we legislate and we oversight I have helped people I told you I have stopped counting at seven hundred thousand shillings because I was getting depressed and what titanate to is not um you have all kinds of requests you know school fees this that it's mainly things that are really want like death okay or really if you know about school fees or really somebody got a scholarship to go and study and they don't have a ticket and I can attest to that and so you cannot say that nominator that remember that we have a sitting president today who was first nominated into politics right it was no I don't have a budget I do this from my salary I do this from my salary I'm not I have a list yes I have evidence I have I stopped counting at seven hundred thousand shillings madam Speaker yes speak of salaries you haven't had one for close to a year yes close to a year and yet the High Court reinstated you after you had been abused by MCA and I really want to thank judge marine I've never met her but I think it's good always to thank those who think when they're in court I mean this is a judge that today if I must buy Moraga I'll tell him you have good people in your kitchen it's only that they're very quiet but when they give a ruling fantastic rulings based on merit so why not best or knowing who is the lucky I never even went to court by the way I just went once and I left it to my noise so why don't you walk back into your office walking back to Nairobi County you wanna see drama yeah I think it's good also to show different leadership that you must respect the courts they've taken me now I'm in the court of appeal by the way they went to the Court of Appeal to now ask I don't know for what but we will see how it moves but the most important thing is that one let us respect the law and I think I have done that I just want to thank my president because if it's not over her room a guy Kenyatta this girl of the village would not be here today shining the Jeff hello oh yes who believes in women who supports women yeah and that's the thing that I stand with him regardless of anything and I have no regrets who know yeah and by the way carama says a big hello to all of you he says you are all looking great can I go you know who you are and where you are is watching from a you know that is postulate they dragged your name through the mud and you came out of that sewer smelling like roses how did you do it because there are lots of young ladies watching you right now and it anyone else or most people would never have survived what you went through let's face it yes and I'm not blowing smoke up your how did you do it first by the grace of God in a very strong family around me and support system but yes they almost break you down but at some point I looked at them and I said you're not gonna define who I am I am going to define who I am and I'm going to tell my own story because Jeff there were many people who said to me just let it go you don't speak up walk away walk away but you know what would have happened what would be the story now you'd be saying and she was chief registrar and she was said to be corrupt and we don't know where she is so I think I also think just all the media houses that covered me even negatively because you see they kept my story alive and they and it went on and I was able to tell it and every time I told it that I was able to basically talk back to my enemies and say you're not going to define me today nobody remembers who will emote Unga is yes exactly so you know the thing is I always tell people you know what don't joke with the grace of art force because they all thought they had destroyed me enough out yes but I also thank the people of wedding issue County because when I went back home they said they did that to you they threw you out like a dog we are so taking you back and all of them even the simplest woman in the village said we actually know that you were telling the truth and they were lying okay so let me ask you all and you can answer individually how tough is it being a woman in a male-dominated sighs let's start with you Jennifer oh it's you know it depends and I had this question asked to me just last week at at a workshop and it depends where in which sphere in a family sphere and it was very interesting because at this workshop we had members of parliament from Ethiopia women members of parliament and women leaders from Kenya and the majority of them especially in Ethiopia said that it was their fathers who were encouraging them to study and the mothers were saying you're not the role models you have to get married when you're very young okay what is this education so in a family sphere where you have strong fathers who and strong families yes it's not tough where they encourage you I'm a product of a father encouraged me to get educated so in a family's fear it's not tough because you have I want the girls to be like the boys and there's nothing different and at university it's not tough because I assumed at that time that people think you're just studying it's almost like finishing school so that you can go and you can get married it becomes tough in the workplace and in the workplace and I'm not talking about the political workspace but in a workspace of where what women will as they're slightly older getting in in their twenties thirties select sexual what is it and abuse and harassment okay you will face things like that and that is a reality and that sexual harassment does not need to be overt it can be words it can be looks it can be snide remarks etc so that still exists in in what is a very patriarchal society and then when in in Parliament I feel and I thank the trailblazers who went before us because I know what they have to go through but now with the 47 women reps the other nominated ones the elected ones it's very much a school atmosphere a fun in the fun atmosphere yes in the county government madam Speaker yes it was women who are mostly against you well yes shouting out you know resign or whatever it is why well don't blame the women I think it's because of the portrayal the masculine that is in the county assemblies and you find that one of the things that we need to do and I out wish Senate would do that instead of having all these who bubblews they're having is that go back and look at the County assemblies count assemblies have one way of the male deciding that since we are the men we are the only ones elected we take all the chairmanship so we are the majority leader you are the Minority Leader and therefore you take charge you then by the time I was entering in it's not like Parliament Parliament you will never find a chairman or the majority leader dealing with issues of trips of where you're supposed to go benchmarking it is the speaker now in the county assemblies they decided to use it as a carrot that the majority leader and the Minority Leader sit down and decide you will travel to Dubai next Ron will travel to London because I know once because to sign off or else you're impeached yes so and at that time everyone is just shaking even in the committee's while we know very well political parties are supposed to decide how members join their committees in the county assemblies I think we've decided let them just run their own ways of rules and regulations they will change their Standing Orders in the morning absolutely kills for Nairobi is the most chaotic that I have never seen that even my own clock was as a convent from Parliament decided when they were in elections we had no count assembly decided to resign he never came back on a board which they don't have Jeff we don't have a board comes assembly but they don't have they have two people who run the board the majority leader the Minority Leader decides how money is god it's crazy the stuff is left yet the law is so clear that one we must have two members from the public so that they can deal with the stuff so that you don't politicize the process but now Nairobi County runs with two members on the board a clerk who has never been approved and they never went to the recruitment who resigned who was a second meant of Parliament now is just you know and when you ask those questions you're only reached because you want to have process you want to follow their law nobody wants to follow they know boss what about as women rip yes the sexual harassment like Jennifer mentioned how difficult is it out there I think I was lucky that I grew up the way I grew up but I growing up my father told me I was the tallest the most beautiful and the cleverest even when I was not so that built my self-esteem so I always have very good self-esteem which sort of helped protects me I remember and my experience in the public service I remember joining the public service at a very young age and once I walked into a meeting people said Cara boom Rambo and I remember I stood up and I said my name is not Marin Bo when you figure out my name you can invite me to your meeting and I left many people thought I was rude right but do you know it changed the way I was treated because calling you remember is patronizing it is condescending and telling you you're not my equal you're just a marimbo but do you know what happened after that every time I walked into that meeting someone stood up and gave me a seat can you imagine Jeff in the county assembly I'm seated as the speaker I wouldn't say now who but the leadership walks in with stood where women are looking I'm like what where are we you know you get a shock yes we in an institution of government that has rules and regulations so you can imagine if they can do that what about the women who are nominated they will be told go and drink go and abuse so for me in fact I've moved on and I thank God we I mean God just give me some grace and I just said you know what use your mind and move these are guys who were just about to kill your career yeah they're just about to go down first of all with stress then you'll have some funny sickness of blood pressure and what I just said no – Pew let me ask you real quick before we go to break it if the Court of Appeal rules in your favor yes will you go back I want to be honest today I think there are some jobs that you look at and ask do you really want to do change because you go somewhere to do change and leave a legacy that anyone who will walk in will find a legacy and until both the political party my party leader and the party leader of NASA or diem sits down and we look at the whole composition of the leadership we can never change we will have conscious emblem members they cry they try and go and try and do things today they have I I understand they've even suspended one of the members for trip you can suspend somebody who has alone for three months what kind of a people we are you find a clock who does not regardless of what have a heart because sometimes I say we are human and you must have a hat on how you treat because you have a privilege to be the accounting officer which is not even the right way but you can come in and ensure you throw out others you dismiss Allison just because they are not with you and you know the mistake I did one just to allow the DCI to walk into our institution and relook at our institution and just help us to know are we on the right track or not and if he comes in and gives you a letter are you supposed to chase him I was told they have the powers and privilege that no DCI is allowed to see damage in the county assembly of narrow people so sad yes have you seen that I have changed did you see whether I have done plastic surgery that's what they say David told me I used the CIC insurance to do that plastic such I never did Plus teenagers I have never used to the CIC insurance I can see guys as they say haters haters when we were doing yes and I said look at the lady she used public resources now her butt escapes I want to say I have never God helped me I have never yeah okay um I'm not gonna go deep into the house but when we come back from the break I want to talk about we have to talk about tanga tanga and Kilauea mm-hmm no I knew a Mama and embrace oh my okay that's the latest one in newer mama and embrace that some of you are in tanga tanga I know I've never been in between we have to talk about it so you want to take the break for me yes all right come back and did with this tango tango good angle I will be back Jeff Gordon anger we live we'll be back in a moment animal

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