Jimmy Talks to Kids – Politics

Jimmy Talks to Kids – Politics

30 thoughts on “Jimmy Talks to Kids – Politics

  1. “I don’t think the president should grab people by the pants” – 4 years before grab them by the pussy became a meme

  2. Omg that Alton kid, too funny, I'm really curious to know what he's up to these days. I'm guessing he's either in jail or on the debate team.

  3. Alton is so cute!
    I loved when he said he really doesn’t wanna hustle anymore. Lol life’s hard lil bro!

  4. That kid at 1:55 said a president shouldn't GRAB ppl by their PANTS and if they did that would make a good REALITY TV show?!?!!! DID HE LITERALLY GUESS WHAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN IN 2016?!!!

  5. 0:52 I think Trump saw this Alton kid say the president can do whatever he wants and make up rules and then decided to run for president.

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