Jimmy Hoffa’s Corrupt Union Culture Lives On | Michael Watson

Jimmy Hoffa’s Corrupt Union Culture Lives On | Michael Watson

Netflix and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman
brought the crimes of the nation’s most prominent union leader, Jimmy Hoffa, back
to public consciousness in a way they haven’t been since Hoffa’s disappearance
in 1975. Much like at the end of the film, today’s generation has forgotten about Hoffa
and the institutionalized corruption he represented. But while Hoffa is dead, labor union corruption
lives on. The Teamsters, the 1.2-million-member strong union Hoffa led that is currently led
by his son James Hoffa, still struggles with corruption. In 2017, Teamsters for a Democratic
Union criticized four prominent Teamster officials and Hoffa allies for making concessions to
employers allegedly in return for improper gifts. In 2017, the president of Teamsters
Joint Council 25 was charged by federal prosecutors with attempted extortion and taking prohibited
payments for a scheme in which he threatened a business with work stoppages unless he was
paid $25,000 every three months. In 2019 he pled guilty, admitting he extorted a total
of $325,000 from the president of Cinespace Studio and cheated the Internal Revenue Service
and state of Illinois out of about a total $117,000 in tax revenue. Corruption at the
United Auto Workers might be even worse. Starting in 2009, numerous union officials accepted
bribes from a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vice president. One UAW vice president’s kickbacks
included $262,000 to pay off his mortgage. In 2008, the head of a local SEIU branch directed
$600,000 in contracts to his wife, used union dues to pay for his cigar club membership,
and put $8,000 in wedding expenses on the union credit card. He was convicted on 14
counts of embezzlement, tax law violations, and mail fraud. In 2019 from Philadelphia’s
local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union, boss “Johnny Doc” allegedly
bribed a city councilman and now stands on trial for embezzlement, theft, and wire fraud charges.
Of course, the losers in all of those examples are the rank and file workers the unions are
supposed to represent. But none of those examples come close to the legalized corruption of
kickbacks from politicians, which hurts all American taxpayers. As of 2019,
labor unions represent the ninth largest interest sector contributing to political races,
with 83.7% of that money going to Democrats. And the unions get what they pay for. The
UAW spent over $13 million on the 2008 elections to support Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats;
shortly after, Obama’s auto bailout included provisions giving the UAW’s pension fund a valuable
stake in Chrysler. Union corruption may not be as bad as it once was, but it’s still
alive and well. It’s time to end it once and for all. I’m Michael Watson. If you
liked this video, you can read about the Teamsters, the UAW, and more on InfluenceWatch.org. Thanks
for watching!

6 thoughts on “Jimmy Hoffa’s Corrupt Union Culture Lives On | Michael Watson

  1. 🤔The Rich Mans Tricks & Politicians Treason Along With Secrete Societies Is Exactly What Is Wrong With Our Great Republic Nation 😳

  2. Is everyone corrupt? Is everything corrupt? Banking, governments, unions, religions, media, entertainment, on and on. This is why we can’t have nice things anymore. Everyone is corrupt and there are very few consequences if any. Even when we catch these corrupt, elitist people in our society, we almost never punish them accordingly. No wonder cheating and scheming seem worth it to these sleazy people. They’re never really punished. Off with their heads!

  3. As a teacher, I was glad to hear that compulsory union membership was made illegal. Unions need to evolve and adapt, or they need to end.

  4. How many times can that tied old actor play the same guy. Look, idc what the unions do. They seem to be a necessary evil & I fail to see what Jimmy did wrong. No I didn't watch the damn film, they're all propaganda. That's my problem with this. I detest the left trying to sell me globalhomo diversity 1 world for all big tech knows best. However I also despise that the right tries to sell that because Trump won the war is over & the right is the smartest & most moralistic bastions of equality. Both sides of the same coin are trying to buy "authority is kool kids I swear" out of your vending machines. The damn coin is contaminated and was in some strippers thong, leave it alone, don't touch it, it's all dirty on both sides & you have no idea where all it's been. The government is not good or kool or rad or the bomb or gnarly or neat o or da sheezit. It's total rubbish & although unions do some bad to those the help, the government does far worse & that's who really hates the unions.

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