22 thoughts on “Jim Webb on Foreign Policy

  1. I would love to see President Donald J Trump choose Senator Jim Webb to be the next Secretary of Defense

  2. It really is too bad that Senator Webb isn't on the ballott for Prez! Jim Webb is a stand-up, straight forward, honest man. No questions about it.

  3. Its time to be serious man, I'm looking into this guy right now because trump and Hilary are the main options. South China Sea isn't a major issue, but he does have a point with cyber warfare especially with the Wikileaks that just happened so got to give him credit on that. So far I would rather vote for him as of now. thanks for posting this lengthy video

  4. Outrageous and totally sickening that the Democrat machine chose Hillary Clinton, a total fraud and national disgrace, over this extraordinarily accomplished, honorable, intelligent, brave, HONEST man, Jim Webb. Shame on the Democrats. Mr. Webb you have my respect, sir!

  5. The only thing keeping this man from putting forth his bid as an Independent candidate is money. Money in politics is a very problematic issue.

  6. Bernie Sanders would do well to appoint Webb on some kind of foreign affair or warfare committee. I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened, considering Webb and Sanders' past relations.

  7. Wow. A real Blue Dog Democrat. I thought Zell Miller was the last one. I wonder if there are any others. I heard he may go Independent.

  8. America needs someone not beholden to ideologue extreme from the left and right!

    Jim Webb 2016!

  9. American politicians are too competitive. He complained about not getting enough time in a debate. Ridiculous. We need a system that promotes politicians who are cooperative.

  10. I would love to vote for Mr Webb, but unfortunately he won't get the nomination. Also, fuck that bitch at about 46 mins. She had an agenda with that shit.

  11. Wow, he is so great at citing history and different statistics. Such a well-educated and well-versed candidate.

  12. This is a guy I can confidently vote for. Seeing how democrats think only black lives matter, the republicans would be smart to quickly seek his service. He obviously enjoys being a service to the United States. If he doesn't get any nominations he has the credentials, easily, for any cabinet position.

  13. Scotch-Irish??? The name Webb is a English name. But then again Scotch Irish are Scottish and English families in Ulster so makes sense.

  14. "our greatest ally Israel"

    By what metric?


    Supporting Zionism is no different than supporting apartheid. Webb isn't qualified to lead, he's dumb white trash.

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