Jim Rogers: The Coming Global Financial Crisis Will Be The Worst In Our Lifetime

Jim Rogers: The Coming Global Financial Crisis Will Be The Worst In Our Lifetime

43 thoughts on “Jim Rogers: The Coming Global Financial Crisis Will Be The Worst In Our Lifetime

  1. Eventually there will be a bear market; eventually some shenanigans will ignite a fire somewhere and that fire will spread. Perma Bears have been calling for the "Big Collapse" for decades. When there is a downturn they all come out of the woodwork and say "see i told you". In the meantime I have lived thru the 70s grinding bear, the 80s double dip bear, the early 90s and late 90s repeat. the 01 crash, the 07 decline. The trick is not to blink. I have skimmed profits and put money in cash and muni's but still have a healthy exposure to equities. I own my house and car, have no debt and if there is a real crash then I will end up buying more equities; I love fire sales.

  2. This is correct, America is done for unless you reelect President Trump to stop this madness of destroying America. We need to go back on the Gold standard, or it is over.

  3. When someone says “everyone/everything” will be affected…. what do they mean? What can you do recession proof your personal finances to the best that is possible.

  4. If we really are heading into the worst financial crisis in history, I better win the Powerball lottery tonight to get my luxury bomb shelter.

  5. everytime I hear Jim Rogers I'm really inclined to believe what he is predicting. Even other honest people like Buffet keep back the whole true story because the are not free to tell like Rogers is. Enjoyed this intetview.

  6. Jim has been talking about financial crisis, everyday he says it will happen next day, but that next day hasn't come yet. What's the benefit of being expert if u can't predict exact month and year before time a crisis hit…

    It shows Jim is as ignorant as a child regarding predicting the future of the financial markets.

  7. Filipino owns global golds assets.. In 1944 Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos of the Philppines deposited Maharlikan Kingdom gold in world bank and IMF to back up worlds paper currency for 50years.Bullions of Back ups in in 175 tunnels in the Philippines. Talk to Philippine central bank to balance worlds currency.

  8. I don't believe the word "crisis" is the correct word for the coming event. I believe it shall be a complete take over of the world. A New World Order in the flesh, so to speak. I also believe the NWO end game is upon us. If we can't see that the destruction of the free markets is intentional than maybe we don't want to see it.

  9. Jim misses an important fact. The fact is the ENTIRE GLOBAL FINANCIAL system is under COMPLETE control and also massive manipulation. There will be no collapse of any kind until the entity controlling it decides. There is NO FREE MARKET OF ANY KIND. The ENTIRE fractional reserve debt system of money is a complete fraudulent scam….. period… end of discussion. ANY financial activity of ANY kind is DELIBERATE in todays system! Keep these facts in mind when listening to "high level" financial "gurus". Most of these gurus like Jim are not up to speed with what is truly going on with the money they talk about. THEY ARE USING PAST EDUCATION INSTEAD OF CURRENT INFORMATION. They understand what they have been taught to understand but it is not what is truly happening.

  10. One of these years or decades he will be correct. The problem is if you had listened to him for the last ten years you would have missed a ten year bull market.

  11. OHhh..another fortune teller….Does he have a crystal ball?? Each time the economy is rolling along, these idiots come out of the woodwork, with their fortune telling stories. Don't listen to them,,,it's the only way they can get attention. You will notice they always list past crisis. These are all OLD MEN, telling their old stories.

  12. Jim Rogers has been irrelevant for decades. He's a shameless apologist for the Communist regime in China. Time to exit stage left grandpa, you are WRONG on China.

  13. FED created this rigged game and Bernanke is one of the biggest criminal. No one went in Jail. Shit Obama shit helped more bubble.
    I wish bubble burst big time. Actually recession is a blessing to but things much cheaper

  14. A lot of people saying Rogers is a broken clock. Somehow he still managed to make a few thousand percent return and is worth a billion dollars. If I could be that successful I wouldn't mind being ridiculed in YouTube comments.

  15. Keep calling a crash, and one day you’ll be right. Crash-crises are good for the central banks (certainly not the 99.999%), because money evaporates or transfers to the highest kleptocrats, AND the leading banks connected to the Fed.

  16. If I had a cent for every time I've heard these doomsday merchants predict the end of the (financial) world, I'd be a billionaire by now. They usually use these platforms to profit from these predictions by getting you to subscribe to their newsletters etc…..for a cost of course. I still work, have minimal debt and enjoy my life as best I can. There are millions of people like me all over the world.

  17. China is great but I don’t think the measurement is about nation-state… it was not UK or USA the most successful country in the world, it was western industrial civilization. Unfortunately eastern civilizations lost the battle 2 centuries ago…

  18. Jim Rodgers isn't really the best source, he's been claiming an economic shutdown has been happening since 2011.

  19. It would only be dangerous if the inflation goes up. The CBs know how to handle the deflation. They simply print more money.

  20. Still trying to figure out why these are in my YouTube feed..lmao…I've seen these wackos saying the ski is falling for two decades. Still nothing. Such a joke.

  21. Rodgers been saying this for a decade broken record! Top it off bring in Mr Doom and Gloom been making busted decision's for last 7 years.

  22. Imagine a basketball bouncing upside-down on the ceiling. Not the roof, but the ceiling. It's vibrating higher and higher each recision and time between vibrations is getting shorter. There will be a couple of more recessions before the crack in the ceiling where all people will fall over, even top

    It's the greatest piece of artwork I've ever seen and it's following basic energy/physics principles

    Great to warn people on this vid anyway as remember there are too many gold contracts to gold in world, as well, so nobody has any elbow room to move

    War will eventuate. You can try to prevent things but who will listen. Some person skimming over youtube isn't going to help much but as long as they read then you've helped someone

    Anyway..it's life I guess but feel sorry for those no ready

  23. Not enough scrutiny from the interviewer. Needs to ask for more detail, reasons etc hold him a bit accountable.

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