41 thoughts on “Jiddu Krishnamurti : Freedom from self

  1. Nearly all Krishnamurti Talks in this channel have Subtitles in various languages, you can turn on the CC and select your language for Subtitles just in case the talks audio is not clear.. Regards,

  2. I am surprised J Krishnamurti isn't more popular then he is?  I mean He is well known throughout the world but still when one considers the magnitude of his knowledge – understanding – Anyway just thinking?

  3. Thank you Jiddu Krishnamurti for time and efforts. One of our greatest man on earth.
    He gives very good explanations of human problens. And he also said MEDITATION IS NECESSARY.

  4. One of the greatest true honest passionate person i have ever listen too love and peace for all mankind a true revolutionary

    Love this speech 🙂

  5. Krishnamurti many times insisted on the issue about the death of our ego–without give an end to our selves our brains there is no going to be freedom–for Krishnamurti knowledge and technology is a show in our daily life but not the Real essence

  6. as always very good but not perfect…
    he forgets to mention obvious stuff such as suffering coming from feelings (not always mediated by thought) and very simple stuff such as suffering caused by physical pain: a person with a chronic disease that is in a great deal of pain is not being hurt by thoughts, but by simple neural feedback from pain receptors, and there is a great deal of that going around

  7. Immanuel Kant thought that if we were capable of removing our innate, distorting perceptions of the world through space and time we would be able to see the world as it truly is, he calls it the "ding-an-sich". I believe J. Krishnamurti truly saw the "ding-an-sich". Krishnamurti was capable of experiencing the eternal, the limitless, the "thing and of itself", the energy which is never wasted! Whatever you want to call it! He is inviting us to experience it as well.

  8. Well I know that Ive had my fair of suffering , as a child and it it was a memory that took me a long time to escape and I have caused suffering to my self and others as a result . I still suffer but I forgive myself through the message of Jesus or Yeshua its simple enough when I reached that deep understanding , fear is gone and only calm remains in the kind of conciousness still and empty yet restful .

  9. As a Buddhist practitioner I am so impressed by his lucidity and insight. He is free from dogma and sees the truth of suffering so well and clearly. Any human being can be free by taking this path. I have to give tremendous thanks to Zen Master for posting this very compassionate video. Palms together.

  10. Anyone interested in having a Bahai Faith———Krishnamurti dialogue, please let me know. Thanks.

  11. is this from a series? he mentions the other day. I would love to see a whole series in order of each day if possible?

  12. We are chasing that which we already are, that which we already have and had from the start. We want peace/happiness, and only way to get it is not to look for it. You see, it's so simple that it makes it almost impossible. We project that peace and happiness is achieved through objects. We get happy when we achieve something not because of the achievement, but because we're not trying to get it anymore. That's like going to war in order to be at peace, which is absurd. So in not trying to be at peace, mind naturally becomes peaceful.

  13. Surprise ,the audience still staying quietly even after the speaker left,shows jk not only speaker but also mental vibrator

  14. Very interesting idea, "We are not investigating together because you are waiting for the speaker to answer the question and that means our brains have been educated to learn from someone else, to be instructed by someone else. And here we refuse to instruct you or tell you what to do. We have no authority to tell you what to do. Not these ugly beastly gurus. So we are together. This is important to understand; what it means, together. Not you and I working separately; together, look at it. Together we see the total movement of fear, which is involved in it. Why humanity has borne this fear for thousands of years, and has not solved it? They have transmitted it and accepted it as a norm of life, as a way of living. But if you are bidding to question, as we are doing now, question whether fear can ever end at all, psychologically. Therefore we must understand the cause. And where there is a cause there is an end. If anyone has any kind of disease, and after diagnosis you discover the cause, it can be ended."

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