Jewish settler speaks about Arab culture…in Arabic

Jewish settler speaks about Arab culture…in Arabic

that women are not treated that good I speak with Palestinian women as well and I hear things Not all the Arabs/Palestinians of course they are not all the same But in general …
– In Ramallah its totally different They treat women the same as in the savage age (before Islam) They like peace & Jews But they cannot say that in public if they said that in public, they are finished (killed) People have no freedom of speech there are many Palestinians who want peace they like Jews and have Jewish friends but they cannot say it loudly not on TV or Radio or in the newspaper sadly, if you go to the villages here near by us (Ramallah area) and if you asked them: “who wants Israeli IDs? 99% want the Israeli IDs Palestinians could protest against Jews and throw rocks in the mornings and at night dream of having Israeli IDs Because his society does not give space to express an opinion on the other hand he has to work against Israel just to be normal and so no one criticizes him to be normal there are hypocrites Alot this is the “Arab” society problem the hypocrites, the ones who work with Jews and also works against them this is a contradiction they have to decide, are you with or against Jews? What’s wrong with you? that what I usually say to them and in the Quran it is written that God hates hypocrites, right? – “Are you Palestinian?!” (sarcasm) No i am not ..
Half – Half?
No No .. I am not this is in the Hebrew society doesn’t exist If I have something in my mind i just say it and post it on Facebook for example: I love Palestine .. I love Jews .. Israel .. whatever – Is that ok to say that in Israel? For you its not accepted at all if someone posted it in his Facebook “I love in Israel, I want to work there and get Israeli ID” He goes out from home to the street and bam, killed to jail .. or people question him and this is shame for their society But with time it is getting little bit better, a Palestinian friend said – I will give you an example : five years ago I was not allowed to say that I support peace but now I have a tattoo on my arm saying openly that I support peace – and I walk in the street showing it with all respect, we need more of you but not all of them are like you – Of course not but now there are a few people more brave than before but the society will put pressure on people like you
-Of course – There are many people who indeed hate me for that If there is someone not religious and wants to be with a women, had BFs before him .. it’s a big problem – But not always.. not in Ramallah I know In Ramallah maybe ok but in Hebron or villages it is the way i said It’s difficult .. and I wish the Arab society will change
Hopefully .. Inshallah because if they change and became more open, maybe peace will work then I love peace, but i think if in the Arab society there is no freedom of speech in Hebron or Nablus and one cannot say his opinion.. there will never be peace unfortunately… Will there be peace at the government level? No but we can make “local peace” between us as people the five past minutes we were in peace .. perfect there is racism between both sides .. more from one side (Palestinian) – but you can enter villages like Nabi Musa or Fondoq

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  1. Propaganda. LOL. @StanleyCohenLaw, NY, Lawyer for Hamas in Gaza and Arabs/Jews in W Bank. He's great friends with Palestinians for DECADES, as are many, many other Jews who don't 'fear' for their lives. This guy is an illegal 'Settler' – say's everything – he's no friend to the Arabs. He's happily living on their stolen land. Again this is #ApartheidIsrael Propaganda. #DeirYassinMassacre.

  2. The Middle East needs Communism. It would solve all these problems. (religious strife, terrorism, inequality)

  3. yeah let's have peace but still I'm going to rob you of your land, kill your children and I have no intentions what so ever to give an inch back to you ! yeah I want peace without any compromise, peace that only serves my interests alone and not yours! what kind of logic is that?

  4. Beautiful words. Im very Sufi minded in my Judaism myself. I identify as being somewhat Jufi (jew-sufi). I consider Rumi to be a righteous noachide tzaddikim like Iyov (Job).

  5. All arabs in Israel were forced to learn hebrew at some point to come forward.
    but always complain that jews don't speak arabic. The solution is evident.
    Time has come to make arabic courses mandatory for all Israelis.
    If they start learning, in 10 years there will be peace in this region.

  6. So in short, this guy is a sort of One-State-Solution guy. He steals land, but is willing to sit down and drink tea with the expelled inhabitants afterwards and listen to their music. He might even be willing to let them live on a part of the land that hasn't been stolen yet. I suppose that makes him better than most Zionists.

  7. احتليتو اراضيهن وجزرتوهن وشردتوهن وحرقتو دينن وبدكو ياهن يقولوا احنا منحب اسرائيل- عجبي

  8. Just a question to this jewish settler: can a palestinian buy or rent a home inside a jewish settlement in west bank ? The answer is NO, because it's reserved to jews only. So before talking about arab society "not willing peace" and other meaningless propaganda, just allow people live and travel normally in their own land !

  9. Maybe you should change to "palestinians" and not arabs. Just because you met some palestinans doesnt mean every arab think and behave like them.

  10. The guy is revealing truths, as a Muslim most of the things he mentioned were right about the conflict.. Hypocrites do exist in Israel, Palestine and all over the world

  11. U shall be kicked out as u entered u stupid tyrants prophets killers bastards ..there's no peace between humans & dogs I swear we will kill every stupid soldier of urs we will hang the heads of ur leaders and allies on jurasalem walls I swear as n Algerian el never taste food sleep while the z insists still breathing,,I swear u shall b chased wherever u run 2 just wait u stupid sons of the whores

  12. The interviewee does not appreciate that his government has not given the Palestinian any hope of a Palestianian State except a dictated solution.A Palestianian state minus Jerusalam.No right of return.Country with no arms may be just light arms.How can a dispossesed People given no hope be friends with there tormentors.It s now seventy years since Nakba.All powerful countries have sideline the issue.May be its a problem of endtimes.Israel cannot win a case of any high court of a country worth its name .Maybe a banana repulic.The only part I agree with him is on the treatment of there women.There he was spot on.Tribal arabs can be primitive .There culture goes against teaching of the Quran

  13. He said that Palestinians cannot express their views of liking israel due to the pressure from the society and he is comparing the Palestinian society to the the Israeli society in regard to freedom of speech and he claims that the Israeli society accepts the opinions of its people even if they are against the public opinion while the Palestinian dont accept views that are against the typical narrative of opposing israel, and that comparison is not accurate; he should compare liking israel in the Palestinian society to for example liking hitler in the Israeli society and wether Israelis would accept that or not

  14. I'm so glad to see this. Worth more than all of these videos combined. I'm a little apprehensive with many of the generalizations he has made…but there is value here.

  15. The first person said "a lot of violence" as the bad things about araps ..,. The purpose of this video ends right there.:-)

  16. A jewish illegal settler from outside dont represent the palestinian society. And what about the millions palestinians that were exiled in 1948? Whats with them? Dont talk shit. You jewish people came from outside and brought us the nightmare. What peace? You dont want peace, you want a clean jewish State, you want a jewish Land of Kanaan. Thats what you want. And you deny the injustice that happend and is happening to all palestinians. You destroyed the palestinian nation and god is a good god he he will not forget us you think only because you are jew god loves your more? Then your god is a racist. Dont lie and talk shit no one is dreaming of Israel and beeing 3rd class human between jewish frist class humans. Give us back what you have taken from us!

  17. From Kindergarten the Israelis are taught the importance of public relations (this is a funny video but indicative of the truth) . That is why most of these videos are hypocritical. The Arabs are polite and tend to agree with the stranger in an apparently friendly conversation. To want an Israeli ID does not contradict being against Israel at all. The implication of getting an Israeli ID is to obtain a one state solution. 99% of Palestinians desire an Israeli ID means 99% are for one state solution with equal rights for all. Israel will not agree to this or offer any reasonable solution and that is why the Pals are against Israel. Of course the speaker is apprehensive in going to a refugee camp or to Hebron. Any unbiased person would understand why. What this person wants is “local peace” or what Israeli politicians call “status que.” That means let the Israelis move to the west bank (settlements) and gradually force the locals to move out (by making their lives hell on earth) till a tipping point is reached when it is possible to force the majority of them out probably by a civil war between Hamas and Fatah or some popular uprising against Fatah similar to the Syrian model.

  18. Ok, but what he is saying is ridiculous. I am friendly with lots of people in Hebron, they know I am Jewish and would welcome me into their home. The difference is that I am not dressed like the oprressor-the settlers, I am not involved with poisoning their water, making sure their children get arrested in the middle of the night, stealing their land, destroying their olive tress, stealing their homes, shutting down their busineses, making false reports to the police, physically attacking them, honoring Baruch Goldstein, or any other typical settler activities. This man admits to none of that and points the finger at Palestinians. It's kind of like saying the victim of a viloent rape should just be more open minded and try to have a better relationship with her rapist.
    Corey, your liberal Zionism is just the Apartheid racist pig of Zionism with lipstick on it.

  19. The opressor occusing the opressed of being not peace loving, open minded etc….

    What a bullshit world we live in that pussy grabbing bloodthirsty basterds dictate what is moral and what is immoral, who is civilized and who is not.

  20. The thing you need to understand is that it seems simple only for one side, to the other is not simple at all. the only jews that the "primitive society" is used to see in their villages, is soldiers. the only kippas that they know is the kippas that block their way and humilliate them like cadle. he speaks a lot of good things, but there is a context that needs to be deeply studied. There are a lots of palestinians that hate israelis and maybe they did not need all this hate in their hearts, but only half of this hate is propaganda. Ther other is the "colateral" effects that the governement causes. +-700 childres and 1100 palestinians citizens died last "campaign" in gaza, they are locked down there. The only way to get out of there is being a genious in the academic life.
    In the other hand israelis are used to the good arabs as they are used to say and the explanation is simple: they only know these arabs but never really tried to do something as a signal of good faith. why? Because is easier to blame the palestinian for not wanting peace..

    If you are so civilized and they are the primitive people, as the nice jew speaking arab said, than YOU need to do something, and blame palestinians wont help.

    PS: this only fits to the israelis that REALLY want peace and a solution, unfortunetly the remaining israelis only want the palestinians kicked out from there, but most will never addmit it to a camera.

  21. It is not that we dream of that 'israeli ID' thing ..wish u know that Palestinians can't travel to most of the areas in Palestine, and since they dream about their deserved freedom, they dream to have that blue ID so that they can travel around their beloved stolen country, Not bcz they love jews do they want so!

  22. What a wise guy. I wish I could learn Hebrew and Arabic. I positively envy him. May this local peace grow and spread.

  23. I wonder if the issue there would've been more peaceful if Jewish militias didn't terrorize Palestinians out of their villages to refugee camps and instead just migrated there. Afterall, there is a huge difference between a Jewish state and a democratic all-religion peaceful state.

  24. I really respect this men , I wish that all of them think in the same way .
    But ,when he said that he can’t go to his friend at his house ,because he’s wearing kippa,it’s the same situation to a muslim womam neither wearing a hijab and wounding in jewish region, not all of them respect muslim religion, and they also make fun of it ,such as hoodies commercial.
    Really liked your project and appreciate your efforts to make these videos 🙏🏻 keep going.

  25. thats like calling all jewis zionists. they are true hipocrates. they settled on palestanian land yet talk dirty about them.

  26. Fucking Israeli motherfuckers why do you have to settle down and make settlements in the west bank?😡😡 Rascals . Get lost from west bank assholes

  27. I agree with alot of things this man says as an arab myself. And freedom of speech is a valuable right that everyone should have. But you cant blame the palistinains for taking great offense if one of their own people says "i love isreal" when isreal has stolen their land and murdered many of their civilians (not saying its right) but in the end isreal and Palistine are enemies. Its like stating why would the Japanese not allow a Japanese say "i love america" back when america nuked them (not the most accurate comparison).

  28. There's no doubt that this man is a very smart person. Many, if not all his observation concerning the Palestinians and the Arabs in general are spot on. Having said that it doesn't take away from the fact that he is a colonizer and sitting on land that doesn't belong to him. He and the rest of his ilk are thieves and just because he and his merry band of thieves are civil among themselves they are nevertheless still thieves.

    This is very reminiscent of the European colonial era such as in French Algeria, where citizens of the mother country were relatively free and generally prosperous often at the expense of the natives. The natives as we now know are rather terrible at self governance and the average citizen of these new post colonial nations is often not free and not prosperous. Having said that, no self respecting society willingly bends to the will of bandits no matter how enlightened the bandits may be.

    By endorsing this bandit sociologist it would seem logical for most European former colonies to be colonies once more.

    If this guy is so committed to peace he should be on the next flight back to Russia, Poland, or Germany.

  29. someone who works by israeli though throws stones, he has no choice but to work by them and to be treated in low way and to be given less wages than any other Jews so this is not hypocrite ! Not true, in israel no free thinking!

  30. They don’t have a heart to condemn their wrongdoings
    Using sugar coated language he is criticising them and justifying Israel’s atrocities

  31. Before the creation of isreal the Jews lived peacefully with the Muslims in Palestine 🇵🇸 than what happened .why is there so much hatred .i think the isrealis need to look into the answer very honestly

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  33. He goes from a beautiful beautiful Central iraqi dialect to a Palestinian levantine dialect. even for the Israeli nation I believe that the dialect that's closest to Torah and talmud will be the most successful in the long run cuz it'll be associated in the way of purity like fus7a/classical Arabic (iraqi.) Mizrahim should return to speaking Arabic at home. There's no need to ever question their loyalty. They have survived hundreds of caliphs. I did notice that speaking Hebrew loosens them up. Good thing to have both like Yiddish as a second.

  34. Tuff Lahnato allahi alal yahood Wal nasara Wal murtadeen Wal Kafreen ajmaheen Wal American Wal Kafreen ajmaheen Wal kul shyateen

  35. Imagine you put check points all across Israel and the settlers have to live the humiliation of the occupied ? Then you can judge. When you give hate you only get hate.

  36. It's not that the 'Arab culture is primitive on the issue' it's just that the resentment is still there and will probably stay for a while if things are staying the way they are. Most people don't understand that the injustice in the invasions and in the apartheid system and the insult to the muslim culture (talking about the Sharon 'invasion' or whatever to the Aqsa mosque amongst other things) are wounds (on many levels) that still haven't healed. The emotional balance has been offset and most countries specially the west can easily point fingers and judge or whatever but once you really know things, can you really put any blame on the people or on the culture that's been created in all this imbalance?

  37. as a half palestinian american, i honestly agree with him. he had plenty of good points and he stated them respectfully. this gives me hope that a lot of israelis are like this. i agree with him about the palestinian government and in some places the all around culture can be very close minded and they always have to be right. but i also think that they are being killed and just want it to end and blame all israelis for the pain their going through but truly it’s just the military. i honestly just want it to end. if more people would learn about history, they would know that there was a time, a long time ago when palestinian arabs and jewish Israelites lived together in peace in the holy land. the holy land is holy for muslims jews and christians alike so i think that we should all be able to live there in peace. the ancient israelites and ethnic jews ( not including European jews ) and arabs are both semitic based and descendants of abraham’s sons.

  38. This man speaks the truth. As long as arab, pakistani or other muslim stick to their Quran and hadth their will be no peace. Because the quran and hadith have a lot hate an racism against other religion. Or they have to chance the whole quran and get rid of those verses that blokade the peace trial or development. from Holland Ruben. E

  39. This is Yoni Sharon!!! Plays drums and sings amazing! Look up on YouTube In The King's Chambers.

  40. Damn, the lad speaks Arab more fluently than I do. I feel ashamed that I am obviously too stupid. In a way he is right. I have Jewish roots due to my grand parents on my mom's side but I cannot say it openly because I am a born Muslim. I do not feel bad about it. It shows that the world could be a colourful place. But many people are narrow-minded and blinded by stupid propaganda. I give a toss about propaganda.

  41. This guys speaks some very good truths. Of course. However, what he fails to understand is that for Palestinians and Arabs in general, Israelis are seen as settlers, aggressors. Imagine in South Africa, you are being visited as a black man in bantustan by white activists. It creates a problem, yes, and that problem is not only because of Arab society, but because of power dynamics inherent to colonial societies. His criticisms are correct, but need to be qualified. He seriously underestimates his privilege. Apart from that…excellent Arabic.

  42. It because their religion the way they treat women I have to say but islam destroyed the culture and traditionals .

  43. For those wondering, the man is speaking Palestinian Arabic, he's able to learn it because colloquial Levantine Arabic (Palestinian dialect is a species of this) is largely a bastardized version of Aramaic/Hebrew/Arabic, Eliezer Ben Yehuda when reviving Hebrew for modern usage was using Levantine (Palestinian and Lebanese) Arabic as building blocks to start with because he found words in the Levantine dialect that were in the Mishnah (Mishnah is in Aramaic).

  44. I respect this guy so much and as an arab can say that he is the voice of many people who seek peace between jews and arabs. I understand that Israel and some Arab countries have been at war, had conflicts, killed people …etc And it is hard for many on both sides to forget or maybe forgive. But war brings only war, killing brings more killing, and hate feeds on hate. This can never end by wanting revenge or whatever excuse we use so we don't surrender 'our cause'. It could be religion, or nationalism … or anything. But I do not believe that religion itself is bad or a nation itself is evil. Anything (technology, money, power..) could be used to justify, finance, and promote anything. People will always have different beliefs, support different theories, different football teams; I even met someone who doesn't like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and it's fine. Because regardless of our differences we are all people who want to be happy, discover life, live new experiences and tell those stories to our friends, children, grandchildren … What unites us is greater than all the differences that separate us.
    I am not preaching, I am not wiser than anyone else. I am just guy who is tired from all the fights and who seeks nothing but peace, laughs, friendships and love.
    George from Lebanon

  45. i found the little tid bit about arab women very interesting for those of you who dont speak arabic, there was a little miscommunication there so let me explain.
    around the 1:15 mark, the jewish guy says that arab's treatment of women isnt great (not all of course), he continues and says '' mthl a'sr al jahelya''
    which means in the times of ''ignorance'' (those were the times where arabs were complete barbarians burying women and alive and such before the prophet came).
    the arab translator laughs in approval, but then the other translator who is also arab, and male interprets ''like the times of jahalya (ignorance) DURING the time of the prophet) which is wrong.
    like i said jahelya was before the prophet, and then the arab woman retorts, obviously aware of the fatal error.
    ''in the time of the ignorant BEFORE the prophet came and enlightened people''.
    its really interesting to see the male arab not care about the fact that he said women were treated like crap DURING the prophet's time, while THE WOMAN arab immediately corrected him.
    its very ironic in a wholesome way.
    btw the woman was also the one defending arabs, saying ''not all treat women badly''
    thank you lady for your correction.
    also as a palestinian this man IS ON POINT IN almost EVERYTHING HE SAYS, holy hell, the hypocrisy in the arab society is truly the biggest problem, they work for jews in the day, and cuss them out at night.

  46. So many people claiming to be Arabs in the comments but are very obviously lying jews.

    Some of these comments are actually funny.

    Like the one who said he's Palestinian but says he hates Islam or the guy who said he's Iraqi and that we have no freedom here in Iraq.

    Buddy, if you say you fucked the whole iraqi government's wives in the middle of baghdad no one would be annoyed. In fact people will start clapping for you.

    Stop lying. Jews

  47. Was Manur really being sarcastic when she asked the guy if he was Palestinian? I ask because she sounded sincere and then followed up with another question (half and half?) that seemed to imply she was genuinely curious.

  48. yoni sharon, i salute you. you are absolute right especially about morning throwning stone to your people and evening working with your people cause i've been there 5 years ago and i see this happen with my own eyes. i'm from indonesia and i'm not arab, just a simple south east asia muslim. salam~syalom

  49. As an ex-muslim(I left that shitty ideology way back in 2004!)who eventually converted to reform Judaism…all I can say is that islam is just absolute pure shit!!!A stain/cancer to all humanity and had it had never existed…there would be peace on earth!!!

  50. Arabs are not doing good , they dont know much about Islam they have nationalism, not educated enough thats their problem, Selam From 🇹🇷

  51. منافقين صدقت والله

    يرمون الحجر في الصباح

    والليل يتمنى الجنسيه الاسرائيليه

    والملام في النهايه دول الخليج لانها لم تنصر القضيه الفلسطينيه بما فيه الكفايه !

    عجباً والله

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