25 thoughts on “Jethro Tull Live at the Capital Centre 1977

  1. John Evan alla batteria… Martin Barre al glockenspiel… a questi se metti in mano un trombone per la prima volta, suonano anche quello e discretamente bene

    John Evan on drums… Martin Barre on glockenspiel… these musicians are so talented that you can also put in their hands a trombone for the first time and they are able to play also that, and really well

  2. trouser snake barre, Martin didn't look to keen on that intro…funny ..great guitarist of all time,in tops w tone…

  3. saw few shows from this tour,in msg, capital theatre NJ,n few other shows ,they never played a bad gig,good times for sure,even the crumby subway home was better than today's bs….good luck kids…boxing the clown gets very tiring….

  4. This performance was so perfect that's hard to believe it was really live!! But it was, these great musicians were in splendid form!!!

  5. Anyone here remember the concert at the Civic Center in Springfield, Ma.? Ian had a telephone sitting on a nightstand that would occasionally ring during the concert. He kept going over to answer it but it would stop ringing before he picked it up. At the end of the concert after two or three encores, the phone rang again. Only this time it kept ringing, so he picked it up and says Hello? A slight pause, he turns and points the phone at the audience and goes, "It's for you!" And the lights on the stage go out. Total darkness. And the fucking crowd was buzzing about the concert, the phone, Tull, Ian, all of it! Funny what you remember.

  6. when i was growing up in the 80s, culture was still fully immersed in all this stuff. i remember being so intimidated by the teenagers with their long hair, tight jeans, jethro tull and acdc shirts. this was still the predominant influence to all the older kids but it was us youngins who were getting down with new wave.

  7. I saw them on this tour at Long beach arena in California. The show is almost identical. Our audience was MUCH louder.

  8. Yeesh… they were really good. This actually has shots of John Evans and his very important stage presence.

  9. Too good to be true but it is as real as bricks.

    Ian`s and Greg Lake his voice are my favorites ever.

  10. I was 19 when this took place and seem to remember this concert tour. Ian's voice was really great back then.

  11. And they all played allmost every instrument, what a supergroup of talents. I still wonder, why John Evan stopped making music, such a great keyboardist.

  12. Best heavy metal band of the year 1988, beat out Metallica. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammy_Award_for_Best_Hard_Rock/Metal_Performance_Vocal_or_Instrumental

  13. – Jethro Tull
    – Van Halen
    – RUSH
    – The Rolling Stones
    – KISS
    – Lynryd Skynyrd
    – ZZ Top
    – J C Mellencamp

    All in my Top 10, All Time

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