46 thoughts on “Jessie J – 'Price Tag' (Capital Live Session)

  1. I like it J.J. Wanderful akustik ,artist and very nice voice.Bravo I love you so much ! Greeting for you J.J.and all people of the world from England!😘❤👍

  2. this is actually amazing. youve got that many style in singing. love yaa jessie💕💕💕😉😉😉

  3. Love Beyoncé love JHu love Leona love Mariah love Whitney and Celine but Jessie J is just the total package!! Such beautiful and talented women

  4. Right why oh why is this women singer up there with pink and all the AMERICAN SINGERS IS IT SHE IS ABOUT SHE SAYS WHAT SHE FEEL S AND THEY DON T LIKE PEOPLE THAT ARE HONEST

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