Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

45 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld Is Tired of Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

  1. People are so sensitive these days. All I did was compliment my friends moustache, and now, she won't even talk to me.

  2. All this PC crap is offensive and way over the line. There are way too many indoctrinated idiots running around pushing this crap.Too bad the easily offended heads don't explode when triggered over nothing.

  3. So true. It's absurd. You can't do gay jokes. You can't do fat jokes. You can't do handicap jokes. Comedy becomes more restrictive every year. Why? Because they think that by excluding groups from jokes, they're being fair. They aren't. The effect is the opposite. Comedy needs to be inclusive. It's what brings us together and reminds us that we're human.

  4. You know your PC offensive crowd has gone too far when Jerry Seinfeld, the most mild mannered tame comedian is telling you it's too much.

  5. Believe I am old school and I can take a joke with the best of them. However, there are times comedy becomes outdated. Audiences change/evolve with the times. Of course Jerry doesn’t “get” why people don’t get the gay king joke since well…he is not gay. So he doesn’t understand it’s just not that funny. This reminds me watching reruns of the Johnny Carson show and the comedians that would come out and talk about how San Francisco was full of “Fairy’s” etc. The audience would of course laugh etc since the the mindset at that time was pretty much intolerant. Gay people fight in military, as well as are policemen, fire fighters, play pro ball etc. Bottom line – it’s an outdated stereo type.

  6. at the end Sethy Meyers when referring to Bruce Jenner, said "she" about 100 times in the span of 30 seconds–trying his best to be politically correct.

  7. It's what elected Trump–he said countless times he has no time for political correctness—I knew then he was my guy.

  8. He is a straight white male, therefore, he is pissed that he can't use that status as a basis for "jokes" at others' expense. F**k him.

  9. Well Jerry Seinfeld is the biggest asshole this world over, so it makes sense that he would want to outlaw PC.

  10. 2015, those were the days. Electing Trump was like a massive steroid injection for the creepy PC left.

  11. If political correctness existed in the 30's and 40's in Germany perhaps the German GOV would not have committed genocide.

  12. When your doing comedy your presenting to an audience with real life experience your trying to appeal to. When your material doesn't land of course your going to take personal offense to it, but comedy requires a lot of talent and understanding and there is a particular skill in towing that line.

    Gay and trans jokes absolutely can be funny, but due to the times you cant just crudely make jokes about those categories because both of them are still experiencing real physical and psychological as well as legal issues in a world of rapid change. A comedian is not entitled to laughter, he or she is not entitled to peoples' approval, they have to be adept and have incredible skill at feeling out an audience. Don't just blame the PC boogieman because your material doesn't always land, there is a reason for it and it takes more talent than ever to navigate this fast changing psychological landscape so don't assume because something worked before that it will work now and don't assume that because you were held in high regard in the past that your skills don't expire and/or require much more effort and smarts to be good. Look at the first rap songs, nobody pretends that even if the songs are still decent that the rhyme schemes and techniques are stale compared to todays standards.

  13. People who says the Jerry Seinfeld is politically correct never watched Seinfeld, I guess, o any of his shows. Being politically correct in comedy is not about the language you use, but the way you talk about an argument. You can say gay, the N-word o anything like this and being more politically correct than someone who make fun about disability, without any kind of "bad" word. The bubble boy and The Handicap Spot episodes are an example.

  14. I've never met someone under 40 who thought Seinfeld was funny. All other comedians say offensive jokes, hes just made noone laughs at his.

  15. when you are thinking speaking or figuring it out there is never too far… that is what life and learning is about.. for instance "I love jerry he's like the Jewish illegitimate Mafia boss son of a Don's mistress, who will rip your face off with a Joke (calmly) then go make himself a Hogie sandwich."

  16. People are so goddamn stupid. There should be no "lines" when it comes to comedy. If you can make it funny, you can joke about anything.

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