26 thoughts on “Jeremy Rifkin: "The Zero Marginal Cost Society" | Talks at Google

  1. So if nobody has jobs to purchase the things hes talking about that will be produced at zero marginal cost how can the companies profit? How can society continue on, unless everything that we buy and sell is free?

  2. Funny 4 years on and Eon is bigger than ever. The reason? Big corporations forced the government to cut the amount made from the feed-in-tarrif!!! Worst of it yet… they then hiked the fuckin prices of energy up. Talk about a disgusting monopoly.

  3. It annoys me that this guy is talking about socialism but doesn't seem to realize it because he thinks socialism is when the state does things. I mean for fucks sake the paradox of capitalism he talks about isn't previously undisclosed, it's literally what Marx talked about.

  4. How is he defining capitalism? All economic systems are a set of rules. The rules of capitalism are: don't steal or damage other people's private property, and don't break a contract you agree to. It's that simple. All of the spontaneous order that emerges from those rules is a product of those rules. Non-profits are capitalist. Co-ops are capitalist. Open source is capitalist. If it's not owned by the government it's private, and if it's private it's capitalist.

  5. Minuto 17:00 IoT permite que la economía sea distributiva, colaborativa y dirigidas por los contribuyentes y escalable horizontalmente

  6. Anticipar que el costo marginal podría ser cero, gratis, abundante y distribuido en la nueva economía. Ejemplo: 1) industria de la música, economía compartida, consumidores productores de su propio contenido. 2) modelo fremium no motiva lo suficiente a premium por lo que el costo marginal no se acerca a cero.

  7. This lecture (and these ideas) should be compulsory in all schools and all boardrooms of America. The rest of the world get it! China- communist controlled unbridled capitalism.
    COMPARE: Chinese leader reads Rifkin, in English, and in weeks- orders $80 BILLION to change the direction of the country. US leader, can't even recognize a Japanese from Chinese character, and DOESN'T even read – IN English! (much less give a damn about the direction of the world, or climate change, or anything else but golf and himself! … Sad! 🙁

  8. Absolutely love this guy, what an amazing thinker. It gives me so much hope over this current dystonia neo-capitalism brutality we are currently experiencing.

  9. Social commons does not work. Someone is always looking to take advantage of the next sucker. Zero Marginal Cost platform is highly corruptible to greed. Classic is communism. A current movement of zero marginal cost platform is the Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) movement game. There was a game called DOTA that belonged to the social commons. Over a decade this platform was refined by the community. Eventually, the following became so big that big corporations took this social common and now have monetize it and called it DOTA2 and LoL. All the efforts the average joe put into this social common now belong as intellectual property, trademark, etc… to a multinational corporation. So how does a social common platform ever stay social common? It does not because our society doesn't operate on social common due to the basic tenant of privacy ( intellectual property laws). Maybe you don't believe me so let me give you another example. The open source operating system that runs most social media is called LINUX. Even Apple's iOS is a derivative of LINUX. It was understood that under GNU licensing LINUX is free, but corporations have figured out how to sidestep the GNU licensing and now we have companies who leverage social common platform to make money. Why would anyone work for free only to have their efforts monetize by the corporations???? It does not work in practice because there is a opportunist businessman who screws it up for everyone, and all it takes is one bad apple to screw up the social common. So don't expect cost of goods to fall because some how social commons will decrease cost of goods. I don't see Apple dropping their prices because they build on top of LINUX, a social common platform operating system. I don't expect future social common platform to reduce cost because someone will capitalize on your free work/volunteer.

    On privacy, privacy is necessary for innovation. Without privacy, we cannot have free-thinking, and freedom. Without free thinking, and freedom, we don't have a free society. Btw, those who don't think so, if your thought is not yours and belongs to the common wealth, are you free? Do you have choice? This is why we have a free society, and a free society is why we are so prosperous. Furthermore, any society who operates under social common platform on a long-term basis will see decline in innovation, not more innovation. Why? If most of my needs are taken care of, I will have a low desire to work. Why? Very FEW people have a high conscientious such that they will work for no benefit but for the sake of the work. Thus, we will have less intellectual capital working on innovation. Suppose if we build innovative social platform to increase the innovation capacity in human capital such that we don't reduce intellectual capital and we increase, how do social common platform with zero marginal cost not become corrupted by greed and turn into the next SAP or Oracle or Workforce? I just don't see it happening because time and time again the social common platform have been monetize by the person owning it. The members are simply supporting the next billionaire in the making. To solve this problem, we would have to solve greed such that human being are rid of greed. Any taker on how to eliminate greed and not eliminate a free society in the process? Short term this idea makes sense to capitalize on the IoT craze, long term it is a disaster because I don't think zero marginal cost platform is a durable concept. In my opinion, capitalism and free market are two very durable concept because it hinges on primal nature versus intellectual nature as I see with the argument of zero marginal cost platform. Yes, I am implying our primal nature is stronger than our intellectual nature. A simple test is to find the discipline and will power to fast a day or two. Not everyone is able to fast even if fasting may improve their health. An analog is also addiction.

  10. Just another self-righteous prick who loves to self-promote and sell
    bullshit to people who live in fear and/or who can make money of 'saving
    the planet'. Pretentious and smug as fuck. The idea of sharing energy
    is just to sell it, not share it. It will just create more friction in
    the world, make poverty even more personalized, individual. This guy
    cares only about selling his books and promoting a leftist agenda.
    Illuminati propaganda at its best. He is not a visionary, just a
    well-paid puppet.

  11. There is one thing that is going to be the end of the capitalist economy? Nanotechnology and replicators.

  12. Young people like sharing because their asses are broke as fvck. I hardly find a sentence in this whole talk to agree even a little. Energy internet? Jesus christ, the guy has no clue about the things he's saying, Transporting energy is a huge waste of power, it requiers a lot of metal and those distances are totally impractical, and with no solutions in sights. Recycled plastic is cheap? So why does it need so much government propaganda to get people to recycle it and why there is still literal mountains of plastic garbage near every city and town, that businesses do not see fit to recycle and rather pull more oil out of the ground to package and manufacture their goods with.

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