Jeremy Corbyn | The Conservatives fake patriotic posturing

Jeremy Corbyn | The Conservatives fake patriotic posturing

Government ministers have wrapped Brexit up
in fake patriotic posturing. Waving the Union Jack while preparing to sell-out our public services and consumer protections to United States corporations, cheered on by those in the corporate controlled media who pile up their wealth in overseas tax havens while posing as national champions and fostering division both home and abroad. Let me be clear, those who actually love their country would never seek to divide it. Theresa May has dangled the threat of turning Britain into a bargain basement tax haven if the European Union doesn’t
play ball. Let’s be clear, slashing taxes still further for corporations and cutting essential regulation in jobs, environment, consumer protection – will be a magnet for American
corporate giants. That’s not just a threat and a danger to the European Union it’s a threat and a danger to the British people effectively turning us all into bargaining
chips. Far from taking back control it would mean an assault on our public services our standard of living and our quality of life. This is not, absolutely not, what the vast
majority of our people want.

4 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn | The Conservatives fake patriotic posturing

  1. It's YOUR Local Governments' that are out of control, Jeremy. They are doing Everything the Tories' tell them to do. Running after the Tories', not Labour. Tories' in disguise. Get them sorted out, please.

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