10 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn on Labour's Defence and Foreign Policy Priorities

  1. Idealistic, empty shell talk, incoherent logic, wrong correlations and pretentious assumptions. Extremely interventionist wrapped in sweet words without proper argumentation.

  2. Somehow I can't imagine Chatham House releasing such an ineptly edited and filmed item about Theresa May. Fix it for god's sake, no way you only had the one camera there.

  3. Impressive. Watch even just the first five minutes of Jeremy Corbyn at Chatham House. Forget the lies and bile that the 'mainstream' media spoon-feed us about this man they hate, whose policies they despise. Make up your own mind. Just watch and listen. Isn't this the kind of leader Britain needs and deserves?

  4. Already won me just by being the only geezer to point out the blatent hypocrisy of polarised for and against in geopolitical we all seem to live by thesedays.

  5. Jesus, who directed this?! The camera was on the lady for the first 5 mins, and the camera clearly got bored and moved back to chairs before Corbyn was even finished, did he just wanna go home 2 minutes early?

  6. He is a great leader and a great peacemaker too. Indeed, what wise and comforting words from a grate-man. I hope he becomes Britain's' next prime minister.

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