45 thoughts on “Jay-Z – Politics As Usual

  1. I was driving I95 from Boston to Baltimore rocking this the all the way down & back in 96 when this came out, we actually had the cassette tape 6 mos before it dropped thanks to Cuzo Kye

  2. I know this isnt considered one of Jays hits but this and Bring It On are my favorite Jay Z tracks and Reasonable Doubt is easily hes best album

  3. Sounds like he talking about the illumanti and his struggle to fame also as well as he might b talking about his life that's parts but if u do ur research and listen to this song is speaking into ur speaker he telling u how they do u in the industry and giving his self over for fame but I don't wanna say that or talk bad on his name I love jigga and Beyonce but this song seems to me it's speaking abt his experience in the industry

  4. So I was listening to the stylistics and was like…I know this song!!! This is why hip hop is life people. It makes you appreciate older music.

  5. One of my favorite JayZ songs of all time. Some songs from this era spark bad memories for me but this song will always be nothing but perfection.

  6. Ain't no stopping this champagne from popping , the draws from dropping , the law from watching. Damn🔥🔥

  7. he was at his very best when he made this album . the hood was on fire playing this when it dropped

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