47 thoughts on “Jay Leno on Political Correctness – Late Night with Seth Meyers

  1. what is with late night hosts having to use their booster chairs to be taller than the guests?…ego?…

  2. I never click on Seth Meyers videos, but for Jay I did it. I wish he could host… Meyers is terrible.

  3. So… in the mind of that idiot intern, Jay Leno should lie about his tastes and say that he likes Mexican food?

  4. Damn I miss Leno… also real crackerjack prizes!… and while I'm on the subject bring back 3-D Doritos and Obama!

  5. Gotta love how ballsy Seth is in this interview. Everyone else kowtows to the greats, but Seth keeps it real.

  6. That end graphic of Seth is CREEPY. Really underlines how plastic and phony he is. A soldier for the left

  7. Leno!! Just as funny being ON a late night talk show as HOSTING one. Thank God I go to bed before ANY OF THEM….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. Take political correctness, add hate, globalism, and liberalism, and you get today's 'destroy Trump' media's fake news. Seth is just one of its many mouthpieces.

  9. Dang, from reading these comments, it looks like Jay triggered some hypersensitive SJWs. Good for him!

  10. Leno is the last clear thinking decent man to do talk shows. All the rest are rooting for the country to fail as the democratic LIBTARDS they are! Globalistic morons.

  11. Who remembers the time Jay Leno traded places with Katie Couric?
    Jay was so much better at interviewing than Katie was doing standup comedy.

  12. As much as I don't find Jay Leno particularly funny and for what he did to Conan. I have to agree with him here and actually found him funny here.

    I'm a millennial and trust me when I say nobody hates millennials more than millennials.

  13. For those that think Seth, Colbert, kimmel, Maher are comedians, I feel bad for you. Leno is funny as was a lot of his predecessors. Seth, kimmel, Colbert , Maher are just political puppets and often vile, not just the usual making light of public figures… they are simply VILE. Don't know many that watch their ugly lies anymore.

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