37 thoughts on “Jason Capital's High Status Summit 2019 Event with Dan Peña

  1. He talks as if he knows the reason why we are born on thisplanet….. he's extremely delusional and toxic to many people

  2. Dan pena was straight up insulting jason and the audience lmao… thought it was a bit out of line tbh..

  3. Too bad, you are a misogynistic old fart…..a lot of good points but it will all be lost on 52% of all possible viewers(women) because your mother was a doughbag, coniving slut!….. I assume..You reason that you are what you parents made you to be, your mother must be a real pisser. Don't be the asshole that brings that idea to the next generation. Do not call every lowlife by a female pronoun, as if being a female is a bad human to be. We are alctually pretty safe.

  4. I knkw his advise is good. Bht also fuck him for talking about parents… Brake that old mans teeth

  5. Dan Pena has demonstrated his FEARLESSNESS to become a giant success within the BEAST SYSYEM.   However, now that he has about $500 MILLION DOLLARS in the bank, will Dan apply that same FEARLESSNESS to fight FOR TRUTH & JUSTICE by exposing the Satanic Tyranny destroying our world today?   LOOK…   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az9Z61FbJxo

  6. all those 'whoo hoo' sound making people are immature and won't make it anywhere. They're just looking for emotional satisfaction.. Real man won't make that silly sound 🙂

  7. it is actually "totus tuus" what pope said dan.And the meaning might be: "entirely yours" . With all love & admiration.

  8. judging by all that "woo"-ing; the audience is Full of cunts. What you get when you have "jason capital" "organizing" events. Lol they're ALL his friends, fans, and ppl he " chills " with.

  9. Wait till I get out of my parents house. Definitely gotta go to an event like this. The guys to real with it

  10. Dans teaching are spot on, total truth teller. I will be going to his QLA in 2021. Thats an affirmation.

  11. Love the way you dress, love your message.
    My son is Mexican and Dominican,
    You are going to be his role model.
    He needs an alpha Male father.
    I love you. Thank you, gracias, grazie.

  12. Now, that I listened to the whole thing. Well, I am going to have to put my big girl panty and grow a pair, even though am a woman

    I was raised by a general, my stepfather. I liked the fact my husband had a military background, a sniper.
    But, now I realize he is a Beta male.
    So, i am going to go study his program and take action.
    I am going to be the alpha in my house.

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