Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

28 thoughts on “Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

  1. This interviewer is so sad and hard to listen to 🙁 ignorance might be bliss? if you’re unaware to the extent where you can’t see what’s happening to you, therefore failing to realize the harm then you’re probably feeling fine and dandy.

  2. i think the internet is a problem too. I think it should be something we can go on for an hour a day. not something we are on 24-7/

  3. I don' t like Facebook. I only have an account Because I Feel obligated to. But I get depressed each time I lock Into Facebook.

  4. It's ruining your life even if you don't use it because you'll still have to compete with no talent phonies like Trump and Justin Beiber who game the algorithms with bots and by promoting controversy. There's no field untouched by the march of morons using social media.

  5. I use social media as a tool to see what the world is thinking. I use it to support & push shows, musical artists, & actors that I like. Billboard, and other reporting services watch SM profiles of these things, and then they promote them. I DON'T use it to fill my friend catalogue, though I've met nice people & they mean a lot to me as far as people. I see that WAY too many people, especially younger that grew up with the Internet & SM as a thing, use it to have a virtual life. I see WAY too much where people in a room are in their own worlds on FB, IG, or whatever NOT COMMUNICATING. SM creates online bullying that even if you don't know the people personally, it still affects the mental state. I personally believe that NO ONE should put information, pictures, names, etc that identify who they really are – that way bullying from people that can reach you physically CAN NOT HAPPEN. DO NOT PUT REAL INFORMATION & PICTURES on any part of the Internet. Locking your account does not make you "safe". The suicide rate in teens and young people is SKYROCKETTING – I blame SM & the Internet because people are no longer interacting with real people, empathy is disappearing because of less personal interaction AND less active communication. The lack of people going outside, playing games, drawing, creating, and using their imaginations is strongly due to the "wonderful" technology we have at our fingertips.

  6. We just don't need it because we've lost actual connection ironically and its fucked up teenagers mental health

  7. The business model is to make the user work (by creating content and participation) and pay them nothing. It's a plantation.

  8. Instagram and facebook stories is the worst. I see some people on Facebook who have like 50 to 60 stories a day… Just exhausting filming everything you do. For what?

  9. MySpace was fun and made you open up to a creative mind without anxiety/depression i don’t know why but MySpace was so different.. Rest In Peace MySpace Thank You

  10. Dont give dime about others
    Live your life
    use as self development
    Save pictures of your life

    If you see something funny pic or sharing kindness – click Like

    Sugar is bad ? or good ?

    how do you determine to use is up to you


  12. 2 Tim : 3-2 "

    For men will be lovers
    of self, lovers of money, boasters, proud, verbally abusive, disobedient to
    parents, ungrateful, unholy,

  13. Coming up on a year now since I’ve left all social media platforms I have to say the improvements on my anxieties and being able to be calm has been great. I just now have YouTube to see educational videos like these. Never going back to social media. No thanks I love my life too much😊😊🙏🏽

  14. I believe what he says because I notice it too. I remember googling something and then on my Facebook timeline I started to see the very thing I googled. This year I will be turning 40 and Facebook has advertised T-shirts with the year that I was born, the month that I was born and even t-shirts with my last name on it. I love t-shirts so of course it’s very tempting to purchase. I swear I feel like I’m being stalked!🤔

  15. he's wrong about fortnite just being annoying for getting people to pay. fortnite is a storefront disguised as a game. it manufactures discontent.

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