Jared Diamond’s immigration thought experiment: Divide the strong and weak

Jared Diamond’s immigration thought experiment: Divide the strong and weak

Immigration in the United States is a controversial
issue just as it is in most other countries of the world. Many other of not just first-world countries,
like Japan, Australia, Western Europe are wrestling with immigration, but many developing
countries. When I was last in Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia’s
neighbor, is having a problem with Indonesians migrating into Malaysia because the standard
of living in Malaysia is higher than in Indonesia. And South Africa, an African country, is having
issues with immigration with neighboring poorer African countries such as Zimbabwe sending
immigrants into South Africa. So immigration in the United States the fact
is every American without exception, is an immigrant. Native Americans immigrated 13,000 years ago,
and everybody else has immigrated within the last 400 years. My father immigrated at the age of 2 in 1904. My mother’s parents immigrated around 1890. Most Americans are immigrants. If you look at the contribution of immigrants,
if you ask yourself, do a thought experiment: take the citizens of any country in the world
out there, take the citizens of Poland or Russia and divide them into two sets. Suppose you had a mechanism for dividing every
citizen of Poland into either two categories. One category are those people who are healthy,
ambitious, willing to take risks, willing to try new ways, young, strong. And the other category consists of those people
who are weak, unwilling to take risks, unwilling to experiment, wanting to carry on in their
old ways. In effect, dividing a country into those two
groups is what’s accomplished by the decision to emigrate. The decision to emigrate is made by people
who are healthy, strong, willing to undertake risks, and face the unknown. And those who don’t emigrate, on the average,
lack those qualities. But willing to take risks and experiment,
those are essential qualities for innovating. And the United States is a country of innovation. It’s therefore, no surprise that the great
majority of American Nobel Prize winners are either first-generation immigrants or the
children of first-generation immigrants. So immigration has made a strong contribution
to the history of the United States. But it’s controversial because whenever you
get a batch of people who are there and then another batch people coming who are different
the Vietnamese of the 1970s, etc. they are different and there are likely to be prejudices. There have been prejudices against immigrants
throughout American history, beginning with the first non-British immigrants, the Irish
and the Germans. And eventually, that settled down. Then the prejudice against the Eastern Europeans,
the Japanese and Europeans of the late 1800s, and then the prejudice against the Vietnamese. So it’s unsurprising that immigration is an
issue in the United States today, but reflect on our history. Students of immigration say that the United
States has benefited more from immigration than any other country in the world, and that
for the United States, a higher percentage of our immigrants are highly trained, skilled
people who contribute to our economy than the immigrants into any other country in the
world. Yes, it’s a problem for us. But we are better off than any other country
with that problem.

100 thoughts on “Jared Diamond’s immigration thought experiment: Divide the strong and weak

  1. This pro immigration is good propaganda isnt gonna fly anymore, the world is becoming over populated the solution isnt to just ship people from less privilege countries to more affluent ones, it's actually the exact opposite and going to worsen every problem going on in modern society. America WAS a nation of immigrants now it's a nation of AMERICANS, we've closed our boarders and ports before and we were better of then because American money was spent of america goods. The channel is straight leftist, communist propaganda

  2. Lies, immigrants have no economic benefits and zero value, an only negative value, better to have California with zero population.

  3. Stop spending money on immigrants and every family in America could get a government check for $14,300 every year for healthcare or whatever. The figure does not include free breakfast and free lunch at school.

  4. One would expect after coming to that conclusion people would stop underrating the nation's permanent underclass.
    And, no…
    I am not descended of immigrants.
    And, no…
    Don't erase the history and rightful claims of this nation's indigenous peoples by calling them immigrants too.

  5. If you allow large numbers of people into your country that are demonstrably different to the existing population you will have large numbers of problems. You only have to look at the plight of indigenous people to understand this point.

  6. The US is a country with stupid people exactly for having this attitude towards its immigrated citizens.

  7. Jared Diamond is a charlatan who provides virtually no empirical evidence for the various claims made in his book Guns Germs and Steel. It's all just so stories

  8. Title sounds like you’re creating a false dichotomy. I haven’t watched yet but I’m interested to hear what you have to say

  9. In 1902 when his father came to America the economic and demographics of the nation were markedly different than they are now. More importantly, there wasn't a social welfare system in those days for immigrants to "bed down in" like there is today.

  10. People should come up with an effective way to assimilate immigrants especially, huge swathes of them in a single time period. And as Europe's system is already flawed, it will deteriorate as some countries take a large number of them, some take smaller numbers and some take none. The distribution problem is paramount and not to mention, housing the refugees (because a large no. Of them are fleeing because of the conflicts in Syria, etc.) Until they are sent back when the conflicts are reduced or, if they want to settle (in Europe's case) they should be educated in European values, culture & language. The youth would learn this easier than the older ones.
    Though prejudice will always exist (a more open society also having a skeptical & meritocratic judgement) as media exacerbates this prejudice it can (cause & effect) psychologically change some of them – turning either really conservative, islamist or jihadist which should be avoided at all costs. Same should be said for far right, alt right, neo Nazi groups that can exploit this weakness.

    Same thing should be said to Asia, if you immigrate to say S.Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan or Japan, you should be taught about the cultural norms, etiquette, religion, language, values & belief.

    An example of a institutional problem we have that succeeded would be Latin America. Where as early as the Iberian colonization of the Americas, people of Muslim & Arab/Berber background assimilated with the Mestizo and Criollos, later converting to Catholicism and adopting the customs of today's Latin America & its unknown how many Latinos today have a significant Arab ancestry, but I know there's millions who have, examples of successful Arab Latinos are Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim and Chicano Actress Selma Hayek. Recent immigration had been in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries where people from former parts of the Ottoman Empire like the Levant migrating to the Americas and blended in with the Latin Americans, a lot of them were also Lebanese Christians as well as Jordanians & Palestinians. (To find for more info, watch the video from a YouTuber named Masaman) they could be also called the hidden "4th" pillar in Latin American society (the 3 being Amerindian, European & African).

    This can happen with Europe, but one of the problems is with appearance and also discretion (its really obvious there are a lot of people fleeing from the middle east into Europe, especially in this media day & age, not like the Ottoman times). Blending in is not really an option, unless they go to Albania or Bosnia, where they do have a Muslim population but essentially becoming European over centuries and the shared faith can lessen some of the cultural shocks of accepted European standards (from the French revolution & UN onwards) like women's rights which was introduced in Albania by Never Hoxha vigorously in the 1900s along with other reforms (not forgetting his authoritarian personality). Immigrants or refugees from Turkey (also there are large number of turks in Germany, with one that I do know had more or less a success story : Mesut Ozil) or Tunisia where Atatürk was ahead of his time and the Tunisian legal system a mix from the French colonial influence with native Arab Berber Muslim influence as well. Another shock might be LGBT rights which I know for a fact isn't well received in Muslim societies, especially the ones who are more leaning to theocratic or reactionary feelings. Another problem are ethnic enclaves, they should be avoided because their isolation from mainstream society can further support strong feelings from the major ethnic group's perceptions of the seemingly "lazy" minority. Another are opportunites. I've already stated culture, value and language.

    This is all I can produce at the moment, I might edit if I have more thoughts or obtained more info on the problem.

    To clarify, I support the liberal & progressive interpretations of Islam as well secularising it, same can be said to Christianity & Judaism, where I support a left leaning, social democratic, christian Democratic view, as long as they remain liberal, secular & progressive as opposed to the more Orthodox, Reactionary Conservative & Theocratic interpretations of Christianity, Judaism & Islam.

    Another thought would be: as realistic a 1 state solution would be then a 2 state one, the assimilation or co-acceptance of Arabs (Palestinians primarily) into an Israel that has moderated, secularized, progressive & liberal (under the leadership of someone who's not Netanyahu) would be an interesting solution to the refugee crisis, as historically the Europeans of Jewish descent flooded into Palestine (bad example but Emotional POV) because of the Holocaust. Thus decades later, creating an almost clear visual of what is seen as a western colony because of the European heritage which was at odds with the Palestinians because the illegal confiscation of their lands and destruction of their homes, another Sad POV. The reactionary action resulted in Hamas, which killed Israelis as well as Israel killing Palestinians. They both should stop this cycle of violence that can further destroy any type of relationship Israel has with the Middle east as well as the Middle east with Israel & her allies. pacifying Hama's and Iran are absolute in a stable middle east in conjunction with Iraq & Syria. In short, what I am saying is that maybe Israel can redeem its original sin against the Palestinians ? But not really as they don't have an independent state but they are not given second class citizen status as of today? Maybe in the future the conflict might result in a egalitarian society, I don't know. If it does, this example (if it actually happens) can certainly provide some insight into how to assimilate the refugees if they choose to stay in Europe after or during the conflict (not clear anytime that the conflict will end in Syria or when its gonna stabilize).

    My summarised statement would be: "The Working refugee/immigrant, either political or fleeing from war shall strive & assimilate in a society whose culture, values & language are alien to him or her then a lazy native or immigrant because of his or her merits…."

    I am open to constructive criticism as it helps. I prefer the criticism to be pragmatic in a social, cultural, geopolitical & socioeconomic sense.

  11. Depends 🕵️‍♀️ Is Beta going to die for pussy
    . Alpha?
    . Victims of LoLv

    Only thing ill supports is TVP-TZM
    But i still want to transform
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  12. The part about the innovation is very interesting!
    I take a lot of inspiration from USA to create my videos

  13. The epitome of American conservatism, Ronald Reagan, said the US would be in trouble the moment in suppressed immigration. He agreed with Diaamond about the net benefit for the US.

    But in the end there is no such thing as a native population. It is an ill defined concept. Whole genome studies show a continual replacement of older population with newer ones, in every quarter, going back to the rise of Homo Erectus. The only exception is with the initial population of pioneer lands. But after that the process kicks in as a rule. There are exceptions. Small arias of the Amazon, the isolated populations of pygmy in Africa, isolated populations in New Guinea.

  14. If you assign overwhelming positive traits to an entire group of people, you know absolutely nothing about (other than they're immigrants) than I think it's only fair, and democratic, that I assign overwhelmingly negative traits to an entire group of people, I know absolutely nothing about (other than they're immigrants).
    Here's my list of qualities: Fascist, religiously intolerant, anti-democratic, communist, lazy, unskilled, disease riddled, gang raping, pedophile worshiping, terrorist, brown people.

  15. More milksop excuses that avoid the real issues.

    Strong recent dissent in the West isn't over 'immigration' in general.

    It is about the triple policies of multiculturalism, mass immigration from the third world into the West and the importation and favoured treatment of Islam.

    These three things are undermining Western societies and culture, they were imposed upon us without electoral consent, and we are all very sick and tired of being told the lies that all Western countries are 'nations of immigrants' and that 'diversity is our strength'.

    Western people have a right to our own homelands and culture, and they don't belong to just anyone for them to appropriate.

    And I'm sure that Jared wouldn't try to say that the Amerindians and Australian Aborigines benefited from all the 'innovators' arriving to bless them with more 'diversity'.

    Nor do I think that he would agree that millions of Africans and Europeans moving to Japan within just a few years would improve Japanese culture or wealth.

    Or that millions of Chinese and Italians should be imported into Kenya because it is 'too black'.

    Or that Scientology should be promoted and favoured in Buddhist Thailand because 'all religions are the same'.

    We've had enough of this crap pushed onto us now, so Jared go back to his history and anthropology books and learn how destructive mass migrations have been in the past.

    These horrible policies are just a corporate ploy to create a cheap and compliant workforce in the West, so I'm sure that Jared was paid well to pump this disgusting propaganda at us.

    Anyone supporting those triple policies will be regarded as genuine traitors of the West in the very near future.

  16. Today's immigrants rush to richer countries to take advantage of social welfare programs. Jared Diamond has finally succumbed to dementia.

  17. Rich Mafia
    Is using the Immigrants
    To destroy Developed Civilizations
    So that people will be angry + not care
    When the Rich Mafia kills millions in Africa
    Kills Muslims for Oil …as it obviously does

    People are too stupid
    To see how the Rich Mafia works

  18. Why not just open the border as it was 150 years ago? I doubt more than 2 to 3 million immigrants the first year, average 1.5 million per year in the 2nd through 5th year, then level off around 700,000 per year after that. Given that there are about 4 million babies born in the USA every year (and 2.6 million deaths) the immigrants would be assimilated no problem.
    But if you don’t trust those numbers, let’s cap immigration at 1/2 the annual birth rate, that way never more than 1 in 3 new people are foreigners. That would allow almost 2 million people to immigrate in 2020, which would be much less than the rate of immigration of a century ago when the per capita rate was one immigrant for ever 75 citizens; 2 million in 2020 would be 1 immigrant for every 160 citizens. The USA needs to do something to keep up our population; we don’t want to end up like Japan, fading away as the population gets smaller and smaller every year.

  19. “Maybe it’s true that we are all descended from the restless, the nervous, the criminals, the arguers and brawlers. If our ancestors had not been that, they would have stayed in their home plots in the other world and starved over the squeezed out soil”
    – John Steinbeck, East of Eden

  20. in the past 20 years I have not met a single nobel prize winning immigrant, 20 years ago is when we started seeing them in my town. on the other end of the scale though. this is just a fact of my exp

  21. Video is Pseudo intellectual non think.Complete hogwash. The old "we are all migrants from Africa" so thefore your land should be buried in refugees.Ask the idiot speaker how many refugees and migrants are staying in his house ? Does he have walls and fences around his own house ? Why cant people migrate into his property ? What a Garbage video

  22. I don't raise an issue about what was said. But I raise issueS with what was NOT said.

    Issue 1;When Ellis Island was in operation, all immigrants were legal. They had to be medically-cleared before even getting off the island. Sick immigrants were placed BACK on the ship and sent back to their homeland. Why are we paying $35Billion annually for free medical care now?
    It's sad, yes. But did you know that most communicable diseases like measles and tuberculosis were rare in the US before this latest putsch?

    Issue 2; NOTHING is mentioned about ILLEGAL immigration — Why?

    Is it some sort of secret that the REAL problem is not immigration at all, but ILLEGAL immigration, and every 'civilization cancer' caused by it? These include increased drug smuggling and all of the residual maladies derived from it's work force. / as mentioned, Increases in communicable diseases within the USA. / a thriving slave labor trade. / Catastrophic, 'breaking-point' increases in stress upon our social welfare systems, both federal and private-run, / Terrorist groups illegally entering because it's 'under the radar' — nobody knows who, or where they are anymore. Like the "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers", terrorists now walk undetectable among the rest our civilization. And this is just to name a few.
    I submit that the real problem was never legal immigration, and that the cry for "open borders" is simply a voter registration drive, damn the consequences, throw the baby out with the bath water movement. Hey, It was YOUR country too — or WASN'T IT? Well, what is it now?? "THINK"! Yeah, better too late than never?

  23. People who dont migrate are simply more content. That could be called a virtue. Migrants never stop pining for their homeland. It gnaws at them and causes them grief.There is also much stress and mental illness amongst migrants. Innovative ? Most migrants start small businesses to avoid tax.Then there is enclaving to avoid integration. NOT all equal are we ! So some ethnic groups successfully migrate much better than others.Some ethnic groups are utter failures bringing their third world hell holes with them. If a country wants more people it should produce them itself, rather than stealing them from other needy nations.Mass Migration today is human trafficking done by for-profit human traffickers. A variation on slavery

  24. Jared Diamond is a bad scientist.
    He wrote Guns, Germs and Steel with the explicit goal of disproving the notion that some races are more intelligent than others. In other words, he wrote the conclusion before he examined the evidence. Do not trust this man.

  25. This is simplistic. People often emigrate due to a crisis. For example when facing famine, Irish people fled to America; whereas the French beheaded a king.
    So, who's the "weak", and who's the "strong" ?!
    NB: Don't take this comment too literally, it is purposefully as simplistic as this video…

  26. With all my respect, questions of recent immigration importance have nothing to do with character strength and personality. There is no added value to Western society from the current migration influx of low skilled muslims. They won't work hard, they won't integrate. They will only form a cancerous micro groups that are parasites to culture, ways of life and our social systems.

  27. If I looked at the percentage of Blacks and Latinos who committed felonies, and said, "See this percentage? It's high enough that we should assume any random Black or Latino is a felon.", that would be fucking racist, because the percentage is too small.

    Yet when the video presenter says, "The majority of Nobel Prize Winners are either immigrants or the first-generation children of immigrants.", he's using a percentage that's hundreds or thousands of times smaller than the Black/Latino felon percentage.

    And if you define "innovative" as "the ability to invent something scientifically useful", then there are only two innovative classes of people: White males and Asian males. So whatever definition of "innovative" he's using, it's not a scientific one, and it doesn't really make sense.

    Lastly, and indeed most funny, the way he classifies immigrants as healthy and innovative and non-immigrants as sick and stuck implies that returning immigrants to their home countries via secret police would be beneficial to those home countries! But no immigrant rejoices when he gets deported and no home countries give rewards when these deportees are returned. It's like both countries know these deported people are losers.

  28. Correct!!! Althought there are downsides(everything has downsides) Why do you think there are no "Indian gangs" in chicago or Detroit. All of them are immigrants, owning gas stations and making honest dollars for a living. While your "citizens" of America keep degrading this amazing country with their ungratefulness thanks to being spoon fed by their government. Tell me how that's fair?

  29. I think in today's society what people have a problem with is the lack of integration that leads to segregation of a community, if people integrated more it wouldn't cause as much friction.

  30. More propaganda BS the average IQ of a European is 100 and the average National IQ of Mexico is only 88 and the Africans can get down as low as 65 ! (Google IQ by nation) But unless we open our boarders wide open and let millions of them pour in we will have no innovation even tho it was Europeans that innovated most of the modern world ??

  31. Dictionary definition of Nation = A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory. The European American founding stock will be the minority of American by 2040 when this happens America will no longer be a nation the result will be lots of ethnic/racial conflict and balkanization and the end of the united states of America !

  32. It would be a start if we managed to get the unemployment rate under North African communities in my European capital city to a reasonable level – we are talking about third and fourth generation immigrants – before we get overexcited about how a new influx of African or Middle Eastern immigrants will benefit our societies. The Nigerian young men who risk their lives on the Mediterranean might be young and ambitious and definitely willing to take risks, but the harsh truth is we don't need them, no matter how much we sympathize with their desperate situation.

  33. There are not just two classes of immigrants. In a modern world there appears to be an uptick in economic immigration. I would never expected such thing to be possible. Problem is how do you discourage the takers and still get in the makers…?

  34. It is clever to promote immigration if you belong to a privileged class and actually benefit from the fact that most of the other immigrants are fairly stupid and criminal. This way you can slowly take over the country because you can rule those who belong to the stupid sheep. I know exactly to which class you belong, "Mister Diamond"!

  35. This exposé of Slavoj Zizek on the topic of immigration (from this channel) is much more interesting, I find:

  36. Isn't it a kind of a heuristic or at least a part of a naive theory to say that the decision to emigrate is made by those who are strong, ambitious, willing to take risks and not by those who lack those qualities (weak, unwilling to risk, etc.)? All kind of people emmigrate, no matter of their background or qualities, often made to do so by the environmental circumstances.

  37. 1; The problem isn't immigration, it's migration. The USA is mainly build from culturally similar immigration if you look at the past. That's not the case in Europe right now. Germany took in 1 million migrants. 1/2 refused to get a job after 1 year, 1/4 came in contact with the police. 2; Developing countries need smart people, we can train our own doctors. You don't help these people by draining human resources.

  38. Taking the best and brightest from other countries hurt those countries. This is a major factor behind African and South American poverty today.

  39. sorry there is a difference between MIGRANT and IMMIGRANT
    my family came here BEFORE 1776
    they were settlers in a land which was an extension of britain
    and as such had no immigration policy

  40. when you accept the "high quality high value " immigrants
    you are actually undermining their country
    this causes a brain drain and those remaining will
    have a more strong desire to leave themselves due to lack
    of opportunity due to the usa accepting their best and brightest

  41. Watch Germany they just got 1.5 mln "immigrants" what a "intelectual " injection so many Nobel prizes for Germany in near future.

  42. An important distinction to make is the voluntary immigrant (which is what Diamond is talking about in this video) versus the involuntary immigrant (e.g.- refugees). I think his argument falls apart if one doesn't make this distinction.

  43. Dr Diamond, I am a big fan of your Guns, Germs and Steel scholarship, but in this video you are making some egregious errors. There is no controversy (to speak of) regarding immigration in the United States. There is a huge controversy over ILLEGAL immigration. By conflating the two you invalidate your argument either through accidental or intentional slight of hand.

    Also, You claim I am an immigrant just by virtue of living in the USA. You are wrong. My parents were immigrants. I was born here. I am an American. Not a native German like my mother, not a Canadian, like my father, who was not a Brit, like his father- all of whom emigrated LEGALLY.

    I have no native country which I left behind. You can wallow in some sort of self imposed guilt trip if you like, but don't project your leftist nonsense onto patriots who happen to love this country..

  44. If alll the resources of the world were distributed intelligently among the people of the world there would be very little need for immigration. Unfortunately, the opposite is done.

  45. no idiot most of Americans are settlers, not immigrants so stop lying like the lame stream corporate media.

  46. False. Most Americans are descendants of immigrants, not immigrants. According to the logic presented her, I am black, because EVERYONE came from Africa( google African Eve).

    Now imagine a world where immigration is so easy that even the most frail can do it. This who need government support for finances, and medicine. What this presenter talks about, is what many want, a return to merit based immigration.

  47. I seriously doubt that the mass economic migrants are anywhere nearly skilled as the ones that came decades ago. The amazing architecture in my home city is evidence of the craftsmanship that the Europeans brought. Illegal migration is much easier these days with the help of NGOs, human traffickers, and the instantaneous global news that keeps a spotlight on it to shame governments that refuse to comply. Add communications technology to those factors and the migrants will have great sucess even of their IQ is (agent) 86 — Get Gmart!

  48. With all due (?) respect, not all who speak on BIG THINK think big. Some "BIG" THINKERS sometimes can't see the the big picture. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I can only hope that Mr Diamond might have second thoughts about what he stated here.

  49. Immigrate along appropriate legal channals and respect the place you are immigrating too. Modern immigrants behave so badly, I'm surprised there has not been more violent backlash.

    However, as an American, I believe the US should close its borders completely until it can take care of its veterans, get control of the homeless and unreasonable cost of living, and determine who is here legally. In America. Americans first. We pay ALL of the taxes. At this point, what benefit do I have as being a law abiding American citizen? It's almost as if I'm living to my own detriment while others take advantage if the system. A system that can only exist because I pay taxes.

  50. My country is full of "immigrants" and almost none of them is either wanted nor needed here. Besides that facts, 99.9% are only dead weight and contribute almost nothing to our economy, education.

  51. Immigrants simply are those individuals who are deeply dissatisfied with the circumstances of their homeland, and hence they migrate to seek a better life. Inherent in this mindset is a rapacious compulsion to succeed – a compulsion that a population which has been rooted in a country for generations does not have. In effect, those who have lived in a country for generations grow complacent, and the drive of their forefathers has been eroded. If this driven mentality is such a distinctive trait that we look for in Americans – which is what is claimed by patriots who adore this country – then it stands to reason that immigrants, who exemplify this unrelenting ambition in spades, is far more "American" than those who have been here for several generations, and who have grown lackadaisical as a result.

  52. What a politically correct piece of propaganda.
    You are sick with delusions and want to justify your beliefs by FORCING everyone to subscribe to them under penalty of societal labeling and denigration by implying racism where there is none.
    And you wonder why less and less people trust the left anymore?

  53. Correlation does not equal causation. It's not the immigrants that caused us to be a great nation. It's the concept of individualism and the rule of law concerning individual property rights that made the USA the prosperous nation it has become. I am all for open borders as long as we get rid of the welfare state (yes, corporate welfare as well.) If people want a go at the American dream, then more power to them. Just don't expect handouts from the state. Unfortunately, getting rid of the welfare state is a pipe dream and thus I have to resort to supporting tougher immigration policies instead. I am still good with the immigrants who come here legally. But we are over run at our borders with people who have been coached to claim asylum status that have no business making that claim. Economic hardship is not a reason to ask for asylum. People claiming asylum should have stopped at the first nation they came to. It is not racist or bigoted to force people to abide by the rule of law.

  54. People are leaving their countries basically because there are too many of them where they come from. Eventually every where can have too many people. Who decides when enough becomes too many, is the issue.

  55. Completely open to people who want to give instead of take is the best option for any country, can’t just open up the borders to whoever wants to come in because the people immigrants are trying to get away from will come in here at a much faster pace and ruin this country as well

  56. But mass immigration is an entirely different proposition. Rather than a “few brave souls” it is a long train. The agreement to irrevocably alter a host nation – which is a mindset – is rarely given democratic consent. And yet the big business lobby always gets its way. The employer class takes the profit, the rest of us face lower wages and higher social costs.

  57. Dont listen to these dumbass boomers "uhhh muh immigration…" We are better off staying in our homelands and thanks to the free market we can have bilateral projects without needing to import these "future doctors and engineers"

  58. Immigration is the sympotn. The virus, I call, Modern Colonialism and Imperialism. https://youtu.be/fuBZLKXcAqA

  59. Change is inevitable and every empire falls. Stop crying bitches. You tell blacks and third worlders to stop crying about Europeans’ boots on their necks but then turn around and cry about them coming to look for a better life..It’s the least you fucks can do for the genocide, enslavement, displacement, and indoctrination your people have done around the world.

  60. The past DIDN’T HAVE RICH PEOPLE PLAYING GAMES WITH THE INNOCENT!!! Paying their ways to other countries!! I

  61. The current debate is about illegal immigration. Are you arguing there’s more future nobel prize winners sneaking across the border compared to legal immigrants? good luck with that.

  62. No, immigration is based on something far, far more basic – flight or fight. The poor/weak are not in a position to do either, so they don't count, they just stay put and suffer the consequences of other people's decisions, but your "strong" are actually weak – instead of fighting, they flee. They make a consensus choice – Poland/Zimbabwe/Mexico/etc are NOT worth fight for as the people are particularly stupid and pathetic – to blame the land…or curses instead of the populace is just insane.

    Migration is a survival mechanism, migrants are nothing more than rats seeking to flee a sinking ship, which has nothing to do with innovation – attempting to create something form nothing, or from the most unlikely base materials.

  63. talk about open borders, raising bit of taxes, women empowerement and people go nuts…..same issue is with liberals….any person who identify himself with one political ideology has become so stubborn that they have simply stop accepting an alternative view point….i mean you dont even want to listen…..their ego is bigger and intelligence smaller

  64. Well thats the difference between the legal immigrants and the illegal ones in the US. The US is known for giving really smart people an easy pass to citizenship then those really smart immigrants go to school and go on to do great things. The illegal ones usually do low-skill manual labor and end up sending a lot of what they earn back home, don't pay any taxes, and yet still manage to collect on the benefits meant for our citizens.

  65. There is no controversy over immigrants in America. The issue is with ILLEGAL immigrants. The left loves to conflate the two, because they have no argument.

  66. The thing about immigration is that it’s NOT the key drive to innovation. Nor it is the challenge. It’s the same thing with multiculturalism. Or fire.

    The thing that divides people in such topic is the idea that we somehow have to either support or hate it. “Ignoring” was never the option, when in fact it’s actually the wisest choice for everyone.

    Why not just stop trying to engineer social and economical dynamics? Let everything flows naturally, without intervention. The only one who has the right to let an immigrant to stay in a property is the property owner. The only one who has the right to let the immigrant work at a company, is the business owner. The only one who’s responsible for the survival of the immigrant is themselves.

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