49 thoughts on “Japan's Mouthwatering Ramen Capital

  1. Of the numerous trips and videos I've made with Ryotaro, I think this is probably my favourite. We were lucky to travel across a very beautiful region and see and do so much, and in terms of filming and editing it, I tried to take us one step closer to being a poorly quality TV channel, as opposed to an edited vlog. (Although unfortunately no drones this time and I know you love your drones).
    One of the best things about filming and travelling is you get to learn so much every time you pull out the camera, given the practical nature of it all – there's something exciting about constantly looking for new angles and perspectives on things that people cover all the time. BUT anyway enough of me pretending to sound profound, as if I'm more than just a Youtube vlogger person! Enjoy the video guys.

  2. Question: Can I rent a car if my license isn't from Japan? Like in America, I think you can only drive with an American driver's license.

  3. Chris you should have told ristorrorptoro that in Kyushu your not supposed to celebrate it you hit the target. That's bad Kyushu edicate.

  4. I’ve been loving this channel as I’ve prepared and been travelling Japan for the last few weeks. This episode feels like if belongs on the lifestyle channel! You’d make such a great TV host and are destined for the telly, awesome editing by the way. Thank you 🙏🏼

  5. Looks amazing! I've been to Utsunomiya, the Gyoza town of japan and MAN can I recommend the gyoza there. I never ate better ones in my life.

  6. Hitler once gave a speech saying he believed the Japanese people to be the supreme people of the earth and respected them very much.

  7. i think when chris and ryotaro visit for 1 day a Highschool… that would be awesome ! As students ofc

  8. I like how right under "meat ramen" they have "confession ramen" and "youth ramen" – one of these things is not like the other..?

  9. I always enjoy watching your video:) thanks.
    I hope you visit tsurugajo(castle) in Aizuwakamatsu next time .It's beautiful snowy season and even more in spring. You'll see many Cherry Blossoms there.
    And also I recommend you try horse ramen at 馬力本願(ramen shop).yep It's strong flavor and definitely unique.I hope you'll like it…
    Keep it real^^

  10. Ever since watching kill bill as a child iv had a mad love for samurai warriors and their history, watching this video has been extremely interesting to me

  11. Cheers from a follower in Italy. Just wanted to tell you that the column donated by mussolini was not from Pompei.
    It was in a villa named "villa of POMPEO MAGNO", in Albano Laziale.
    For the sake of history.
    Cheers. Wife and I love your videos.

  12. "My father was the fish, and now I seem to be the ramen!"
    Hmm. I believe I'm sensing Ryotaro's new beginnings as a being from Japanese Folklore.

  13. Love your videos, my friend. I watch them all the time, and find myself living vicariously through your adventures…and Risottoro as well.

    BTW, what is the name of the song you used around 12:26 ?

  14. お肉ラーメンも気になるけど、それよりもその下の「告白ラーメン」の方がめっちゃ気になる笑

  15. Is this magic?! Its a Toyota steering wheel when at the beginning, but then Risottoro is holding a Mitsubishi steering wheel

  16. Thanks for recommending me this video, Chris! I’ll see if I can get to some of these places by bus because I’m hesitant to rent a car as I’m under 25. I’m most keen to check out the Sazaedo Temple and eat pork katsudon!

  17. There is a KitaKata ramen ban Nai I always go to in Southern California. Costa Mesa. Absolute best ramen in socal

  18. 12:02 … How many of u people actually looked back to check if there was something about to kill. You or something..?

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