Japan | No Country for Islam

Japan | No Country for Islam

as the West grapples with attack after attack after attack from members of the religion of peace or Islam there is one country industrial an ally of the West and even hosting US military bases on its soil that seems immune Japan while truck attacks that mow down people have been used in France and Germany there have been bomb attacks and suicide attacks in London Brussels and Madrid execution squads squealing Allah Akbar murdered hundreds in Paris Volgograd Belsen and Moscow in fact the new Muslim Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said that Islamic terror attacks are just and in his words part and parcel of life in a big city there are however exceptions big exceptions actually the biggest exception of them all Tokyo the largest city in the world it along with the other large cities of Japan have not suffered the same fate of those in the west where jihad is becoming ever and increasingly normalized why is this well despite what you may hear from a certain white Canadian Jay vlogger who has been vocal on my channel she makes videos about pretzels and wigs and having a small face in Japan and uses pronouns like we Japanese and our Japanese history and I as a new Japanese know everything about Japan even though she’s only lived in the country for five years the reality of the situation however is very different and is one of the core underlying narratives in Japanese culture that of the binary dichotomy of the Japanese and the non Japanese this extends to nationality or appearance but also to people who hold non-japanese ideas or subscribe to non Japanese religions this must also be viewed through the lens of what it means to be Japanese and who is Japanese yes there are foreign people that live in Japan in fact at present there are 700,000 Koreans in Japan fourths of whom are born and have grown up in Japan most are legally classified as resident aliens and Koreans make up 85% of Japan’s resident alien population but even into their fourth generation Zainichi Koreans many of whom speak only Japanese and note of no other country are still considered outsiders this is in stark contrast to Western countries that are at the moment receiving immigration from some of the most backward countries on earth and with many seeing their native populations being reduced to minority status in their ancestral homelands by mid-century and despite what Sadiq Khan has alluded to that all big cities meaning all big cities that allow immigration from Islamic countries must learn to live with jihad in the name of Allah as one would weather a light shower the largest city on earth has not had one jihadist attack I’m not saying that Muslims are banned from Japan or that there are no Muslims in Tokyo Japan does not keep statistics on religious or ethnic affiliation as it is never been necessary and while there are just under two million foreign residents including permanent residents Japanese scholars such as Hiroshi Kojima of the National Institute of population and social security research and Keiko Sakurai of Waseda University are the ones that have given the most accurate estimates and they suggest a Muslim population of around 70,000 of which perhaps 90% are foreign residents and about 10% native Japanese thus with the population hovering at about point zero five percent of the overall population Japan has very very few Muslims but even with that small number Japan has seen the havoc devastation and violence that political Islam has brought to North America Europe Russia Africa the subcontinent western China and Southeast Asia and will not take chances with allowing Islam and Islamists a free rein in the aim of tolerance and political correctness as they are afforded in the West and again despite what vacuous we Bo’s that play dress-up and call themselves Japanese say in Japan one is either Japanese or they are not ideas like Islamophobia or having an irrational fear of the doctrines of Islam and then equating that to a people and calling it racism is not recognized as a legitimate concept the closest Japan has come to an Islamic terror attack was the brutal torture and murder of seven Japanese five men two women in Bangladesh in July 2016 when they could not recite passages from the noble quran thus the ruling by the Supreme Court of Japan that dismissed a legal challenge to profile and conduct surveillance on Muslims that reside in Japan did not come as any surprise the systematic profiling and surveillance of Japan’s Muslim community only came to light in 2010 when over 100 internal Metropolitan Police Department documents were leaked online the leak revealed that the police had compiled detailed profiles on 72,000 Muslims including personal information such as bank account statements passport details and records of their movements the leak also showed that police had at times planted cameras inside mosques used undercover agents to infiltrate Islamic nonprofit organizations halal grocers and restaurants and when Japan’s top court approved the government’s blanket surveillance of its small Muslim community that Japanese media was silent on the issue there were no anti-fascist treat looking to commit violence and vandalism not only because groups like this do not exist but for the very simple reason that this was a non-issue domestically in a country where even the concept of racism is still seen by many as a foreign idea in applicable to Japanese society there were no marches editorials crying children on TV screens nor calls for open borders and yes of course not all Muslims are terrorists but to deny that there is a specific problem emanating from most communities world-wide would be willful ignorance of the most deadly kind Japan’s government has chosen to protect its citizens from the ravages of Islamic Jihad that have taken tens of thousands of lives in the name of Allah since 2001 they have chosen to protect the lives of their citizens rather than virtue signal to others as countries in the West seem preoccupied with doing since the turn of the century thus pronouncements such as those by London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan that Islamic terror attacks are part and parcel with living in big cities he might want to visit the largest city in the world and see what they are doing right and how they are keeping their citizens safe thanks for watching if you like this video please consider subscribing and also follow us on the usual media and see our new website black vision speaks comm for more interesting information like this [Music]

100 thoughts on “Japan | No Country for Islam

  1. Your best example for a ‘no country for Muslims’ is a country with a dead soul whose people are about to be extinct due to extremely low birth rates just like your backward Western countries 😂😂 unfortunately for you Europeans, there are more and more Japanese recognizing the vacuity of current Japanese life and finding refuge in Islam. Check out imam Ahmad Maeno, native born Japanese convert and the growing community of Japanese Muslims. Everywhere in the world, you see a rejection of the hedonistic West.

  2. I came here after reading your title to tell you that, Muslim population give a range around 100,000 total. Islam remains a minority religion in japan.

  3. I wonder if Japan had not listened to Hitler/Himmler, if they would have been able to enter on the side of America if they would have even entered WWII. Or if they had not launched the attack on Pearl, then the Nazis who infiltrated America would not have been able to launch the nuclear strikes on Japan, the people organizing the Nazi party pretended to be jews they were devil worshippers. They paid Germany to cause WWII specifically Himmler not Hitler. Which Himmler convinced them to launch the attack on pearl harbor. The same person who ordered the attacks that started WWII(himmler). The truth of their plot for world domination would have come to light much sooner if they had not dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were buying off the press and officials who demanded those bombs be dropped, otherwise they would not get paid and loose their seed money for the organization now known as the European Union.

  4. Islam taught me how to respect others and their religions , there is a lot Of people from different countries in my country 🇦🇪 and we respect all of them
    It’s not just about Islam it’s about humanity

  5. China: I am fighting Muslims because they threatening to split me into two.

    Myanmar: Same here

    Russia: Same here

    Japan: LOL!!!

  6. If you think that islam is the problem then you are all naive,the intelligence agencies that are waging proxy wars against each others they use islam as their tool and many other things for propaganda

  7. When almost 100% of the terror attacks are done by Muslims, and you keep an eye on Muslims in your country, how can you call that racial profiling? When you are absolutely sure that the next terror attack will be done by a Muslim, is it sane and rational to surveil a white christian instead?

  8. Islamic Jihad has been responsible for the slaughter of nearly 300 million people since Muhammad himself began forcing people to join his new religion by the sword and had hundreds of people murdered and tortured for opposing him. And he is the example all Muslims are supposed to follow.

    "I have been made victorious by terror", Mohammad, 'prophet' and founder of Islam (Bukhari 2977)

    And there are many many more verses in Islamic scripture calling for persecution, intolerance of, hatred of, and the killing of non-muslims, critics of Islam and those who leave it.

    It is a religion of hate and violence. It's time people stopped pretending otherwise.

  9. The amount of extremism that could be eliminated of we planted cameras in mosques is astounding. How many Isis fighters came out of Finsbury Park mosque alone?

  10. Let's stupid mare of London who also is a Muslim would not be able to do that just because he is a Muslim himself

  11. Japan is an example of what sociologists would call ethnocentric. An island culture that has a few millennia of history has its core values ingrained as instinct among its people. The Japanese are also exceptionally polite, courteous and respectful. Those values alone make Islam incompatible with Japanese culture.

  12. i agree with Japan. hell, after seeing this, i want to move there permanently. i wonder if they have support services.

  13. I agree with what you said. I am not an expert on Japan. The little I have read indicates Japan is very homogenous. They have the untouchables who are ethnic Japanese and yet are considered a lower class. I believe this gave rise to the yakusa which were very violent. History of world war ii indicates they were given get out of jail free cards for their war atrocities. It also seems to indicate that at that time they viewed most everyone not Japanese as inferior. This does explain their homogeneity and why they really don't have immigration per se. So while effective I am not sure this is something immigration policy based or just a cultural thing. Don't a lot of SE Asian counties have similar cultural tendencies? As you can see I am asking questions as my knowledge is mainly regarding the world war II behavior of Japanese troops.

  14. I'm seeing a lot of positive comments about how great Japan is. But remember people: Japan has the highest suicide rate of any nation. That is not a model for us to follow.

  15. Blessed-[R]-The-'Goat'-LOVERS … BRAZIL's-Another-Country Thart-Doesn't-Take Any-of-Their-SHIT!!!??? >(*U^)< 'Islamic'-VIAGRA Also-Know-As [G]-HARD / & 'Yee'-HARD For-The-Cow-GIRLS (Joke)

  16. Japan is so tough because they’re all Japanese they haven’t been destroyed by diversity yet , also the Japanese are truly blessed by not having whack job millennial moron victim Democrats with green hair running around shouting diversity and God knows whatever evil dark things are in there minds love

  17. No muzzo dare take on a japanese warrior they'd be sliced into pig feed before they could detonate their suicide vest.

  18. We need to bring down all of the European leftist communist infiltrated governments. Islam does not belong in Europe, it's being used as a tool to smash our culture.

  19. Japan has always fascinated me. The people , the country , everything about it. I've always wanted to visit there and just never had the chance. They do in fact take no shit what so ever on this whole world PC bullshit that has infected every other place on earth. Good on you Japan!

  20. Islam has more attacks on the Christian countries or the Christian countries have more bloodshed in Islamic countries? Based on lies, the US and other 26 NATO countries invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Syria. Jewish Israel kills hundreds of Muslim Palestinians every day. Millions of Muslims were murdered in Myanmar by Budhists, yet, according to you, the oppressed are bad people. For your biased ideas, I am going to unsubscribe your channel now.

  21. We all know… not think, but KNOW that islam is a cancerous tumor, and for the human population to survive must be cut out and cast into the fire

  22. The West has got to wake up , it's okay not to like somebody or want to live with them or a share anything with them, it's okay. they do it, why can't we!

  23. "Our" politicians are opportunistic cowards, so when they imagine a worst-case scenario outcome, they also imagine how to best personally benefit from helping to facilitate its arrival and completion – having already ruled out solving the problem by preventing it, as they both see all problems as "inevitable forces" and realize that "There's No Money In Solutions." Hence their insistence that we accept ALL of the muslims in Africa and Asia into the West.

    This stance pretty-much exemplifies the difference between greed (hope still limited by fear) and true hope, which is where one imagines a problem and its solution, hoping to solve it for everyone, not exploit it merely for personal gain. And the only way to excuse greed, is to pretend that "So what? Everyone else is always ignoring solutions in order to exploit problems, too!"

  24. What I find funny about white people conforming to the Japanese culture is the fact that the Japanese are probably the most xenophobic people, and have been since the establishment of their country. Just because you’ve lived in Japan for five years it doesn’t make you Japanese.

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  26. THANK GOD some country ACTUALLY does protect its citizens from Islamic slugs… who SHOULD BE EXECUTED EN MASSE BY EVERY country that wants freedom, peace and a proper living situation !
    The only 'peace' Islam wants to give anyone is..
    ..a piece of body over here…
    ..a piece of body over there…
    ..a piece of body everywhere… !

  27. Tokyo had a terrorist attack in the subway when fatal gaz was released by a Japanese cult leader dude, so may be living in a big city is a bit dangerous regardless of Islam

  28. What is the largest city on earth? Japan? In regard to Islam, all that you need to do is read the authoritative English translation of the Quran. That will convince you of the major and huge difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It will also scare you very much.

  29. Shit just makes sense. Japanese don't give af about western sensibilities. They're battle hardened after that big bang. So now its like fuck terrorist, fuck disruption ight?

  30. Powerful video. Gotta admire the Japanese for putting their own people and culture first, and what on earth could be wrong with that? While the west seems intent on destroying its self.

  31. Wow they began to spy Muslims in 2010. What did Europe against this menace until now? Nothing, yep nothing to secure its citizens.

  32. Lol! This might be 2 years too late but Japan does NOT have any strategic purposes for the Zionists. That's the real reason they don't have terrorists

  33. What a load of bollocks!

    It was you cunts who bombed the shit out of them….. Hiroshima and Nagasaki….. in a war which was orchestrated by the AmeriCUNTS….. and yet have the audacity to claim Moslems are a threat to them!

    Get the fok out of here you dopey cunt with your FAKE BULLSHIT.

  34. 1 in 4 disliked this video, PLEASE can one or all of you explain to me why? I really do not see why, honestly….my daughter converted to Islam and I agree with everything in this video.

  35. -Sadiq Khan is about to open his mouth full of shit to explain how inclusive and peaceful he thinks the population should be while being stabbed to death in the streets.

    -meanwhile in Japan, the Japanese culture stays the most respected on the planet for not allowing rampant insects to invade and destroy their communities.


  36. Here's the thing, every ethnicity & religion has its nasty history. I love Japanese to its core from food to culture & people. Japan whom conducted the Korea massacre had a bad rep once upon a time. Point is, groups change / reform. The radical Islamic folks are mental, nor should they represent religion in any shape or form. Nothing is more disgusting when a said group takes religion into their own hands as some form of representation for its people or God; it is absolute sin, unethical, & costs lives/harm clearly unacceptable. I blame the brainwashed dictatorship that are implementing this garbage act.

  37. All Mohammedans are terrorists, ask any one of them to condemn the actions of jihad. They won't, no matter what they will refuse. Because they support jihad, BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING TERRORISTS!

  38. 彼らが他の言語とよりよく統制しているならば、私たちはもっと多くの日本人がイスラム教に目を向けるのを見ることができました、時計; 6分でアッラー、イスラム教徒&コーラン:https://youtu.be/TrQX8XtPvRQ

  39. Waaauw the brainswashing really worked im amazed how you all believe all the shit you see on media without doing a bit of research.

  40. If in Japan you have any other skin color then white then you will be on the radar of the authorities. I as a White Russian been to very ruler areas in Japan with a Russian flag stitched to my backpack and not once I have been asked for my ID.

  41. JAPAN !!!!!!
    Do not make the same mistake the west has made!!!

    STAY STRONG JAPAN, and take out your swords! Use them!

  42. We absolutely love this title!!!! ‘NO COUNTRY FOR ISLAM”. Because we know it’s a word play of that wonderful movie that we also love with all our hearts. “NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.”!!!!!!!

  43. After their involvement in WWII and the folly that it was, Japan licked their collective wounds and moved forward as a country. Japan has a national identity and deep traditionalism which the West simply doesn't have en mass. We have our traditions and they are being eroded in the name of something simply unholy and fatherless. This country [U.S.] had a small wake up call and has chosen to ignore it. The time before it we waged a war and brought the might of this country down on those who would attack her. It was righteous and swift and brought about a peace unknown to the world since before its birth. Now we stand once again on the precipice but it is not from without bit within we must seek enemies with eyes on her very soul. Japan has seen this very thing and will have none of it. I hope for this country and our children that the experiment that was once the open U.S.A. becomes the suspicious eye of the U.S. as she seeks out enemies from within and keeps the rope short or cuts it altogether. I'll sleep better knowing those around me truly are Americans and not foreign usurpers looking to take our great land from within.

  44. Stats show that Chinese and Japanese people are among the smartest people in the world scoring the highest IQ and also not letting in any Muslims.

  45. Get your grecy unwashed ignorent lying WEEABOO ass where they don't belong.

    Take your hentai and yellow fever with you and get out

  46. Japan hates Muslims because they destroyed the dharma back in the 1200’s. So they don’t let them assimilate and spread their hate and violence, because the Japanese know what kind of people Muslims really are. Something we should think about in America.

  47. Japan is prime example of what a disciplined , educated, and loyal population looks like. We could all learn a lot from there society. When the rest of us fall apart rest assured Japan will be intact.

  48. Was in Japan last summer, I came back enlightened by how close to a Utopia they have truly become. It is a heavenly place. America can be that way too if it wanted to be.

  49. Japan has a rapidly aging society. The last thing they need is to let migrants in. They will soon take over the country. It’s better for Japan to go through harder times, that a declining population can cause, than to totally lose their culture.

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