James Reynolds – Irish Nationalism Did Not Begin in 1798

James Reynolds – Irish Nationalism Did Not Begin in 1798

and more certainly authentic Irish nationalism did not begin in 1790 years with the United Irishmen rebellion that was influenced by the triumph of the criminal usurpation there was the French Revolution of 1789 which was not a rebellion against tyranny but rather a socialist assault on against authority in all forms and tradition the grave similarities about philosophy and action which I represented as a test run for the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 are rarely noted the colonization of Irish Republican thought by French revolutionary ideas has had the result of skewing false Irish nationalism to the left the strategic importance of Ireland drew the attention of the French revolutionary Republicans who conceived the the notion of using Ireland as a springboard of their efforts to undermine Britain their most implacable and successful opponent in their continental endeavours from the opening of the for evolutionary period onwards and even through Napoleonic times Ireland cleared a great role in the thinking of the French Irish revolutionary spent much of their time thinking about how French interests might run parallel to ours in ousting the British from this country all of which might have been relatively harmless had the Irish taken a detached attitude of simply using the convergence of interests and not and had not instead become greatly imbued with French revolutionary ideas and in the Ireland of 2017 those spurious French revolutionary ideas of liberty equality and fraternity that has now evolved into diversity are the guiding principles of the political cartel that runs this state the French revolutionary le chapelier law enacted by the French National Assembly in June 1791 will report William Martin Murphy of Dublin aa Fame to shame because this law banned workings men skills that were the forerunner to trade unions in France and banned the possibility of wage bargaining and and strikes and laid the foundation for the French Republic of opportunity for crony capitalism

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  3. Robert Emmet said he would fight the French on the beaches with a sword in his great speech from the dock.

  4. Finally, someone in Ireland is saying this. Irish republicanism and Irish nationalism in general have been perverted and betrayed by leftism for so long, centuries in fact. The National Party needs to show and take claim of real organic nationalism to the public, then the naturally conservative people of Ireland will wake up and the liberal elite will feel a wholly deserved fear for the first time in many years.

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