7 thoughts on “James Lamming | The Left Must NOT Reclaim Populism (4/6) | Oxford Union

  1. Watch the full debate here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOAFgXcJkZ2wuqINDChnUV81aERlmiJ2N

  2. I was hoping atleast he would argue the other side but he didn't. People won't be fooled forever.

  3. Populism is a 'far right' tactic? Would someone who throws this term around without thought please define what it means? To them at least. The 'left' are the ones 'pinning the blame' on just one group, i.e. straight, white, christian men. As far as I have observed the conservatives, if they pass out blame at all, tend to spread responsibility around to those groups and individuals who see everything in terms of oppressor and oppressed, i.e. classic socialism, and the answer is always 'give us, the rule makers, more power and we will make things better for you'. Conservatives see the world as individuals making good moral decisions which help themselves, their families, their communities and everyone else in general. Socialists see the world as groups of people working together to achieve the common aim as defined by the rule makers thereby making everyone's life better. As long as these messages are made clear to the population it should be a fair competition. May the best ideas win!

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  5. Paul Mason probably thinks the so-called « popular democracies » were really beloved by the People. Likewise, he leaves the impression he would turn a blind eye to all the bloody excesses of the French Revolution of 1789 and that The Terror of relentless guillotining of innocent victims merely on the basis of their class. And so on to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Again asked whether he believes the execution of Louis XVI and the Russian Czar Nicholas AND THEIR FAMILIES I am left with the impression he would answer in the manner of not caring …a blue-arsed fly… if you will pardon my French… and would back that up if pressed by saying « …they deserved their fate ‘ cos they took the benefits of privilege » or some such…
    In his world of perfected democracy he or his lieutenants would oversee and make certain everyone was not a potential devient… Ah thank Providence for George and his Thought Police of 1984, even Oliver had regrets and to his credit, Trotsky ended up murdered, Franco won because the Left fought each other in Catalonia, and lastly even one of the Royal Navy mutineers of Invergordon dismissed thought fit to emigrate to the Marxist paradise of the Soviet Union only to end up in one of Stalin’s many prison camps called Gulags. Pasternak must be turning in his grave to listen to this bloke making excuses for wearing black tie…

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